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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a type of insurance plan that provides coverage for any unforeseen circumstances that may take place when you are travelling. It offers coverage for baggage loss, loss of passport, trip cancellation or delays, flight hijacks, emergency cash requirements, and others.

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Travel Insurance

A hassle-free travel is a dream of many people. Agreed? Travelling becomes all the more convenient and stress-free when it is secured with travel insurance plans as there’s a possibility that an unexpected event may alter all your travel plans at any point in the journey. If truth be told, then these unfortunate events may not only affect travellers emotionally and physically but also financially. So, to help avid travellers like you stay protected against uncertainties while travelling to your favourite destinations, purchasing travel insurance in advance is the most effective solution.

Facts About Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Eligibility 1 day to lifelong
Duration Multi-trip travel insurance - 1 year
Single-trip travel insurance - Starting from day 1 to few weeks
  • Covers medical expenses
  • Compensation against trip delays or cancellation

Trip Delay

Trip Cancellation

Baggage Loss

Passport Loss

Adventure sports cover

Pre-existing diseases coverage, etc

Claim settlement procedure Online and offline
Countries covered 200+
COVID-19 Coverage Yes
Pre-existing Diseases Coverage Yes; varies according to Insurer and Traveller Age
Covers Family Yes; under Family Travel Insurance

What is Travel Insurance?

The travel industry has witnessed a massive boom and with an increasing demand for travel, it becomes imperative to know all about travel insurance. Insurance for travel is like any other insurance that provides coverage against a range of risks involved while travelling. Some of the coverage that typical international travel insurance generally offers includes lost luggage, trip cancellation or delays, theft, injuries incurred during travelling and other kinds of uncertainties that may affect the travelling.

To put it in simple terms, travel insurance offers financial assistance to the insured in case there is any kind of mishap while travelling. However, please note that the coverage varies from insurer to insurer, so whenever you are planning to buy travel insurance for yourself and your loved ones, compare the different travel insurance plans and pick the one that best meets your needs.

Top Travel Insurance Insurers

There are a number of insurance companies in India that now offer travel plans. So, listed below are some of the top travel insurance companies along with the popular international travel insurance plans offered by them

Travel Insurance Companies Travel Insurance Plans
  • HDFC ERGO Family Travel Insurance Policy
  • HDFC ERGO Individual Travel Insurance Policy
  • Travel Guard Plan
  • Student Guard Plan
  • Domestic Travel Guard Plan
  • Asia Travel Guard Plan
Bajaj Allianz
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan
  • Family Travel Insurance Plan
  • Student Travel Insurance Plan
  • Asia Travel Insurance Plan
  • Europe Travel Insurance Plan
  • Africa Travel Insurance Plan
Royal Sundaram
  • Asia Travel Insurance Plan
  • Student Travel Insurance Plan
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan

Find the right travel insurance for you

Features of Travel Insurance Plan

A good travel insurance means one that can offer maximum coverage at a very affordable price. So, listed below are some of the features that you must consider while buying travel insurance for yourself or your loved ones.

  • Baggage Coverage: Most travel insurance now comes with the added feature of offering protection against loss or delayed baggage. So, whenever you are looking for the best travel insurance plans, always make sure that it also offers baggage coverage so that in case you do not have to compromise with your luggage being misplaced or lost.
  • Trip Coverage: Travel insurance plans now offer features such as trip assistance, protection against trip cancellation and many more.
  • COVID-19 Coverage: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many insurance companies are now offering special COVID-19 coverage under their travel insurance plan. This coverage provides the insured with the benefit of rescheduling the trip, medical expenses and more incurred when they are diagnosed with the COVID-19 infection. Travel insurance can help you get compensation for your hotel reservations, flight reservations, and other expenses when someone in your immediate family or fellow traveller is infected with the COVID-19 infection.
  • Optional Coverage: Apart from those mentioned above, you can also compare the different travel insurance plans and look for one that provides optional coverage. Some of the common optional coverage include medical expenses for adventure sports, home burglary, escorting a minor child and a few more. However, remember that to avail of these additional features, you will need to pay an extra premium.

Even after knowing about the basic features of a travel insurance policy, it is best to always compare the different travel insurance plans that are now being offered.

Why Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

No matter what your travel destination is, having travel insurance is unarguably an essential need. Travel insurance makes everything so easy and organised that a traveller must avail of the same, first and foremost. So, to highlight the importance of travel insurance, we have enumerated the benefits of having international travel insurance in the section below.

  • Covers Unexpected Medical Expenses: There are chances that you may fall ill or may face an unexpected medical emergency while you are travelling. In such a case, travel insurance comes into play and aids you financially by offering coverage for ailments incurred while travelling.
  • Protection Against Delayed Flights: A delayed flight may spoil the entire fun of the trip. But, when you have travel insurance, you can remain protected against delayed flights. In instances when the flight is delayed, travel insurance helps to cover the expenses such as booking another flight at additional costs.
  • Trip Cancellation: Nobody would wish to cancel their much-anticipated trip, but life is so unpredictable that an unforeseen circumstance can knock on your door at any time and may require you to cancel your entire trip. Upon provision of a legitimate reason for cancelling the trip, travel insurance helps to reimburse for unused flights, hotel stays and more.
  • Lost And Delayed Baggage: There are occasions when luggage gets lost or delayed. In order to overcome such a situation, travel insurance comes into play and offers compensation of a fixed amount to the insured.
  • Has No Age Restrictions: Unlike health insurance or life insurance, travel insurance does not have a minimum or maximum age requirement. From infants to senior citizens, everyone irrespective of their age can stay protected against odds while travelling with the help of travel insurance.
  • Protection Against Theft: Travelling to a foreign land is full of challenges and it becomes more difficult when you fall prey to theft or robbery. So, to help you stay protected against such a situation, travel insurance ensures that you are aided with financial aid even though your entire money is robbed while travelling.
  • Offers Peace Of Mind: Most people travel to rejuvenate and escape the humdrum of daily life. So, to make travelling all the more worthwhile, travel insurance is something that can offer peace of mind during the entire trip by providing protection against most of the odds.
  • Offers Personal Liability Coverage: During a trip, there is a possibility of the insured hurting a third party unintentionally. To offer compensation to the third party in such a case, travel insurance aids the insured with a certain sum of money.

With umpteen benefits to offer to travellers, travel insurance truly becomes an indispensable part of any trip.

Eligibility Criteria For Travel Insurance Plans in India 2023

The eligibility criteria for Travel Insurance plans in India are as follows:

  1. Family Travel Insurance: Under this plan, the insured, spouse and two children can be included. However, the age of children should not be more than 21 years and adults must age somewhere between 18 and 60 years.
  2. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: The Senior Citizen Travel Insurance plan is applicable for all those who are 60+ in age.
  3. Student Travel Insurance: Students who are enrolled in a foreign university are only eligible for Student Travel Insurance. Moreover, the age of students should be between 16-35 years.
  4. Business Travel Insurance: For Business Travel Insurance individuals must be aged between 18-70 years of age.

Please note - You are eligible for International Travel Insurance plans only if you are travelling to a country via a flight. For e.g. - If you are travelling to Bhutan / Nepal via road, in that case, you are not eligible for international travel insurance

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Types of Travel Insurance Plans In India

There are several types of insurance plans in India depending on the individual buying them. So, we have enumerated below some of the types of travel insurance plans in India:

  1. Single Trip Travel Insurance
    Ranging from medical to any other non-medical expenses, a Single Trip Travel Insurance plan covers all the expenses of that particular trip.
  2. Multi-trip Travel Insurance
    Unlike Single Trip Travel Insurance, a Multi-trip Travel Insurance can be extended to multiple trips. Purchasing a Multi-trip Travel Insurance policy is advantageous for frequent travellers as they need not go through the same process each time, thus saving time as well as effort.

Depending on the scope of travel, travel insurance plans are further classified as

  • Leisure Travel Insurance: Leisure Travel Insurance is applicable for those travelling abroad for an exciting holiday.
  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance: Senior citizen travel insurance is also a type of leisure travel insurance plan which provides coverage for those above 60 years of age. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance is advantageous as it may offer additional coverage including cashless hospitalisation and more.
  • Business Travel Insurance: As the name suggests, business travel insurance plans are meant for those who are travelling abroad for business reasons. So, if you are travelling for business reasons like attending a conference, audit, or any related things, you must have a business travel insurance plan.
  • Student Travel Insurance : A Student Travel Insurance Plan is meant to offer coverage to students travelling abroad for education purposes. Under a student travel insurance plan, the insured can get medical coverage, emergency cash allowance, and others.
  1. International Travel Insurance Plan
    The International Travel Insurance Plan is applicable for travellers who are flying at international levels. Apart from all the other benefits applicable to Domestic Travel Insurance Plan, International Travel Insurance Plan also safeguards travellers from the risk of flight hijacks and others.
  2. Group Travel Insurance
    Just like health and life insurance plans, there is a Group Travel Insurance plan that is applicable when a group of people are travelling together. A Group Travel Insurance plan is comparatively cheaper than individual travel insurance plans and also provides a safety net to all travellers at the same time.

Things To Consider While Buying Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance that fits all your needs may seem a daunting task as there are a number of factors that need to be considered during the process. So, to help you out, we have created a list of factors that should be taken into account when buying travel insurance.

  • Your Travel Destination
    Like any other factor, the destination has an equal role to play in buying travel insurance. For instance, if you are heading out to perform adventure activities in a foreign land, then it is vital that you buy additional coverage for such activities. So, buy travel insurance based on the destination you are travelling to.

  • Type Of Traveller
    If you are a frequent traveller, then it makes sense to buy a multi-trip travel insurance plan to save both time and money. Furthermore, if you often travel with your family, it is better to buy group plans instead of individual travel insurance plans.

  • Duration Of Travel
    The cost of the premium for travel insurance also varies depending on the duration of your trip.

  • Sum Insured
    While buying any travel insurance plan, you must always keep the sum insured in mind. The sum insured in travel insurance refers to the maximum amount paid by the insurance company in case any mishaps take place during your journey. It is important to note that the higher the sum insured, the higher will be the travel insurance costs.
  • Add-ons
    You can include a number of add-ons in your travel insurance plan to further enhance its benefits. Some of the add-ons available are Adventure Sports Cover, Emergency Hotel Accommodation Cover, Baggage Loss, Trip Delay, etc. Moreover, it is important for the insured to declare in advance if they suffer from any pre-medical condition. Doing so helps to evaluate the premium and if in any case, you fail to inform about your pre-existing medical condition, then there will be a difficulty at the time of claim settlement.
  • Compare The Different Travel Insurance Plans
    There are a plethora of insurance companies that are now offering travel insurance plans and there are different offerings in these plans. Identify what services are provided, whether they provide cashless hospitalisation, how their claim settlement process works and more when comparing travel insurance plans. Only after comparing the available travel insurance plans, purchase the one that best suits your needs.
  • Understand The Exclusions
    Before buying any type of travel insurance, always enquire about the exclusions along with what is being offered under the policy. As the exclusions vary from insurer to insurer, it is always better to keep a check on the same beforehand.

In addition to those listed above, there are certain things that you need to consider while buying a travel insurance plan online such as the following:

  • It is very important that the policyholder completes the KYC process. Please note that the KYC has to be completed only for 1 proposer, even if there are multiple travellers.
  • Policyholders also need to fill out the proposal form and enter details like name, address, nominee details, and others

Why Is Comparison of Travel Insurance Important?

In the current scenario, when the travel industry has witnessed a massive transformation, travel insurance has equally become very important. The demand for travel insurance is such that a vast number of insurance companies are now offering travel insurance plans in India. The sheer number of travel insurance plans available makes choosing one out of so many extremely challenging. Moreover, as different insurers provide different benefits, then in such a case it becomes all the more important to understand and analyse what all are being offered. So, comparing travel insurance thus becomes a vital task that all travellers must perform before buying a travel insurance plan.

A comparison of the available travel insurance plans helps to understand the travel insurance plans in a better way. Most importantly, comparing the travel insurance plans also helps to pick the one that best suits your budget as well as travel needs. Not just this, while comparing you can also get acquainted with the available offers and deals and there are chances that you may buy travel insurance at a discounted price. So, it is always a good idea to compare different travel insurance plans to understand their pros, cons, features, as well as terms and conditions.

Why Should You Compare Travel Insurance Plans Online?

  1. To understand all about the policy coverage.
  2. To choose the adequate sum insured based on duration and type of trip.
  3. To fetch instant travel insurance quotes and accordingly compare.
  4. To save time and buy the best-suited travel insurance plan.
  5. To save time and buy a desired travel insurance plan with ease.

What’s Not Covered Under Travel Insurance Plans?

Along with inclusions, it is also important at the same time to know about the exclusions in your travel insurance plan. So, we have listed some of the most common exclusions that many insurance companies follow:

  • In case the traveller is travelling against the advice of a doctor, then claims in such a case shall straightaway be rejected.
  • If the travellers face any injury when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then that too will not be covered.
  • In some cases, pre-existing diseases are also included in the travel insurance plans.
  • Next, if a traveller succumbs to self-injury such as suicide during the trip, then the insurance company takes no responsibility to provide coverage for the same.
  • When any claim is raised based on complicated pregnancy, then that may not be included in the policy.
  • There are some baggage exclusions too that need to be noted while buying an insurance plan. For instance, many insurance companies fail to accept the claims if the insured reports their lost or delayed baggage after a specific period.
  • Many insurance companies also do not offer coverage when the insured suffers a loss due to involvement in fights or illegal activities.
  • In case you are travelling to a war zone or terrorist-occupied region, then loss in such a case may not be borne by the insurance companies.
  • It is common for insurance companies to not cover medical expenses that arise from an individual's decision to participate in adventurous activities.

Travel Insurance Premium Calculator

A travel insurance premium calculator is a tool that helps you figure out the total amount you need to pay for a travel insurance plan. As there are tons of travel insurance plans that can also be customised according to different needs, the cost of the premium for travel insurance varies. Now, with the help of the travel insurance premium calculator which depends on different parameters, you can calculate the premium for travel insurance.

Some of the common parameters that have a role to play while determining travel insurance prices via the travel insurance premium calculator include the age of the insured, destination, travel duration, frequency of travel and many more. Furthermore, from helping to plan travel expenses effectively to picking the travel insurance policy that best suits your needs, the benefits of an online tool like a travel insurance premium calculator are many.

Tips To Buy the Best Travel Insurance Plan

Here is a list that will help you in buying the best travel insurance plan:

  • Always keep the requirements in mind and accordingly choose a travel insurance plan. For instance, In case you mostly travel in a group or with your family, then opt for buying group travel insurance plans as the premium of these will be lower than individual travel insurance plans.
  • You should include only those add-ons to your travel insurance policy that are important, as customising the policy to a great extent may result in an increased premium. For instance, including an add-on that includes medical expenses for adventurous activities may seem useless if you are not performing any such activity.
  • Also, if you are a frequent traveller, then buy a multi-trip travel insurance policy that can save a lot of your money.
  • Before buying any travel insurance plan, always perform a detailed comparison and accordingly buy a travel insurance plan.

Claim Procedure For Travel Insurance Policies

There are certain steps that you need to follow for filing a claim for your travel insurance policy. So, go through the below-mentioned steps for raising a claim for a travel insurance policy:

  1. First, get in touch with your insurer and inform them that you need to raise a claim.
  2. Next, inquire about the list of documents that are required for raising a claim.
  3. Submit all the documents via email or post and update the insurer about the same.
  4. After the successful submission of all the documents, the claim will then be verified depending on the travel insurance you have chosen.

Travel Insurance Terminology

Listed below are some of the most commonly used terminologies in travel insurance plans:

  1. Cashless settlement: Many insurance companies directly settle against the loss during travelling, which is referred to as cashless settlement.
  2. Common carrier: This refers to any organisation such as commercial airlines that is responsible for letting people travel from one place to another.
  3. Deductible: There is a certain amount that the insured needs to spend out of their pocket and that won’t be reimbursed. This particular amount is known as a deductible.
  4. Equipment failure: This refers to any kind of breakdown of the carrier’s equipment due to which the insured’s trip gets delayed.
  5. Grace period: The grace period in travel insurance is the extended period during which the insured gets a certain time to pay the premium and enjoy the benefits of the policy at the same time.
  6. Hospitalisation: This refers to the act in which the insured is hospitalised for immediate medical care for a minimum of 24 hours.
  7. Insured journey: It implies the duration of the trip which generally commences once the insured boards the flight and ends after their arrival back to their original destination.
  8. Insured person: It indicates the individual or the policyholder who has purchased the travel insurance policy.
  9. Land/Sea agreement: This agreement refers to the different types of arrangements done for a scheduled trip of the insured person by the trip operator or organisation.
  10. Medical expenses: This includes all types of medical expenses incurred upon the insured while they are travelling.
  11. Notification of claim: It refers to the process by which the insured informs the insurer that they need to raise a claim.
  12. Room rent: This refers to the fixed charges that the insured needs to pay when they are admitted to the hospital.
  13. Sum insured: When an unfortunate event occurs during your trip, then the insured is entitled to receive a certain amount of money, which is referred to as the sum insured.
  14. Subrogation: It means that when an insured person is harmed by a third party, then the insurer takes legal action against the latter for doing so.
  15. Travelling companion: This refers to two other people who are travelling along with the insured or the policyholder.

FAQs About Travel Insurance Insurance Policy

  • Why is travel insurance important?

    Travel insurance is important to safeguard your trip against any mishappenings. From compensating for trip cancellation to reimbursing for the medical expenses incurred during travelling, travel insurance is extremely important in today’s time. 

  • How do I find the right travel insurance?

    Depending on your budget and travel needs, compare the different travel insurance plans offered by the top insurance companies and pick the one that matches all your needs.

  • Is travel insurance worth the cost?

    Yes, travel insurance is a must, especially for those who travel on a regular basis. Moreover, it also acts as a perfect safety net for travellers.

  • What is international travel insurance?

    International travel insurance offers a range of coverage such as medical expenses, flight hijacks and more when you are travelling outside your country.

  • Can I buy travel insurance once my trip has started?

    No, you cannot buy travel insurance once the trip has started.

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