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Benefits of New India Bike Insurance

Updated On Sep 01, 2023

Benefits of New India Bike Insurance

Your bike's protection is in good hands with New India Assurance Company. They have covered you for accidents and theft, from basic coverage to extra perks. Getting claims sorted is easy, and they have many garages for quick fixes. New India Assurance Company provides comprehensive bike insurance with many benefits tailored to safeguard your two-wheeler and financial well-being. From fundamental coverage to specialised add-ons, New India Bike Insurance ensures protection against unforeseen events, be it accidents or theft. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through hassle-free claims processing and a widespread network of garages for cashless repairs. This insurance offers peace of mind, allowing you to navigate the roads confidently, knowing that a reputable insurer shields your bike with a track record of reliability and customer-centric service.

Exploring the Advantages of New India Bike Insurance

Your peace of mind and the safety of your bike are the top priorities regarding the benefits of New India Bike Insurance. Here is why it is the best option, from additional benefits to necessary coverage:

  • Financial Security:

With New India Bike Insurance, comprehensive coverage offers vital financial security, shielding you from various risks. This assurance brings peace of mind, letting you ride with confidence and commitment in the face of uncertainties.

  • Flexibility:

Experience unmatched flexibility with New India Bike Insurance. The array of add-on options empowers you to customise coverage according to your unique needs. This flexibility ensures your policy aligns precisely with your preferences, allowing you to choose the protection that best suits your riding style and priorities.

  • Convenient Claims Process:

Navigating post-event challenges is effortless with New India Bike Insurance. Their streamlined claims process ensures ease, allowing you to resume your journey after an unforeseen incident swiftly. This commitment to simplicity and efficiency exemplifies their dedication to supporting you during challenging times, ensuring that getting back on the road is a hassle-free experience.

Benefits of New India Bike Insurance

  • Pillion Rider Coverage:

Emphasising safety for both riders, New India Bike Insurance extends coverage beyond just the policyholder. Pillion rider coverage ensures your passenger is safeguarded in case of an accident or mishap. This thoughtful inclusion reflects their commitment to comprehensive protection, demonstrating a concern for you and your co-passenger's well-being on every ride.

  • Personalised Protection

Tailoring coverage to your preferences is effortless through add-ons with New India Bike Insurance. These enhancements allow you to align your policy precisely with your riding habits and individual needs, creating a comprehensive protection plan tailored to you.

  • Legal Compliance:

 New India ensures you meet legal mandates with third-party liability coverage. This proactive measure prevents legal and financial complications, offering peace of mind and safeguarding your interests.

Coverage Offered Under New India Assurance Package Policy

The New India Assurance Package Policy enhances coverage beyond the Liability Only Policy. This policy safeguards your vehicle from loss or damage in various scenarios. Let us look.

  • Explosion, Fire, Self-Ignition, or Lightning: 

If your vehicle sustains damage from an explosion, fire, self-ignition, or lightning, the insurance policy covers the expenses involved in repairing or replacing the affected components.

  • Theft, Burglary, or Housebreaking: 

If your vehicle is stolen or faces damage due to theft, burglary, or housebreaking, the insurance policy compensates for the losses you incur. This coverage assists you in recovering your financial investment, offering support in the unfortunate event of criminal activities affecting your vehicle.

  • Strikes, Riots, and Other Malicious Acts: 

The insurance will cover the necessary repairs if your vehicle gets damaged during strikes, riots, or other malicious activities.

  • Terrorist Act: 

If a terrorist act impacts your vehicle, the insurance policy will cover the resulting damages.

  • Natural Calamities:

The policy covers damages caused by natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, storms, inundation, tempest, cyclones, landslides, rockslides, and hailstorms. Any repair or replacement costs due to these events are covered.

  • Accident by External Means: 

If your vehicle encounters an accident involving external factors like collisions with other vehicles or objects, the policy shoulders the burden of repair expenses. This provision ensures peace of mind by guaranteeing that unforeseen accidents do not lead to unexpected financial strain.

  • Damage During Transit: 

Whether your vehicle is in transit via road, rail, air, or sea, the insurance policy covers the repair costs if it undergoes damage. This safeguard protects your vehicle from unforeseen mishaps, even during transportation. Whether it is a road trip or shipping, this coverage guarantees that any damages incurred while your car is en route will be taken care of, allowing you to focus on your journey with peace.

  • Towing Charges: 

The policy includes coverage for towing charges up to a maximum of Rs. 300 for two-wheelers. This limit can be increased if you opt for additional coverage by paying an extra premium.               


In conclusion, New India Bike Insurance is a dependable shield for you and your motorcycle. With comprehensive coverage, personalised add-ons, and a hassle-free claims process, it assures financial security against various risks. Your peace of mind is prioritised through provisions like pillion rider coverage and legal compliance. This insurance embodies flexibility, allowing you to tailor your protection to your needs. Whether accidents, theft, or unforeseen mishaps, New India's commitment to your safety and convenience ensures you ride confidently, knowing you're covered on every journey. 


  1. What does New India Bike Insurance cover?

New India Bike Insurance offers coverage for both own damage and third-party liability. It protects against accidents, theft, natural calamities, and more. Add-ons allow customisation for enhanced protection.

  1. Can I tailor my coverage to my specific needs?

Absolutely. New India offers a range of add-ons that enable you to personalise your coverage, aligning it with your riding habits and requirements.

  1. Is the claims process user-friendly?

Absolutely. New India prioritises your convenience with a seamless claims process. When accidents or mishaps occur, the insurance ensures a hassle-free procedure, swiftly facilitating your return to the road. This commitment to a straightforward claims experience underscores New India's dedication to supporting you in challenging situations, ensuring minimal disruptions to your journey.

  1. Does the insurance cover pillion riders?

Indeed, New India's policy extends its coverage to include pillion riders, guaranteeing their safety and well-being and that of the policyholder. This provision showcases their commitment to comprehensive protection for all individuals involved in the ride.

  1. How does the policy help with legal compliance?

New India's third-party liability coverage ensures you meet legal requirements, preventing potential legal and financial complications.

  1. Can I trust New India Bike Insurance for all-round protection?

Absolutely, with its comprehensive coverage, personalised add-ons, and commitment to safety, New India offers a well-rounded protection plan that prioritises your peace of mind.

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