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Care Health Insurance

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Care Health Insurance
Cashless Approval TAT2 hr Cashless Claim Processing
Claim Settlement Ratio95.22%
Network Hospitals21,100+
Pre-existing Disease Coverage FromDay 1
Special BenefitsNo Extra Premium for Disease Coverage
Starting Premium for Rs. 5 lakhs coverageRs. 546/month

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Care Health Insurance Plan List

  • Cover

    7 Lakh

    Cashless Hospital


    Starting From 727/month*

  • Cover

    7 Lakh

    Cashless Hospital


    Starting From 1,289/month*

  • Cover

    3 Lakh

    Cashless Hospital


    Starting From 1,411/month*

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About Care Health Insurance

Care Health Insurance is a specialized health insurer offering products in the retail segment for Health insurance and more. For its outstanding services, the company was also awarded ‘Best Health Insurance Company of the Year’ at the India Insurance Summit & Awards 2023, ‘Best Health Insurance Product, and ‘Best Health Insurance Agents’ at the Insurance Alerts Awards 2021. The company was also conferred the ‘Best Medical/Health Insurance Product Award’ at the FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards 2019. Care Health Insurance offers a range of health insurance plans, ranging from family health insurance plans to individual health insurance plans and more.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance ensures financial protection against medical emergencies for you and your loved ones. Many health insurance companies in India provide different types of health plans to cater to the unique needs of individuals. The plan covers expenses incurred due to pre- and post-hospitalization, domiciliary treatment, room rent, and so on.

How Does Care Health Insurance Plans Work?

Health insurance plans work similarly to other insurance policies available in India. Policyholders pay a premium to the insurer in exchange for health insurance coverage. If any member covered under the policy gets diagnosed with a specific disease mentioned in the policy document, the insurer will pay the sum assured. You can use this sum assured to pay your hospital bills and other expenses incurred due to the hospitalization.

Key Features of Care Health Insurance

Some of the key features of Care Health Insurance are as follows:



Claim settlement ratio


Network hospitals


Starting Premium

Rs. 546



Policy Tenure

1, 2 and 3 years

Benefits of Care Health Insurance

Following are the benefits that you can enjoy with a Care Health Insurance Policy:

  • Auto Recharge Feature - During any health emergency, a financial crisis could be a nightmare. Hence, auto recharge of policy sum insured features offered with Care Health Insurance plans can get you an immediate recharge after your policy sum insured gets exhausted.
  • Modern Treatments - Care Health Insurance Plans offer advanced-level medical treatments while taking care of all your financial worries. The insurer offers coverage for modern treatments like Robotics Surgery and HIV/AIDS under Care Insurance.
  • Health Earning - With this benefit, policyholders can gain up to 25% of the return of their premium amount by inviting their colleagues, friends, and family members to get insured under Care Health Insurance.
  • Easy Portability Option - The Care Health Insurance plans offer an easy option to customers who want to switch their existing insurance plans. It takes a small process to go through, which includes a premium check, filling in existing insurance details, and payment completion.
  • Lifetime Renewability - The policyholders can get themselves insured under Care Health Insurance for life with this lifetime renewability feature. To avail of this offering, you just have to renew your health insurance plan at the end of its policy term, which may vary as per your selection.

Types of Care Health Insurance Plans

Listed below are types of Care Health Insurance from which policyholders can compare and select the most suitable one as per their needs:

  • Individual Health Cover: Individual health insurance plans cover only one individual under a health plan. The plan covers various expenses, including room rent, ambulance charges, pre- and post-hospitalization, and more. Though the coverage for individual health plans is the same as family floater plans, they are much more expensive. This is because the sum assured is not shared among any family members.
  • Family Floater Health Plan: Family Floater health insurance plans are comprehensive plans that cover all family members under a single insurance plan. With this plan, you can ensure that you and your loved ones are financially covered against medical emergencies. The sum assured for family floater plans is high as numerous members are covered under the same plan.
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance: People in old age get more vulnerable to illnesses. Therefore, purchasing health insurance for your parents is a must. Care Health Senior Citizen Insurance Plan will ensure that if any medical emergency arises, your parents can get good-quality treatment without worrying about the finances.
  • Maternity Health Insurance Plan: Motherhood is one of the most beautiful phases of our lives. Isn’t it? This adorable journey also carries a financial burden. So, to help parents enjoy this golden phase of their lives without worrying about the funds, maternity care health insurance plans are available. This plan covers delivery expenses and newborn baby costs.
  • Health Insurance Plan for Pre-Existing Diseases: Pre-existing disease health plan ensures financial protection for individuals suffering from pre-existing diseases like diabetes, lung disease, and so on.
  • Critical Illness Plan: It is a comprehensive health plan that provides additional sum assured in case policyholders suffer from any critical illness like cancer, stroke, and others.

Top Health Insurance Plans Offered by Care Health Insurance

Some of the plans offered by Care health insurance are as follows:

Health Insurance Plan

Entry Age

Sum Assured

Care Supreme Plan

18- 99 years

Rs. 5 lakh- 15 lakh

Care Joy Maternity Insurance Plan

18- 45 years

Rs. 3 lakh- Rs. 5 lakh

Care Senior Health Advantage Plan

61 days- no limit

Rs. 5 lakh- Rs. 10 lakh

Care Classic Plan

91 days- 60 years

Rs. 5 lakh- Rs. 15 lakh

Care Enhance Plan

18 years- no limit

Rs. 1 lakh- Rs. 40 lakh

Care Freedom Plan

91 days- no limit

Rs. 3 lakh- Rs. 10 lakh

Care Critical Mediclaim Plan

5 years- no limit

Rs. 10 lakh- Rs. 2 crore

Care Cancer Mediclaim Plan

5 years- 50 years

Rs. 10 lakh- Rs. 2 crore

Care Heart Mediclaim Plan

18 years- no limit

Rs. 10 lakh- Rs. 2 crore

Care Plus Plan

18 years- no limit

Rs. 3 lakh- Rs. 25 lakh

Care Heart Insurance Plan

18 years- no limit

Rs. 3 lakh- Rs. 10 lakh

Care Aarogya Sanjeevni Policy

5 years- 65 years

Rs. 1 lakh- Rs. 5 lakh

Care Operation Mediclaim Plan

5 years- 50 years

Rs. 10 lakh- 2 crore

Care Secure Personal Accident Plan

91 days- 70 years

Rs. 1 lakh- Rs. 25 crore

Care Corona Kavach Policy

5 years- N/A

Rs. 50,000- Rs. 5 lakh

Care Advantage Plan

5 years- lifelong

Rs. 25 lakh- Rs. 1 crore

Care Assure Plan

18 years- 65 years

Rs. 3 lakh- Rs. 1.20 crore

Let’s understand each health insurance plan in detail:

Care Supreme Plan

  • It is a comprehensive health insurance plan that you can purchase either on an individual or family floater basis.
  • The plan provides coverage for in-patient care and pre- and post-hospitalization expenses.
  • A cumulative no claim bonus of up to 50% is offered to policyholders for not making any claims during the particular year.
  • Coverage for daycare treatments, domiciliary hospitalization, and advanced technology treatments is provided.
  • Other treatment methods, like AYUSH treatment, are covered.
  • The sum assured top-up feature is available to ensure financial protection even when your existing coverage amount exhausts during a particular year.
  • Unlimited e-consultations and annual health check-ups are offered.
  • Road ambulance and air ambulance expenses are covered.
  • Hospitalization and ICU charges are not subject to any sub-limits.

Care Joy Maternity Insurance Plan

  • This health insurance plan will make parenthood more pleasant as it provides coverage for medical expenses incurred during pregnancy.
  • The plan covers both the mother's delivery and the newborn baby's expenses.
  • Newborn baby coverage is offered for up to 90 days after birth.
  • Prenatal and post-natal expenses are covered.
  • Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses are covered for 30 and 60 days, respectively.
  • No pre-medical examination is required to purchase the plan for policyholders up to 45 years of age.
  • The waiting period is 9 months.
  • No claim bonus and 100% increase in sum assured benefits are offered to policyholders.

Care Senior Health Advantage Plan

  • The plan is specially designed to protect elderly individuals against illnesses.
  • It provides coverage for in-patient hospitalization, day-care treatments, and advanced technology methods.
  • Unlimited teleconsultations and annual health check-up benefits are available.
  • prehospitalization coverage for 30 days and post-hospitalisation coverage for up to 60 days.
  • Expenses incurred due to AYUSH treatment and domiciliary treatment are covered.
  • No claim bonus is offered for every claim-free year.

Care Classic Plan

  • Policyholders can decide the premium for their health insurance plan based on their geographical location.
  • Second medical opinion, assisted reproductive treatment, and organ donor expenses are covered.
  • In-patient care and domiciliary hospitalisation are covered.
  • Automatic sum assured top-up in case of the same or unrelated illnesses.
  • Coverage for AYUSH treatment and advanced technology methods is available.
  • No claim bonus for every claim-free year is offered.
  • Optional benefits like OPD care and annual health check-ups are available.

Care Enhance Plan

  • It is a top-up health insurance plan that ensures financial safety even if the base sum assured of your existing plan exhausts.
  • Policyholders can buy the plan in two variants: Enhance 1 and Enhance 2.
  • Both pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses are covered.
  • There is no sub-limit on the room rent and ICU charges.
  • Coverage for in-patient hospitalisation expenses caused by a single private AC room is available.
  • Enhance the coverage of your base Care Health Plan by purchasing riders.
  • No pre-medical examination to purchase the plan.

Care Freedom Plan

  • The plan is specially designed to protect diabetes, hypertension, and high BMI patients.
  • It provides coverage for in-patient care and day-care treatment up to the sum insured limit.
  • Both consumable allowance and companion benefit are provided.
  • Sum assured restoration benefits up to 100% and annual health check-up facilities are offered.
  • Additional riders to enhance the coverage of your plan.
  • Dialysis charges and domiciliary hospitalisation expenses are covered.

Care Critical Mediclaim Plan

  • The plan provides coverage for 32 critical illnesses.
  • Alternative treatment methods and advanced procedures such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and dialysis are covered.
  • This health plan provides global coverage to policyholders.
  • Road ambulance, daycare treatment, and pre-post hospitalisation expenses are covered.
  • Free annual health check-ups are offered starting from the 2nd year of the policy.
  • Optional riders which you can purchase by paying an extra premium are available.
  • No pre-medical examination is required to buy the plan.

Care Cancer Mediclaim Plan

  • It is a comprehensive plan that provides coverage for cancer of all stages.
  • The plan provides coverage for inpatient hospitalization, daycare treatment, and alternative treatment methods.
  • Advanced medical procedures like chemotherapy and radiotherapy are covered.
  • Second medical opinion from medical practitioners globally.
  • Free annual health check-ups to help you keep track of health.
  • No pre-medical examination is required.
  • Air ambulance cover and international second opinion covers are available.

Care Heart Mediclaim Plan

  • Customize your plan with optional covers, including air ambulance services, international second opinion consultations, and reduced waiting periods for pre-existing conditions.
  • Global coverage, accompanied by ambulance services, second opinion consultations, and organ donor cover.
  • No claim bonus and an annual health check-up, promoting proactive health management and rewarding your dedication to well-being.
  • In-patient hospitalization costs, alternative treatments, and daycare treatments, providing you with a comprehensive safety net.
  • OPD expenses and pre-post-hospitalization costs are covered.
  • Add-on options like room rent modification and unlimited automatic recharge offer enhanced protection and flexibility

Care Heart Insurance Plan

  • In-patient care, domiciliary hospitalization, and AYUSH treatments are all covered.
  • Daycare services, pre-hospitalization charges, and advanced technological procedures are all covered.
  • There are options for road ambulance, air ambulance, and personal accident coverage.
  • OPD, second opinions, and organ donor charges are all covered
  • There is unlimited automatic recharging and access to e-consultations.
  • Every claim-free year entitles you to a 50% no-claim bonus.
  • There are additional health services and benefits offered.
  • Coverage for maternity, newborns, and international second opinions.

Care Plus Plan

  • It is a comprehensive health insurance plan that offers coverage for both unforeseen and planned medical treatments.
  • OPD, second opinion, and organ donation charges are all covered.
  • E-consultations and automatic sum assured restoration benefit are available.
  • No claim bonus for not making any claims during a particular policy year.
  • Alternative medical treatments and second medical opinions are available.
  • Smart Select features and earn and burn benefits are available.

Care Aarogya Sanjeevni Policy

  • Standard health insurance plan that enables you to avail of medical treatments without worrying about expenses.
  • Pre-Hospitalisation expenses, post-hospitalisation expenses, and ambulance charge coverage.
  • Modern treatments, cosmetic surgeries, dental treatments, and cataract treatments are covered.
  • No claim bonus is paid for not making any claims during the policy period.

Care Operation Mediclaim Plan

  • The plan provides coverage for all surgical procedures.
  • In-patient charges, pre and post-hospitalisation expenses, and daycare treatment
  • Ambulance cover, organ donor coverage, and global medical assistance is available.
  • Policyholders can take a second-medical opinion without paying additional fees.
  • Annual free health check-ups and no claim bonus benefits.
  • No pre-medical examination is required.
  • Automatic sum assured restoration benefit and air ambulance coverage.

Care Secure Personal Accident Plan

  • This health insurance plan provides financial assistance in case the insured gets injured or dies in an accident.
  • Death benefit is paid in a lump sum in case of accidental death.
  • Permanent total and partial disability coverage is available.
  • Expenses incurred due to the treatment of fractures and burns are covered under the plan.
  • Ambulance charges and reconstructive surgery expenses are covered.
  • Additional riders such as accidental hospitalisation, convalescence benefit, accidental OPD cover, and more are available.

Care Corona Kavach Policy

  • It is a health insurance plan that ensures financial protection against COVID-19 expenses.
  • The plan covers expenses incurred due to oxygen cylinders, PPE kits, gloves, ventilators, masks, and more.
  • Hospital daily cash benefit riders can be bought by paying an extra premium.
  • Pre-existing diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, and more are covered.
  • Coverage for consumable items such as PPE kits, gloves, oximeters, and others is provided.
  • Road ambulance coverage and pre- and post-hospitalization coverage are available.
  • AYUSH treatment method is covered under the policy.

Care Advantage Plan

  • It is a comprehensive insurance plan that provides coverage for numerous illnesses.
  • The plan covers in-patient hospitalization expenses and daycare treatments.
  • Coverage for pre and post-hospitalization expenses is also covered.
  • Automatic restoration benefits are offered once during the policy tenure.
  • No sub-limits are applicable to this plan.
  • Additional benefits like no claim bonus, annual health check-ups, and reduction in the waiting period for pre-existing diseases are available.

Care Assure Plan

  • It is a comprehensive health insurance plan that provides protection against 20 critical illnesses.
  • The plan also provides protection against personal accidents.
  • Child education and second medical opinion are also covered under the policy.
  • Policyholders can avail themselves of free health check-up benefits.
  • Everyday care and HIV coverage is available as add-ons.

Eligibility Criteria To Buy Care Health Insurance

The eligibility criteria to buy a health insurance plan is highlighted in the table below:


Eligibility Criteria

Minimum entry age

Individual- 5 years

Family floater- 91 days

Maximum entry age

Lifelong for adults

Policy tenures

1, 2, 3

Types of health insurance plans

Individual and family floater plans

Grace period

30 days

How To Calculate Premium For Care Health Insurance Plans?

Policyholders can calculate an estimate of the premium for their health insurance plan. Here are the steps that you can follow to use the health insurance premium calculator:

  • Visit the official website of InsuranceDekho.
  • Go to the health insurance premium calculator page.
  • Fill out some of your personal details and enter your mobile number.
  • Click on the “get quotes” button.
  • Enter the sum assured. Select the add-ons you want to purchase with your plan.
  • Hit the “submit” button.
  • The premium for your health insurance plan will be calculated.

What is Covered Under Care Health Insurance Plans?

Following are the inclusions in Care Health Insurance Plans:

  • Coronavirus treatment
  • In-patient hospitalization
  • Pre-hospitalization medical expenses
  • Advance medical treatments
  • Daily allowance
  • Post-hospitalization medical expenses
  • Domiciliary hospitalization
  • AYUSH treatments

What is Not Covered Under Care Health Insurance Plans?

Following are the exclusions under Care Health Insurance Plans:

  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Any medical emergency arising within 30 days of the policy inception
  • War, riot, strike, nuclear weapons, induced hospitalization
  • Infertility treatments
  • Expenses incurred due to the use of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance

Network Hospitals of Care Health Insurance

Only the hospitals which are a part of an insurance company’s network offer cashless claim facilities. Thus, the wider the network of cashless hospitals, the better it is as it is easier for the policyholder to seek medical treatment easily and in a hassle-free manner. Care Health Insurance has more than 22,900 hospitals in its network where it offers cashless settlement of claims.

Factors that Affect Care Health Insurance Premium

There are a number of factors that affect the amount of your health insurance policy. The awareness of such factors can help you choose a policy as per your budget and requirements. Here are the factors that can impact your Care Health Insurance Premium Calculation:

  • Age - The higher your age will be, the higher the premium amount will be. Hence, it is highly recommended to buy a health insurance policy as early as possible.
  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions - Policyholders with pre-existing illnesses may get their plans rejected or find them at high premium. If the insurer does not cover the pre-existing ailment in its plan, then you may have to bear their expenses on your own.
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle/Habits - Insurance providers offer insurance covers at quite higher premium costs or even refuse to provide any coverage to people with unhealthy lifestyle/habits such as smoking, chewing tobacco, etc., as they are more prone to illnesses.
  • Sum Insured - It is the maximum amount up to which you can request a claim from your insurer during a medical crisis. The higher the sum insured you will opt for, the higher the premium amount you will have to pay. Hence, choose the sum insured amount accordingly.
  • Nature of Job - If your profession makes you work in an environment where you get exposed to hazardous substances, chemicals, radiations or follow occupations with higher chances of injuries such as constructions, then you will have to pay higher premiums as you are prone to diseases/injuries.

Why Choose Care Health Insurance?

Care Health Insurance holds a lot of feathers in its cap that make it a great insurer to opt for. Here are some reasons which make it an ideal choice for health insurance plans:

  • High Claim Settlement Ratio - Claim Settlement Ratio is the percentage of claims successfully settled by an insurance company out of the total claims received by it in a financial year. Care has achieved an excellent claim settlement ratio of 95.22%.
  • Active Customer Support - The customers of Care can reach to its customer care team any time to get their health insurance queries resolved. Care health Insurance offers its policyholders 24x7 claim support service handled by an experienced and qualified team of professionals.
  • Quick Cashless Claim Approval - The claim settlement team of Care Health Insurance is incredibly well in settling health insurance claims. They claim to settle the maximum of their cashless claims in just 2 hours, offering great experience to policyholders.
  • Wide Network of Hospitals - The insurer has partnered with 22,900+ hospitals where its policyholders can get the cashless medical treatment. With such a wide network you can easily find a network hospital nearby your location.

How to Buy Care Health Insurance at InsuranceDekho?

You can follow the below-mentioned step to buy a Care Health Insurance plan online at InsuranceDekho:

Step 1: Visit and select the health tab.

Step 2: Choose your Gender and enter your Name and Mobile Number. On entering these details, you will receive an OTP, please enter that.

Step 3: Select the time when you want to purchase the policy. Click on the ‘View Instant Quotes’ button to proceed.

Step 4: Choose family members you want to add in your plan along with yourself.

Step 5: Select the age of the chosen family members and click ‘Continue’.

Step 6: Fill in your Email ID and City and click on the ‘Submit and View Quotes’ button. Several policy quotes will be displayed as per your selections. Select the plan that suits your requirements in the best manner.

Step 7: Select the policy period of the chosen health insurance policy, enter the required details, and make the payment.

Advantages of Buying Care Health Insurance Online

Here are the advantages of purchasing health insurance online:

  • Easy Comparison of Plans: When you purchase a health plan online, you can make a detailed comparison among the numerous plans available. Compare the features and benefits of each plan in detail so that you can select the best one.
  • Low Premiums: Some insurers provide discounts on premiums when you purchase a health insurance plan online. Therefore, you can save on the premium on your policy by purchasing it digitally.
  • Quick Assistance: Insurers provide quick assistance to their online customers. If you need any assistance related to plan renewals, claims, and more, you can easily type your query in the chatbot and get a resolution for your answer.
  • Secure Payment Modes: Another advantage of purchasing health insurance online is that your payment is processed through a safe gateway.
  • Instant Premium Calculation: You can determine the estimated premium for your health insurance plan using a health insurance premium calculator. This will help you purchase the most affordable health plan.
  • Transparent Policy Purchase: This is the best approach to purchasing health insurance online, as there is no insurance agent involved in this case. Policyholders can compare and buy the best health insurance plan by themselves online.

Claim Process with Care Health Insurance

A Health Insurance claim refers to the process wherein a policyholder requests the insurer to compensate for the expenses incurred by them during a medical emergency, illness, or accident. A claim in health insurance can be settled in two ways - cashless claim and reimbursement claim.

How To Make A Care Health Insurance Cashless Claim?

When a policyholder gets medical treatment at a hospital that is a part of Care Health Insurance’s network, then the claim is settled in a cashless manner. That is under a cashless claim, the policyholder is not required to pay to the hospital as Care Health Insurance pays directly to the hospital subject to the sum insured.

You can raise a cashless claim with Care Health Insurance by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Intimate the Insurer

Call and inform Care Health Insurance at 1800-102-4488 within 24 hours of hospitalisation in case of emergency admission. If the hospitalisation is planned, inform the insurer 48 hours before hospitalisation at the same number or visit the Self-help portal at

Step 2: Get Pre-Authorisation Of Claim

Get a pre-authorisation form from the hospital’s insurance department or TPA desk. Duly fill and sign it and submit it to the insurance or TPA desk of the hospital so they can send it to the Care Health Insurance.

Step 3: Verification of Documents

The in-house medical team of Care Health Insurance will review the case and the documents submitted.

Step 4: Claim Approval

If the authorising team requires any other detail or document, they will intimate the hospital to provide the same. In case the request is disapproved, the insurer will inform you and the hospital about the same with reasons.

Step 5: Settlement of Claim

If the pre-authorisation request is approved, the hospital and you will be informed about the same and the expenses will be paid off.

How To Make A Care Health Reimbursement Claim?

When a policyholder gets medical treatment in a hospital that is not a part of Care Health Insurance network hospitals, then the claim settlement is of reimbursement type. Under this process, the policyholder is required to pay for all the medical expenses they go through. The policyholder can later raise a request for reimbursement of the incurred expenses from Care Health Insurance subject to the sum insured.

Follow the below steps to raise a Care Health Insurance Reimbursement Claim:

Step 1: Intimate the Insurer

Intimate Care Health Insurance at 1800-102-4488 within 24 hours of hospitalisation, in the case of emergency. Whereas, in the case of planned admission, inform the insurance provider 48 hours prior to hospitalisation.

Step 2: Provide Information

Provide the information of hospitalisation and other medical details to insurer such as:

  • Name of the policyholder
  • Customer ID
  • Details of the hospital
  • Treatment and diagnosis details
  • Date of hospitalisation
  • Amount of claim

Step 3: Submit Required Documents

Get the insurance claim form from the website of Care Health Insurance or from the hospital. Duly fill and sign the form to send it to the insurer with the required document that may include:

  • Valid ID proof
  • Doctor’s letter advising admission
  • Doctor’s prescription for medical tests, medicines, consultations etc.
  • Original receipts, bills, and discharge forms signed by the doctor
  • Original bills from pharmacies
  • Original diagnostic test reports, radiology reports and payment receipts
  • First Information Report (FIR), in a police case
  • Post Mortem Report, if applicable, etc.

Step 4: Verification of Documents

In-house medical team of Care Health Insurance will review the form and documents. In case they find any details they may ask you to submit them too. If your claim gets rejected, you will be conveyed the same with the valid reasons.

Step 5: Settlement of Claim

If the insurance provider approves your claim request, you will be informed and will be provided with your claim amount.

Care Health Insurance Renewal Process

To continue to stay covered against the soaring costs of medical treatments, it is important to renew your health insurance policy with Care Health Insurance. You can also enhance your plan during renewal to combat medical expenses in future. This will help you keep availing of the benefits offered by the insurer and stay insured in times of medical emergencies.

Here are the simple steps to renew your health insurance cover with Care Health Insurance :

Step 1: Visit the official website of Care Health Insurance i.e.,

Step 2: Go to the ‘Renew’ section available on the website.

Step 3: Enter your existing policy details such as Policy Number, Date of Birth, and Contact Number and click on the ‘Let’s Renew’ button.

Step 4: Review the insurance policy details and premium amount for renewal.

Step 5: Pay for the amount online using any of the multiple payment options available.

Does Care Health Insurance Cover COVID-19 Expenses?

COVID-19 is a critical illness that can lead to the death of an individual. Additionally, the treatment for COVID-19 can be a financial burden for you and your loved ones. Therefore, to protect policyholders, against this burden and secure them financially, health insurance companies provide coverage for COVID-19. You can buy Care Health Insurance to ensure good quality medical treatment during these types of medical emergencies.

How To Choose the Best Health Insurance Plan in India?

When purchasing a health insurance policy, there are numerous factors that should be taken into consideration. Some of these factors are highlighted in the section below:

  • Eligibility Criteria: Health insurance plans come with certain eligibility criteria. For instance, The minimum age to apply for the Care Supreme health plan is 18 years, and the maximum is 99 years. Therefore, check the eligibility criteria carefully before making a purchase decision.
  • Sum Assured: Another important factor to consider is the coverage amount of the policy. The policyholders should select the sum assured that ensures financial protection for all their family members during medical emergencies.
  • Premium: It is an amount paid by the insured to the insurer. Select a health insurance plan with an affordable premium, ensuring that there are no obstacles to your existing budget.
  • Inclusions and Exclusions: Coverage offered by the health insurance company should never be overlooked while purchasing a health insurance plan. Policyholders should compare the inclusions and exclusions of different policies. Select the one that offers maximum coverage at an affordable premium.
  • Co-payment: When purchasing a health insurance plan, co-payment is one of the important factors that you should consider. It is a portion of the claim amount borne by the insured during the health insurance claim settlement.
  • Network Hospitals: To avail of cashless treatment facilities, policyholders can visit the network hospitals associated with the insurer. Check the number of network hospitals available nearby before purchasing the plan.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio: It is the percentage of claims settled by the insurer during a particular year. Select a health insurance company with a high claim settlement ratio to ensure a smooth and seamless claim settlement process.
  • Existing Customer Reviews: Before purchasing a health plan, check the ratings and reviews of the health insurance companies. This will ensure peace of mind and a sense of security among the policyholders.

Benefits of Purchasing a Health Insurance Plan

Following are the benefits of purchasing a health insurance plan:

  • Financial Protection: Health insurance plans provide financial protection to their policyholders. In case of medical emergencies, policyholders can claim their health insurance plans. The insurer will pay the claim amount up to the sum assured limit.
  • Peace of Mind: It brings peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Knowing that health insurance companies are financially protecting you will ensure a sense of security and accomplishment for policyholders.
  • Critical Illness Coverage: Critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke, brain tumours, and so on are uninvited, resulting in a financial burden for you and your loved ones. Therefore, if you purchase a critical illness health insurance plan, it will ensure financial protection for you and your loved ones.
  • Customised Health Insurance Plans: One of the major benefits of purchasing medical insurance plans is the flexibility to customize the plans. Health insurance companies in India provide flexibility to select from different policy tenures, premium payment options, sum assured, and add-ons as per their unique needs.
  • Tax Benefits: Health insurance is a great tool to save on taxes. This means premiums paid against health insurance plans are tax deductible under Section 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • Cashless Treatment: Policyholders can avail of cashless treatment at the network hospitals associated with health insurance companies. This will ensure proper treatment for you and your loved ones without worrying about finances.
  • Extensive Protection: Health insurance policies provide extensive coverage to policyholders. It covers expenses arising due to pre- and post-hospitalization, such as room rent, ambulance charges, and so on.
  • Hospitalisation Expenses Coverage: Health insurance plans provide coverage for pre- and post-hospitalisation. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about paying hefty medical bills from your own pocket.

Contact Details of Care Health Insurance

If you have any questions related to your health insurance plan purchase, claims, renewals, and more, you can contact customer support at Care Health Insurance. The details are highlighted in the section below:

Toll-free number


WhatsApp number


Registered address

Care Health Insurance Limited , 5th Floor, 19, Chawla House, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019

Policyholders can also locate and visit the nearest Care Health Insurance branch office in case of any further assistance.

How To Port Your Health Insurance to Care Health Insurance

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to port your health insurance to Care Health Insurance:

  • Fill out the portability form. Enter the details of your existing health insurance policy.
  • Fill out the proposal form and attach all the necessary documents.
  • The details of your policy will be available on the official website of IRDAI.
  • Care Health Insurance will underwrite the proposal and will inform you within 15 days.

Which Type of Health Insurance Should You Buy?

If you are confused about which type of health insurance plan to purchase, read the section below:

  • <spa

Care Health Insurance Top Up List

    Name of PlanSum Insured
    EnhanceMin: 1 Day; Max: No Limit1 Lakh Check Premium

    Health Insurance Coverage Calculator

    Who do you want to insured ?

    • Individual
    • Couple
    • Family
    • Parents

    Age of eldest insured member ?

    Where do you live ?

    Disclaimer : Actual Coverage might vary basis your location, age and number of members

    1716 Care Cashless Network Hospitals in India

    Save Tax upto ₹75000*
    Under Section 80D

    *Tax benefits are subject to changes in Income Tax Act.

    Claim Process at Care Health Insurance

    • Network Hospital
    • Non-Network Hospital
    • 1

      Claim Assistance

      For any assistance or query, call InsuranceDekho at the toll-free number 755 1196 989.
    • 2

      Claim Intimation

      Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 24 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate within 48 hours prior to admission.
    • 3

      Claim Processing

      Fill in the pre-authorisation form and hand it over to hospital's insurance/TPA desk to initiate claim request.
    • 4

      Claim Settlement

      Once your request is approved, claim is settled. If not approved, claim for reimbursement after discharge.
    • 1

      Claim Assistance

      For any assistance or query, call InsuranceDekho at the toll-free number 755 1196 989.
    • 2

      Claim Intimation

      Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 24 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate within 48 hours prior to admission.
    • 3

      Claim Processing

      Submit claim form with original documents such as doctor’s reports, hospital bills, diagnostic tests, etc.
    • 4

      Claim Settlement

      Once your request for reimbursement of expenses is approved, the claim will be settled.

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    • How to buy and apply for Care Health Insurance?

      You can buy and apply for any Care Health Insurance online from the official website of Care Health Insurance at or through online broker’s website like InsuranceDekho.

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      Care Health Insurance provides a comprehensive health insurance plan along with personal accident cover and critical illness cover. This ideal combination meets all of your family member’s health requirements making it a suitable option.

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      The toll-free number of Care Health Insurance is 1800-102-4488.

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      The correspondence address of Care Health Insurance, Vipul Tech Square, Tower C, 3rd Floor, Sector-43, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon-122009

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      Care Health Insurance had a Claim Settlement Ratio of 93% for FY 2018-19.

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