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Care Freedom Health Insurance

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Care Health Insurance
Care Freedom
Cashless Approval TAT2 hr Cashless Claim Processing
Claim Settlement Ratio95.22%
Network Hospitals21,100+
Pre-existing Disease Coverage FromDay 1
Special BenefitsNo Extra Premium for Disease Coverage
Starting Premium for Rs. 5 lakhs coverageRs. 546/month

About Care Freedom Health Insurance

The Care Freedom Policy is like a shield against health worries. It's a type of medical insurance with two versions: Care Freedom 1 and Care Freedom 2. The first one starts at 18 years for adults and 90 days for kids, while the second one has an entry age of 46 years for individuals and the oldest person (for family coverage), 18 years for other adults, and 90 days for kids. You need to be at least 18 years old to apply for the policy.

You can get this insurance policy for yourself or your family (up to 6 members). Moreover, the policy covers a bunch of things like in-patient treatment, pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses, road ambulance costs, home treatment, and more. You can buy it for 1, 2, or 3 years, but it's smart to go for a longer term to avoid renewing it too often.

Care Freedom Health Insurance At a Glance

Care Freedom Health Insurance highlights are listed in given table below:


Both Individual and Family Floater


Home Care, Care Shiled, COVID Care, etc

Policy Period

1, 2 and 3 Years

Key Features

Renewability, Sum Insured, Co-payments, etc.


In-patient care, Pre and Post Hospitalisation, etc.


AIDS, Outpatient Treatment, etc.


Lifetime Renewability

Riders Available With Care Freedom Health Insurance

To make your Care Freedom Policy even better, it offers additional covers to provide you with maximum protection. Check out the options below:

  • COVID Care with OPD: If you're diagnosed with COVID by a government-authorised center, this add-on lets you get OPD benefits up to 1% of the insured sum after a confirmed diagnosis.
  • COVID Care: If you test positive for COVID at a government-authorised health center, this add-on covers all the expenses for your treatment or quarantine.
  • Home Care: This cover takes care of the expenses for hiring a qualified nurse as recommended by your doctor to provide care at home.
  • Health Check+: Upgrade your regular annual health check-up to a specialised one, like a diabetes or cardiac health check-up, with this extra benefit.
  • Care Shield: This cover offers three protections—claim shield, no claim bonus shield, and inflation shield to secure you even more.

Key Features of Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan

The following are the key features of the Care Freedom Policy Health Insurance :

  • Entry Age: Get coverage for Rs.3 lakh and Rs.5 lakh with adults eligible from 18 years and children from 91 days. For Rs.7 lakh and Rs.10 lakh, the eldest insured person should be 46+, other adults 18+, and children 91 days+.
  • Basis: Choose between an Individual or Family Floater plan, accommodating up to 6 members for comprehensive coverage.
  • Policy Period: Opt for a policy period of 1, 2, or 3 years, providing flexibility and convenience in your coverage duration.
  • Renewability: Enjoy the convenience of lifetime renewability, ensuring continuous protection for the long term.
  • Sum Assured: Select a sum assured that suits your needs, with options of Rs.3 lakh, Rs.5 lakh, Rs.7 lakh, or Rs.10 lakh.
  • Premium: The plan features personalised premiums based on various factors, including age, cover type, number of members, policy term, optional covers, health status, plan, sum insured, co-payment, and deductible options.
  • Co-Payments: For ages up to 70 years, bear 20% of the claim amount. For ages above 70 years, bear 30% of the claim amount.
  • NCB Super Add-on: Mandatory for individuals aged 45 and below with a Sum Insured of Rs.5 lakh. Also mandatory for Sum Insured of Rs.3 lakh and Rs.4 lakh.

Eligibility Criteria of Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan

The eligibility criteria for the Care Freedom Plan insurance are as follows:


Care Freedom Plan 1

Care Freedom Plan 2

Minimum Entry Age

Child – 90 days

Adult – 18 years

Individual: 46 years

Floater: Eldest Insured person – 46 years

Other adults – 18 years

Child – 90 days

Maximum Entry Age

Dependent Child – 24 years

Adult – Lifelong

Age of the Proposer

18 years or above

Cover Type

Floater and individual (up to 6 members)



Grace Period

30 days from the policy period end date

Initial Waiting Period

30 days for any illness

Waiting Period – Named ailments

2 years of continued coverage

Waiting Period – Pre-existing Diseases

2 years of continued coverage

Variants of Care Freedom Health Insurance Policy

The variants of the Care Free plan are differentiated on the basis of the sum insured. Check out the table below to learn about each variant in detail:

Sum Insured

Rs. 3 Lakhs

Rs. 5 Lakhs

Rs. 7 Lakhs or Rs. 10 Lakhs

ICU Charges

Up to 2% of the sum insured per day

No limit

No limit

Room rent or Room category

Twin sharing room subject to a maximum limit of 1% of the sum insured per day.

Twin sharing room

Private room


20% per claim

20% per claim

20% per claim

Treatment of cataract

Up to Rs. 20,000 per eye

Up to Rs. 30,000 per eye

Up to Rs. 30,000 per eye

Treatment of total knee replacement

Up to Rs. 80,000 per knee

Up to Rs. 1,00,000 per knee

Up to Rs. 1,20,000 per knee

Benefits of Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan

Care Freedom insurance plan brings a range of distinctive advantages for its policyholders:

  • Cashless Treatment at Leading Hospitals: Experience hassle-free cashless hospitalisation at over 8350+ leading hospitals by simply presenting your Care Health Card.
  • Direct Claim Settlement: Enjoy quick reimbursement for medical expenses without the need for a pre-policy medical check-up, regardless of your age or chosen Sum Assured.
  • Policy Term Options: Choose from three flexible policy term options: 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years, providing you with the flexibility to align with your preferences.
  • Waiting Period for Pre-Existing Diseases: A 24-month waiting period applies to pre-existing diseases, ensuring comprehensive coverage after the waiting period.
  • Free-Look Period: If you decide the policy isn't for you, return it within 15 days of receiving it, and receive a refund after deducting the proportionate risk period and applicable stamp duty charges.
  • Sum Insured Recharge: If your claim amount exceeds the coverage limit, the sum insured can be recharged at no extra cost. This recharged sum can be utilised for other members under the same policy or by the policyholder for different ailments in the same year.
  • Annual Health Check-Up: Enjoy an annual health check-up, irrespective of your claims history, covering vital aspects like complete blood count, urine routine analysis, fasting blood sugar, lipid profile, kidney function tests, and ECG.
  • Lifetime Renewability: Benefit from the plan's lifetime renewability, ensuring continuous coverage and peace of mind.
  • Tax Exemption: Premiums paid for the Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan are exempt from taxation under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961, providing additional financial benefits.

Inclusions of Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan

Inclusions of the Care Health Insurance Care Freedom are mentioned below:

  • In-patient Care and Daycare Treatment: If you stay in a hospital for more than 24 consecutive hours, the plan covers in-patient medical expenses like surgeon’s fees, anesthesia charges, blood, and oxygen. It also includes coverage for 170 specified daycare treatments.
  • Pre and Post-hospitalisation: This plan covers all medical expenses during the pre and post-hospitalisation periods for a specific duration. The coverage limit depends on the insured person's chosen sum insured amount.
  • Domiciliary Hospitalisation: If you receive medical treatment at home without being admitted to a hospital, the Care Freedom Plan will reimburse those expenses, subject to the company's terms and conditions.
  • Consumable Allowance: Non-medical expenses during hospitalisation, such as consumables, transportation, and attendant costs, are covered by this plan for a maximum of 7 days per hospitalisation, after the initial 3 days.
  • Recharge of Sum Insured: In case your claim amount exceeds the coverage limit, this plan automatically recharges the base sum insured. The recharged sum can be used by any insured members under the same policy for future claims.
  • Ambulance Cover: The Care Freedom Plan includes coverage for ambulance expenses, ensuring you're taken care of during medical emergencies.
  • Annual Health Check-up: Take advantage of an annual health check-up, upgrading your well-being with preventive measures and early detection of potential health issues.

Exclusions of Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan

The exclusions in the Care Freedom insurance plan are as follows:

  • Outpatient Treatment: The plan does not cover any expenses related to outpatient treatment.
  • Initial 30 Days: Diseases contracted in the first 30 days of the policy, except those arising from accidents, are not covered.
  • Self-Inflicted Injury: Injuries caused by self-infliction, suicide, or suicide attempts are not eligible for coverage.
  • Substance Intoxication: Expenses resulting from the consumption of alcohol, unauthorised drugs, or any intoxicating substance are not reimbursed.
  • Non-Hospitalisation Dental: Costs for spectacles, contact lenses, and dental treatments not requiring hospitalisation are excluded from coverage.
  • AIDS, HIV, and STDs: The policy does not cover AIDS, HIV, or sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Pre-Existing Condition: Pre-existing diseases or injuries are not covered for the first 24 months from the policy start date.
  • Pregnancy-Related: The plan does not take responsibility for treatments related to pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, and their consequences.
  • Congenital Disease: Any congenital disease is not included in the coverage.
  • Infertility Treatment: Expenses for tests and treatments related to infertility are not covered under the plan.

Documents Needed to Buy Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan

To get the Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan, you'll have to provide a few documents:

  • A filled-out Application Form.
  • Proof of identity like Aadhar card, Passport, Voter ID, or Driver's license.
  • Proof of your age, such as a Birth Certificate, School Leaving Certificate, or Passport.
  • Proof of address, which could be Utility Bills, Rental Agreement, or your Aadhar Card.
  • Passport-sized Photographs.
  • You might need to give pre-policy health check-up reports in some cases.
  • Any other documents your insurer asks for.

How to Buy a Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan?

Getting the Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan through InsuranceDekho is easy. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the InsuranceDekho website, and click on "Health Insurance" under the Insurance section.

Step 2: Pick "Care Health Insurance" from the list of Health Insurance Companies.

Step 3: Choose the "Care Freedom" plan from the available health insurance plans.

Step 4: Check out the terms and conditions in the Care Freedom policy document.

Step 5: Upload all necessary documents to finish the KYC process.

Step 6: After KYC, make the premium payment online.

Step 7: You'll get the policy document in your email.

Claim Process for Care Freedom Insurance Plan

You can claim the Care Freedom Health Insurance plan in two different ways:

Cashless Claim

  • Go to a hospital affiliated with Care Health Insurance.
  • Give your Care Freedom plan details and other needed info.
  • Submit the necessary documents, and the insurance company will send approval for the expenses.
  • After reviewing, the insurance company will directly pay the hospital.

Reimbursement Claim

  • Pick a nearby hospital in the Care Health Insurance network.
  • Pay your medical bills at the hospital.
  • Request a reimbursement claim on the insurance company's website.
  • Submit the Care Freedom claim form and all plan-related info.
  • After the insurance company checks your claim, they'll reimburse you for the medical expenses.

Health Insurance Calculator

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  • You

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Choose required Coverage for yourself?

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3 Lac
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25 Lac
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Key Inclusions and Exclusions of the Plan

What's Included

  • Expenses related to ambulance for up to Rs. 1,000 per hospitalisation
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation for up to 10% of sum insured after 3 days
  • Companion benefit for up to a specific limit
  • In-patient hospitalisation expenses
  • Daycare treatment expenses
  • Annual health check-up

What's Not Included

  • Expenses arising due to use or misuse of alcohol/tobacco/drug
  • Expenses for treatment arising due to congenital diseases
  • Admission for the purpose of investigation
  • Tests and treatments related to infertility
  • Expenses related to treatment of AIDS

Care Freedom Plan Details

Features/PlanCare Freedom (3 Lakh)Care Freedom (5 Lakh)Care Freedom (7, 10 Lakh)
Restoration Benefit
Room Rent
1% of SI
Twin sharing room
Single private room
ICU Charges
2% of SI
No limit
No limit
Pre and Post Hospitalization
Up to 7.5% of payable hospitalization expenses
Up to 10% payable hospitalization expenses 
Up to 10% payable hospitalization expenses 
Day Care Procedure
Free Health Checkup
Annual health check-up
Annual health check-up
Annual health check-up
Convalescence benefit
Rs. 10000
Rs. 15000
Rs. 15000
Domiciliary Hospitalization
Up to 10% of SI
Up to 10% of SI
Up to 10% of SI
Ambulance Cover
Up to Rs. 1000 per hospitalization
Up to Rs. 1000 per hospitalization
Up to Rs. 1000 per hospitalization
Specific Illness Waiting Period
20% per claim
20% per claim
20% per claim
Waiting Period of PED
2 years
2 years
2 years
Additional Features
Home care, health check-up plus
Special Feature
Plan provides benefit for cataract, knee joint replacement, all types of hernia, renal complications and disorders, etc. with sub-limits
Plan provides benefit for cataract, knee joint replacement, all types of hernia, renal complications and disorders, etc. with sub-limits
Plan provides benefit for cataract, knee joint replacement, all types of hernia, renal complications and disorders, etc. with sub-limits
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Care Freedom User Reviews

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Add-ons to Enhance Benefits

  • Home Care

    This add-on covers you for expenses arising towards hiring a qualified nurse to offer care and convenience to the insured person, for up to a specific number of days.

  • Health Check+

    This add-on covers you for expenses arising towards hiring a qualified nurse to offer care and convenience to the insured person, for up to a specific number of days. 

Care Freedom Expert Review

  • Expert Review

    Religare Care Freedom is a senior citizen health insurance plan which is designed keeping in mind the coverage requirements of senior citizens. The plan provides a comprehensive list of coverage benefits which aim to cover all possible costs of hospitalisation. Moreover, there are optional coverage benefits too which can be taken by paying an additional premium. The plan has extended its coverage to individuals who have been successfully cured of tuberculosis along with coverage for pre-existing diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholestrol and BMI < 37.

    The plan has three variants, Plan 1 which is further subdivided into two plans and Plan 2. The sum insured also varies across variants. It starts from Rs.3 Lakh and goes up to Rs.10 Lakh. The plan can be taken as an individual plan or as a family floater plan. Entry age for adults is 18 years under Plan 1 and 46 years for Plan 2. For children, the minimum entry age is 90 days and they are covered up to 24 years. There is no maximum entry age making the plan suitable for all.

  • Major Attractions

    The plan covers all the basic medical costs like pre hospitalisation, post hospitalisation, etc. Besides these, the following benefits are also provided –

    • Sum insured restoration feature is available under the plan which recharges the sum insured completely if the original sum insured is used up
    • Free health check-ups are allowed every year
    • No pre-policy medical checkup required
    • Only 2 year waiting period for pre-existing diseases
    • Automatic recharge of sum insured
    • A consumables allowance is paid on a daily basis for meeting the small medical costs incurred in case of hospitalisation.
    • If you are hospitalised for 10 consecutive days, the plan pays a lump sum companion benefit
    • Treatments taken at your home are also covered under domiciliary hospitalisation for up to 10% of the sum insured
    • The plan allows coverage for dialysis treatments too if the insured undergoes dialysis for kidney failure
    • Good Health + cover is allowed as an optional benefit which allows the insured to avail free medical consultations with the company’s empanelled medical experts. Moreover, you can also avail discounts at networked pharmacies and wellness centres
    • Home Care cover is available which covers the cost of appointing a qualified nurse at home for taking care of the insured
    • Health Check+ cover upgrades the free health check-up available under the policy. With this optional cover you can avail annual health check-ups for diabetes or cardiac health
  • What’s More?

    Other attractive features of Care Freedom include the following –

    • Lifelong renewability is promised by the plan
    • Tenure discount is available for choosing a long term coverage period. The discount is 7.5% for 2-year period and 10% for 3 year period
    • Family discount is also available under the plan. If, 2 or 3 members are added, 5% discount is allowed and if 4 or more members are added, the discount increases to 10%
    • If you choose a deductible under the plan, a discount would be allowed depending on the deductible level selected
    • Premiums paid are eligible for deduction under Section 80D
  • Conclusion

    With the comprehensive coverage, inbuilt as well as optional, and premium discounts, the plan allows an affordable all-round coverage for individuals of all ages, especially for senior citizens. The coverage level is also optimal making sure that the medical costs do not burn a hole in your pocket.

    If you like the plan you can buy it online through InsuranceDekho. The online medium is the easiest way to buy and InsuranceDekho makes the process quick and efficient. You can find your exact coverage requirements and also take assistance from InsuranceDekho’s team when buying ensuring that you buy the policy easily and quickly.

Care Care Freedom Brochure

  • 819.57 KB
  • PDF Document

Claim Process at Care Health Insurance

  • Network Hospital
  • Non-Network Hospital
  • 1

    Claim Assistance

    For any assistance or query, call InsuranceDekho at the toll-free number 755 1196 989.
  • 2

    Claim Intimation

    Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 24 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate within 48 hours prior to admission.
  • 3

    Claim Processing

    Fill in the pre-authorisation form and hand it over to hospital's insurance/TPA desk to initiate claim request.
  • 4

    Claim Settlement

    Once your request is approved, claim is settled. If not approved, claim for reimbursement after discharge.
  • 1

    Claim Assistance

    For any assistance or query, call InsuranceDekho at the toll-free number 755 1196 989.
  • 2

    Claim Intimation

    Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 24 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate within 48 hours prior to admission.
  • 3

    Claim Processing

    Submit claim form with original documents such as doctor’s reports, hospital bills, diagnostic tests, etc.
  • 4

    Claim Settlement

    Once your request for reimbursement of expenses is approved, the claim will be settled.

FAQs on Care Freedom Health Insurance Plan

  • What are the exclusions in Care Freedom plan of Religare?

    The standard policy exclusions are- ➢Any pre-existing ailment/injury not covered up to 24 continuous months from the date of policy issuance ➢Any diseases contracted during first 30 days of the policy start date except those arising out of accidents ➢Any OPD Treatment ➢Expenses attributable to self-inflicted injury (resulting from suicide, attempted suicide) ➢Expenses arising out of or attributable to alcohol or drug use/misuse/abuse ➢Cost of spectacles/contact lenses, dental treatment expenses that do not require hospitalisation ➢Medical expenses incurred for treatment of AIDS ➢Treatment arising from or traceable to pregnancy and childbirth, miscarriage, abortion and its consequences ➢Congenital disease ➢Tests and treatment relating to infertility. There are some treatments such as non-infective arthritis, joint replacement etc., which are covered only after completion of 2 consecutive policy years. For more details, kindly refer to detailed exclusion list on the official website of Religare.

  • What all does Religare’s Care Freedom Plan cover?

    Religare’s Care Freedom Plan covers the following things- ➢In-patient care ➢Day care treatment (for selected ailments) ➢Recharge of sum assured ➢Annual health check-up ➢Consumable Allowance (Max. 7 days per Hospitalisation covered after 3 days) ➢Companion Benefit (If Hospitalisation exceeds 10 days) ➢Pre-hospitalisation expenses (valid till 30 days beyond the Policy End Date) ➢Post-hospitalisation expenses (valid till 30 days beyond the Policy End Date) ➢Ambulance Cover ➢Domiciliary Hospitalisation ➢Dialysis Cover ➢Tenure

  • Is pre-policy medical check-up required in Religare’s Care Freedom Plan?

    No, you don’t have to undergo pre-policy medical check-up for all ages and sum insured under Plan 1 of Religare’s Care Freedom Plan.

  • Does Religare’s Care Freedom Plan provide annual health check-up?

    Yes, annual health check-up is included in Religare’s Care Freedom Plan.

  • What is the minimum entry age for Religare’s Care Freedom Plan?

    For Care Freedom Plan 1 (Rs. 3 Lakh/Rs. 5 Lakh), the minimum entry age for an adult is 18 years and for a child it is 90 days. Whereas in Care Freedom Plan 2 (Rs. 3 Lakh/Rs. 5 Lakh/Rs. 7 Lakh/Rs. 10 Lakh), the minimum entry age in individual plan is 46 years and for Floater, it is 46 years for eldest insured person, 18 years for other adult and 90 days for a child.

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