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Care Health Insurance Top-up & Super Top-up Plans

A top-up plan provides extra medical coverage during your medical concerns. However, a top-up plan is only set in motion once the deductible amount in your base plan has been exhausted. However, purchasing a base policy is not a requirement to get a top-up plan. The base policy helps cover the medical finances up to the deductible amount after which the top-up coverage is activated. If the customer does not have a base policy then they have to cover the costs out-of-pocket till the deductible is mentioned in their top-up plan.

Care Health Super Top-up plan is a plan that provides multiple claim coverage. In a top-up plan, a customer can make one claim every policy year, however, in a super top-up plan a customer has access to multiple claims during a policy year till they exhaust their sum insured. [1]

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Care Health Insurance Plan List

  • Individual (19)
  • Family (19)
  • Woman (22)
  • Senior Citizen (13)
  • Parents (17)
  • Blood Pressure (22)
  • Kids (13)
  • Thyroid (22)
  • Diabetes (22)
  • Heart (9)
  • Cancer (2)
  • Cover

    7 Lakh

    Cashless Hospital


    Starting From 727/month*

  • Cover

    7 Lakh

    Cashless Hospital


    Starting From 1,289/month*

  • Cover

    3 Lakh

    Cashless Hospital


    Starting From 1,411/month*

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Benefits of Care Health Top-Up Plan

The following are the benefits provided to customers under the Care Super Top-Up plan:-[1]

  • Annual Health Check-Ups:- This Care Health Insurance plan offers annual health check-ups as a benefit to its customers. All adult customers are granted annual medical examinations.
  • Lifelong Renewability:- The policyholder has the benefit of renewing their super top-up plan lifelong with no maximum exit age. Lifelong renewability allows a customer with medical coverage during necessary times with no worry of buying any specific plan for old age.
  • Co-Payment:- The Care Super Top-Up plan offers 20% co-payment to policyholders who purchase the plan at the age of 61 and over. This helps senior citizens get higher coverage with a lesser premium.
  • Cashless Treatments:- Care Health has a network of over 22900 health care providers. This feature allows policyholders to have an option in hospitals and doctors and they can choose according to their convenience during medical emergencies.
  • Enhance Anywhere:- The Care Super Top-Up plan has another added feature allowing the policyholders access to doctors from all over the globe for specific treatments. Having access to doctors from across the world allows customers better options in their treatment.
  • Day-Care Treatment:- Many modern treatments often take less than 24 hours of treatment and are usually not covered in health insurance plans. However, the Care Super Top-Up plan offers coverage for all the day-care treatments.

Eligibility for Buying a Top-Up Plan

Eligibility for buying a top-up plan differs in every plan and insurer. Care Super Top-Up plan offers individual and family floater plans. Both have different eligibility criteria. [1]

In an Individual plan:-

Entry Age:- Adults- 18 years, Children- 5 years

Exit Age:- Lifetime Renewability

In a family floater-based plan:-

Entry Age:- Adult- 18 years, Children- 1 day

Exit Age:- Adult- Lifetime Renewability, Children- 24 years

Types of Top-Up Plans Offered by Care Health Insurance

There are two types of Top-Up plans, Top-up and Super Top-up. In a Top-up plan, the policyholder can only make one claim during a policy year after the deductible amount is exhausted. A super Top-up plan, however, allows a customer to make multiple claims within the policy year till they reach their sum insured when their deductible amount has been worn out.

Care Health Insurance offers the customer a Super Top-Up plan. The policyholders have the benefit of lifetime renewability. They are provided with multiple other benefits.

Care Enhance Super Top-Up Plan

The inclusions and exclusions offered by the Care Enhace Super Top-Up plan are as follows:-[1]



Family Floater

Any treatments before their specific waiting period

Expert Opinion (add-on)

Allopathic Treatments

Pre and Post Hospitalisation Expenses

Self-inflicted injuries

Inpatient Care

Alcohol or drug abuse-related treatments

Day Care Treatments

Dental treatments, Spectacles or Contact lenses

ICU charges, Doctor’s fees, etc. (no limit)


Room Rent

Congenital Diseases

Health Check-ups

Infertility or Vitro Fertilisation

Organ Donor Cover (No limit)

Treatments arising from or traceable to pregnancy and childbirth, miscarriage, or abortion and its consequences.

Tax Save
Save Tax upto ₹75000*
Under Section 80D

*Tax benefits are subject to changes in Income Tax Act.

Care Health Insurance Plan List

  • Family (3)
  • Individual (3)
  • Woman (1)
  • Critical Illness (3)
  • Heart (2)
  • Senior Citizen (2)
  • Parents (1)
  • Maternity (1)
  • Cancer (1)
Name of PlanSum Insured
CareMin: 91 Days; Max: No Limit4 Lakh Check Premium
Plus Check Premium
Supreme Check Premium
Care AdvantageMIn: 91 Days; Max: Lifelong25 Lakh Check Premium
Care Classic Check Premium
Care HeartMin: 18 Years; Max: No Limit2 Lakh Check Premium
Care SeniorMin: 61 Years; Max: No Limit3 Lakh Check Premium
Arogya Sanjeevani PolicyMin: 3 Months; Max: 65 Years 1 Lakh - 5 Lakh Check Premium
Critical MediclaimMin: 5 Years; Max 50 Years10 Lakh Check Premium
Corona Kavach PolicyMin: 1 day ; Max: 65 years50,000 - 5 lakh Check Premium
Care FreedomMin: 90 Days; Max: No Limit3 Lakh Check Premium
JoyMin: 1 Day; Max: 65 Years3 Lakh Check Premium
Super MediclaimMin: 91 Days; Max: No Limit1 Lakh Check Premium

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Top-Up Plan

A few of the things to keep in mind while purchasing a top-up plan are as follows:-

  • Deductible:- Buying a top-up plan gives you more coverage and for getting access to that coverage the customer is required to reach his deductible amount. Usually, customers opt for a higher deductible as it comes with a lower premium. However, choosing the deductible amount is crucial and should be done according to the needs and requirements of the customer’s medical necessity.
  • Benefits:- Every plan has many different benefits, however choosing a top-up plan that is aligned with your needs should be the customer’s priority. Knowing your needs and choosing the plan accordingly is foremost. Make sure the top-up you choose meets all your requirements and covers all the necessities giving you proper coverage is important.
  • Coverage:- The coverage in every plan varies according to the age, plan, and medical concerns of a customer. Family floaters, individuals, or senior citizens have different coverages in their plans according to their needs and medical concerns.
  • Sub-Limits:- Check the sub-limits of every coverage in the top-up plan before choosing the plan. The lesser the sub-limits the better for the customers as sub-limits may limit your coverage. Choosing a top-up plan with no sub-limits is always advised. Sub-limits can cause a policyholder to cover bills out-of-pocket.
  • Waiting Period:- Every health insurance plan has a waiting period. After this period is over only then a customer get the coverage for their medical treatments. Always check the waiting period for the treatments while choosing the plan. The lesser the waiting period the better for the policyholder.

How to Buy Care Health Top-Up Plan with InsuranceDekho

Offline Process:- InsuranceDekho assists in purchasing a Care Enhance Super Top-Up plan with the help of its advisors. The in-house benefit is also available to make the process easier for the customers. The advisor will explain the process and help the customer through it all. All concerns are handled by the advisor so that the customer has a better understanding of the plan and the process while purchasing.

How to Renew Your Top-Up Plan

To renew your top-up plan follow the steps given below:-[2]

Step 1:- Visit the InsuranceDekho website.

Step 2:- Select the “Support” tab.

Step 3:- Fill in the details to receive an OTP.

Step 4:- Enter the OTP to log in on the Care Health dashboard.

Step 5:- Click on “Renew” to begin the renewing process.

Step 6:- Make payment to complete the renewal process.

Note:- You can also visit Care Health Insurance's official website for the renewal process.

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Ques 1. Super Top-Up or Top-Up, which one is better?

Ans:- A super top-up plan provides more coverage and a top-up plan has a lower premium. Both plans have advantages, so the choice of which is better for the customer depends on their needs and requirements.

Ques 2. What is the initial waiting period for a super top-up plan?

Ans:- The initial waiting period for a super top-up plan is 30 days after purchasing the plan. A policyholder has to wait for these days to gain access to medical coverage.

Ques 3. Are top-up plans cheaper? Why?

Ans:- Yes, a top-up plan is cheaper. Top-up plans require a customer to reach the deductible amount for every claim that they make to get coverage. This makes a top-up plan more affordable.

Ques 4. What is the deductible amount in a top-up plan?

Ans:- The limit that has to be covered by the customer either out-of-pocket or through their base policy to gain access to the coverage provided in the top-up plan. The limit that has to be reached is referred to as the deductible amount.

Ques 5. Are base plans and top-up plans different? How?

Ans:- A base policy covers the medical emergencies for the customer till their sum insured. A top plan, however, provides coverage after that sum insured has been exhausted. A top-up plan provides extra coverage.

Ques 6. Is there an age limit for purchasing a super top-up plan from Care Health Insurance?

Ans:- The age limit to purchase a Care Enhance Super Top-Up plan is 18 years for an adult and 5 years for a child in an individual plan. In a family floater-based plan, however, an adult is to be 18 years and the child should be 1 day old.

Ques 7. Is a base policy compulsory to purchase a super top-up plan?

Ans:- No, a base policy is not compulsory for purchasing a super top-up plan. However, it is better to have a base policy as it covers the medical expenses of a customer till they reach their deductible amount in their super top-up plan. If there is no base policy a customer is required to pay out-of-pocket till they reach the deductible amount.

Ques 8. Can I port a super top-up plan?

Ans:- Yes, you can port a super top-up plan but only with one with a similar nature and category.

Ques 9. Are there any disadvantages to a super top-up plan?

Ans:- Super top-up plan requires a high deductible amount. The customer is required to cover the expenses by their base policy or out-of-pocket to reach that deductible amount.

Ques 10. Can I purchase both top-up and super top-up plans together?

Ans:- Yes, you can purchase both top-up and super top-up plans together. It will help a customer get coverage from both plans during medical concerns.




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    Purchasing Care Health Insurance was made simple by InsuranceDekho. Their staff offered great advice, answering all my questions and helping me understand the coverage options. The site is easy to use, allowing me to quickly compare different plans. I felt confident in my choice, thanks to their excellent guidance and support.

    By Umesh Yadav
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    InsuranceDekho is actually concerned about its users' health! I discovered Care Health Insurance through their portal, and I'm quite glad I did. The comparison tool made it straightforward to see what each plan included and how much it cost. I felt empowered to select the best coverage for me, owing to InsuranceDekho's user-friendly layout and thorough explanations.

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    I've had a great experience with InsuranceDekho so far. Their user-friendly interface made it easy for me to understand the different coverage options available. Plus, their prices are competitive, so I feel like I'm getting real value for my money. Care health insurance was the best thing that happened to me.

    By Ashu Malhotra
    On: May 29, 2024
  • Help received during the form-...

    The paperwork was a little burdensome, but the coverage was decent. Care Health Insurance could make the procedure simpler. However, the advisor from InsuranceDekho came to my office and helped me with the entire form-filing process. Grateful to the InsuranceDekho team.

    By Zara Khan
    On: May 23, 2024

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