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Royal Sundaram Car Insurance - The Ultimate Guide

Updated On Aug 29, 2023

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance - The Ultimate Guide

Looking for a reliable car insurance option? Let's talk about Royal Sundaram Car Insurance. In this guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about their coverage – the good bits and any small print you should be aware of. No fancy jargon, just simple, straight-to-the-point information. Whether you're new to car insurance or just considering a switch, we've got you covered. Let's dive in!

Key Benefits of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

When choosing car insurance, what you really want is peace of mind. Here's how Royal Sundaram Car Insurance can offer you just that.

  • Comprehensive Protection: Whether your car faces damage from an accident or becomes a victim of theft, Royal Sundaram has got you covered. This means less worry for you and more time enjoying the road.
  • Personal Security: Accidents are unpredictable, but Royal Sundaram ensures you're not left stranded. With a Personal Accident Cover of at least Rs.15 lakh, they've got your back. And the good news? You can also extend this safety net to your passengers.
  • Liability Coverage: Now, accidents don't just affect you. If someone else is involved, having insurance that covers the costs is essential. With Royal Sundaram, if you're ever in such a situation, they'll handle the financial fallout of any third-party property damages.
  • Hassle-free Claims: Everyone dreads the claims process, but it's genuinely simplified with Royal Sundaram. Multiple easy ways to connect, and what's more impressive? Most claims get cleared in under 5 days.
  • Cashless Garage Network: For Royal Sundaram Car Shield Customers, car troubles won't slow you down. Their expansive garage network across India provides cashless repairs and ensures you get priority service.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance - The Ultimate Guide

Features of Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

Choosing the right car insurance is crucial, and Royal Sundaram offers a host of standout features that cater to the modern-day car owner. Let's break down what makes them different:

  • Seamless No Claim Bonus (NCB) Transfer: Have you ever wondered if you can retain your NCB when switching insurers? With Royal Sundaram, you can transfer your NCB seamlessly and continue to grow as if you never changed policies, given you don't make a claim.
  • Guard Against Inflation: Inflation can be a nuisance, especially when it messes with your premiums. Thankfully, with Royal Sundaram, even if third-party premiums rise during your policy period, you won't have to cough up extra money.
  • Clutter-Free Documentation: In today's digital age, who wants to deal with stacks of paper? With Royal Sundaram, you get just one document for the entire policy duration, making things less cumbersome and more efficient.
  • Value-Plus Vehicle Replacement: A unique feature that deserves attention. Suppose your car faces theft or irreparable damage. In that case, Royal Sundaram ensures you receive reimbursement on several fronts: the vehicle's ex-showroom price, the road tax, registration charges, and even the insurance cost. It's almost like your car never faced depreciation!
  • Efficient Claim Settlement: A quick turnaround on claims is something every car owner wishes for. Royal Sundaram commits to settling claims in just 10 working days.

Why to choose Royal Sundaram Car Insurance?

When it comes to car insurance renewal, every car owner seeks trustworthiness, affordability, and simplicity. Here's why Royal Sundaram ticks all the right boxes:

First and foremost, their claims process is a breeze. Dubbed as "painless claims," they've streamlined procedures to ensure you don't lose sleep over claim-related hassles. Second, numbers don't lie; being trusted by over 28 million Indians speaks volumes about their reliability and credibility in the insurance landscape. And lastly, while quality often comes at a price, Royal Sundaram breaks the stereotype by offering premiums that are easy on the pocket, ensuring top-notch coverage doesn't drain your finances.

Add-ons Available Under Royal Sundaram Car Insurance Policy

With a myriad of additional coverages and add-ons, you can enhance your protection with only a slight uptick in your premium. Let's walk through what's on offer:

  • Personal Accident Cover: A safety net for all passengers, including your paid driver, with a substantial cover up to Rs. 50 lakh per individual. It's comprehensive peace of mind for everyone on board.
  • Legal Liabilities: Employee Coverage: Protects against any legal obligations towards your employees (excluding the paid driver) when they're driving or travelling in your car.
  • Paid Driver Liability: Offers dedicated coverage for any legal implications concerning your paid driver.
  • Fittings Cover: Ensures your electrical, electronic, and even non-electrical fittings are under protection, safeguarding those finer details of your vehicle.
  • CNG Kit and Bi-Fuel System Cover: An essential for cars equipped with a CNG kit or Bi-Fuel system, ensuring they're covered as highlighted in the RC book.
  • Depreciation Waiver: Save your wallet from the strains of depreciation. This cover ensures full-value recovery during repairs.
  • Windshield Glass Protection: Your windshield's security is paramount. This coverage is specifically for any damages to your windshield.
  • Voluntary Deductible Coverage: Opt to voluntarily bear a part of the claim amount and enjoy reduced premiums.
  • Loss of Baggage Cover: Protects against the financial loss of personal belongings from your car.
  • Spare Car Provision: While your car gets pampered and fixed, this clause helps with the expenses of renting an alternative vehicle.
  • No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protector: Safeguard your hard-earned NCB even after a claim, ensuring continuity in premium benefits.
  • Key Replacement: Lost or damaged keys? This add-on has you covered.
  • Tyre Coverage: A dedicated protector for your vehicle's tyres, guarding against unforeseen damages.
  • Aggravation (Damage) Cover: Ensures any additional damage during repairs doesn't burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Enhanced Personal Accident Coverage: An additional layer of protection, enhancing the existing personal accident cover.
  • Roadside Assistance: Your 24/7 guardian angel on the road, assisting during emergencies.

Royal Sundaram Car Insurance is like a trusted friend for your car. Through this guide, we've seen how they offer so many ways to protect your ride. They stand out in the crowd with easy-to-understand plans and quick help when you need it. If you want peace of mind for your car without getting lost in complex terms, Royal Sundaram is a great pick. After all, driving should be about the journey, not the worries. Safe travels!


  1. What is car insurance? 

Car insurance is like a safety net for your car. If your car is damaged, stolen, or causes damage to others, the insurance can help cover the costs. 

  1. Why do I need car insurance? 

Firstly, it's the law in many places. Driving a car without insurance can result in fines or worse. But more importantly, car accidents or thefts can be expensive. Insurance helps you handle those costs, so you don't have to pay all out of your pocket.

  1. What's a premium? 

The premium is the amount you pay to get the insurance. Think of it like a monthly or yearly subscription fee. 

  1. What does "deductible" mean? 

A deductible is the money you agree to pay before your insurance steps in. 

  1. Can I choose my own mechanic for repairs? 

Usually, yes, but it depends on the insurance company. Some insurers have networks of preferred mechanics, but most will let you choose as long as the mechanic is licensed and reputable. 


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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