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How Does Bike Insurance Keep You Afloat During a Flood?

Updated On Sep 01, 2023

How Does Bike Insurance Keep You Afloat During a Flood?

A bike insurance does not ensure your bike remains afloat during a flood. What it can do is ensure peace of mind regarding its repairs; it reduces the financial burden, which might be overwhelming considering the emotional stress during a flood. You can set aside a sum for insuring your bike in exchange for a significantly higher amount when needed. If you don't know more about bike insurance, continue reading. 

What can happen to a bike during a flood?

A flood is always unexpected and can cause a lot of damage. In the case of a bike, the damage depends on how much your motorcycle submerges.

  • The damages are minimal if your bike is submerged only up to the axle and the water does not enter the exhaust. You might have to dismantle the brake system and the drive chain for cleaning; lubrication is also necessary.
  • If the water enters the exhaust, the damage is more serious. You must not start the engine as the water can do further damage. The repair includes dismantling and cleaning the exhaust assembly; you might also have to clean the bike engine using compressed air and change the engine oil. 
  • The damages are maximum if your engine block gets submerged. You have to perform thorough repairs by cleaning out the tank and checking for debris; checking all the electrical parts, including batteries, terminals, electric couplers, switches, and bulbs, is also necessary. 

The above three scenarios illustrate possible damages to your bike during the flood. If you find the repairs to be complex, it is best to get a flood protection cover. Most insurers have cashless garages under their network, making the repairs very convenient for you; you also don't have to handle cash. 

Tips for bike owners living in a flood-prone area

Flood brings fear and stress, but you must start your life after it ends. And it might be challenging if you were not prepared for it. Read on to learn things to remember if you live in a flood-prone area and have a bike. 

  • Insurance: Third-party bike insurance makes you compliant, but flood protection needs a more robust policy. You can purchase a comprehensive plan that covers flood or add flood protection as an add-on cover. 
  • Add-ons: The add-ons for flood protection include:
    • Engine protection: If water enters the engine block, it becomes unusable and requires professional repair. Engine protection cover makes your engine repair eligible via a cashless garage in the insurer's network. 
    • Roadside assistance: This add-on is great for getting aid for towing your vehicle to a garage during the flood. Otherwise, you must find a way to get your bike to one of those garages; that would be a cumbersome task. 
    • Consumables Cover: Things like screws, engine oil, nut, and bolts are consumables; you need to pay out of your pocket for these consumables unless you add a consumables cover. 
  • Online Insurance: Purchase insurance online; this gives you more flexibility regarding choosing insurance, understanding its pros and cons, and reading reviews. Moreover, the entire process is significantly faster than offline insurance through an agent.

How Does Bike Insurance Keep You Afloat During a Flood?

Things to avoid if your bike gets submerged 

You must avoid the following things when your bike gets fully or partially submerged:

  • Starting the motorbike: Water will cause more damage if the engine operates. 
  • Waiting to call tow service: Immediately calling a service for towing your bike is necessary. 
  • Not trying to absorb water: Clear out as much water as possible using a vacuum or a cloth. 
  • Delaying the claim: You should immediately claim with your insurer. 


In conclusion, bike insurance helps reduce your financial burden during a flood. The damage to the bike can be heavy on your pocket; you might need extensive repairs depending on the extent of the damage. And bike insurance will allow you to send your bike to a cashless garage for repairs without any hassle. 


Q1. What happens when you make a claim?

When you claim your bike insurance: 

  • The insurance company will inspect the damages.
  • You will get the sum insured, or your bike will be repaired in a cashless garage.

Q2. What does a comprehensive insurance cover?

Comprehensive insurance covers:

  • Third-party liability insurance, which is mandatory in India
  • Personal cover for protection against your unfortunate death, permanent disability, or significant injuries
  • Own damage cover that covers accidents, natural calamities, theft, etc.

Q3. What happens when you start a bike that is submerged? 

When your bike gets submerged, there is a chance that water has entered the engine or electrical components. Starting a motorcycle in such situations can short the electrical components. Water can also damage the engine as it is incompressible; the piston might break when it tries to compress the water entered into a bike engine. 

Q4. What affects the premiums of bike insurance?

Your bike insurance premiums depend on:

  • The model: Low-cost bikes have lesser premiums than expensive ones
  • The year of manufacturing: Older models have lesser premiums
  • When you bought: You must pay higher premiums for a bike purchased recently.
  • Value declared by the insurer (IDV): The insurer calculates this value yearly; if the IDV is high, premiums will be high and vice versa.
  • Engine capacity: Large-capacity engines attract more premiums

Q5. How to reduce bike insurance premiums?

You can reduce your bike insurance premiums by:

  • Using NCB: You reduce your premiums by a fixed percentage by not claiming during a policy term. And this NCB gets accumulated up to a limit. 
  • Safety Features: A bike with more safety features is less likely to get stolen, attracting less premiums. 
  • High Deductible: If you pay more out of your pocket during settlement, you can reduce the insurance premiums. 

Q6. What are some of the add-ons for bike insurance?

Add-ons for bike insurance include:

  • Zero depreciation cover for maintaining the IDV of your bike
  • Roadside assistance for getting your bike towed
  • Key-replacement cover for getting your keys replaced when you lose them
  • Personal accidental cover for passengers as the comprehensive package only provides this cover for the owner.
  • NCB protection: You can retain the accumulated No-claim bonus even if you claim during a policy period. 


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.
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