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Care Health Care Insurance Plan

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Care Health Insurance
Cashless Approval TAT2 hr Cashless Claim Processing
Claim Settlement Ratio95.22%
Network Hospitals21,100+
Pre-existing Disease Coverage FromDay 1
Special BenefitsNo Extra Premium for Disease Coverage
Starting Premium for Rs. 5 lakhs coverageRs. 546/month

About Care Care Health Insurance

Care health insurance is a type of family health insurance plan that Care Health Insurance offers. This is a comprehensive health plan that meets the health insurance needs of all your family members. If covered under the policy, you can avail of several coverage benefits some of which include in-patient hospitalisation expenses, pre-hospitalisation expenses, post-hospitalisation expenses, and a lot more. So, scroll through the section to learn all about the Care Health Insurance Plan.

Care Health Insurance Plan Details at a Glance

Highlights of the Care Health Insurance Policy are listed in the table below:




Care Shiled, NCB Protect, Reduction in PED Waiting Period, etc



Key features

Family plan, no upper age limit, wide range of sum insured


In-built maternity cover, restoration benefits, Organ donor expenses, etc


Self-inflicted injuries, expenses of spectacles, injuries due to consumption of alcohol, etc

Key Features of Care Health Insurance

Listed below are some of the key features of Care Health Insurance:

  • Wide Range of Sum Insured: This plan comes with a wide range of sum insured. The sum insured goes up to Rs. 75 lakhs.
  • Cashless Hospitalisation: With the Care Health Insurance plan, policyholders can also enjoy the benefit of cashless hospitalisation. It has tie-ups with over 22,900 network hospitals.
  • No-upper Limit: The Care Health Insurance plan comes with no upper limit on the maximum entry age.
  • In-built Maternity Cover: The Care Health Insurance plan is available with an in-built maternity plan. There is maternity coverage of up to Rs. 1 lakhs available when you choose a sum insured of Rs. 50, 60, or 75 lakhs.
  • Personal Accident Cover: With the Care Health insurance plan, you can also opt for Personal Accident Cover and get coverage for any injuries due to an accident.

Eligibility Criteria for Buying Care Health Insurance

Listed below are the eligibility criteria for the Care Health Insurance plan:


Eligibility Criteria

Minimum entry age

91 days

Maximum entry age

No limit

Maximum entry age for a child

25 years



Waiting period

30 days

Grace period

30 days

Benefits of Buying Care Health Insurance Plan

Some of the benefits of buying the Care Health Insurance plan are as follows:

  • Restoration Benefits: With the Care Health Insurance plan, you will also be entitled to restoration benefits. This means that if your sum insured gets exhausted, it will automatically get restored after you have raised a claim. This benefit can further be used for unlimited times with the ‘Unlimited Automatic Recharge’ cover.
  • Day Care Treatment: The Care Health Insurance plan provides coverage for over 540 daycare procedures as listed on the policy document.
  • No Claim Bonus: This is a type of bonus given on your Care Health Insurance plan if you do not raise any claim in a given year. With this, you can get up to a 150% increase in the sum insured. Moreover, with NCB Protect cover, you will receive a 50% increase in your sum insured for every claim-free year which goes up to 100%.
  • Ambulance Cover: The ambulance cover provides coverage for expenses incurred towards taking an ambulance for hospitalisation.
  • Additional Cover: Additionally, the plan also provides coverage for alternative treatment, second opinion, annual health check-ups, organ donor cover, etc.
  • Freedom of Choice of Treatment: No matter what type of treatment you are seeking, you will get coverage for all under the Care Health Insurance plan. Be it alternative treatment, modern treatment, or AYUSH treatment, you will get coverage for all under the Care Health Insurance Plan.

Riders Available with Care Health Insurance Plan

There are a few riders that you can include in your Care Health Insurance Plan to further enhance its benefits. Scroll through the section to learn more about them:

  • Care Shield: This add-on provides coverage for 68 non-payable items, protection of NCB, and an increase in the sum insured every year as per the CPI index.
  • NCB Super: This provides an increase in the sum insured by up to 100% for every claim-free year.
  • Reduction in PED Waiting Period: With this, you can get the waiting period for pre-existing conditions reduced from 4 years to 2 years.
  • OPD Care: This provides coverage from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 50,000. It includes coverage for doctor consultations, dental treatment, prescribed diagnostics, pharmacy, etc.
  • Co-payment: With this, you get the option to avail discount on health insurance premiums by opting 20% co-payment. However, this applies to policyholders above the age of 61 years.
  • Unlimited Automatic Recharge: With this option, your sum insured will get recharged for unlimited times in case it has been exhausted.

Variants Available with Care Health Insurance Plan

There are no such variants available with Care Health Insurance. However, based on the sum insured the coverage varies. The available sum insured options are Rs. 5-10 lakhs, Rs.15-40 lakhs, and Rs.50-75 lakhs. Listed below is the coverage offered under these:


Rs. 5-10 lakhs

Rs.15-40 lakhs

Rs.50-75 lakhs

Room rent

Single room

Single room, room upgrade to next level

Single room, room upgrade to next level

Organ donor cover

Up to Rs. 1 lakhs

Up to Rs. 2 lakhs

Up to Rs. 3 lakhs

Day care treatment





30 days

30 days

30 days


60 days

60 days

60 days

AYUSH treatment

Up to SI

Up to SI

Up to SI

Annual health check-up




Second opinion




Inclusions and Exclusions of Care Health Insurance Plan

Care Health Insurance Plan inclusions and exclusions are mentioned below in the list:


  • Pre and post hospitalisation Expenses: For all kinds of expenses incurred before hospitalisation, coverage is offered before 30 days of hospitalisation. For post-hospitalisation, it is offered for 60 days.
  • Daycare treatment: Coverage is offered for over 540 daycare procedures based on sum insured.
  • Ambulance cover: Up to the sum insured
  • ICU charges: No limit
  • Doctor’s fee: No limit
  • AYUSH treatment: Up to the sum insured
  • Recharge of sum insured: Up to the sum insured


  • Any pre-existing condition is not covered within 48 months of the policy term
  • Any expenses due to self-inflicted injury are not covered
  • Expenses due to misuse of alcohol or drugs
  • Costs related to lenses and spectacles
  • External congenital disease

Documents Required to Buy Care Health Insurance Plan

Listed below are the documents required to buy Care Health Insurance plan:

  • A duly-filled proposal form
  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Driving license
  • Birth certificate
  • Bank passbook
  • Previous medical report
  • Passport

How to Buy the Care Health Insurance Plan?

Here are some easy steps in which you can buy Care Health Insurance Plan:

  • Visit the “Health Insurance” section on the official InsuranceDekho website.
  • Choose "Care Health Insurance" from the list of health insurance companies.
  • Then, select "Care plan" from the available health insurance plans.
  • Read the policy documents carefully
  • Upload all the necessary documents to complete the KYC process
  • After finishing the KYC process, pay the premium online
  • Finally, you will receive the policy document in your registered email

Claim Process of Care Health Insurance

You can raise two types of claims when you buy the Care Health Insurance plan. These are cashless claims settlements and reimbursement claims. In a cashless claim, you need not spend anything from your pocket as all the expenses will be directly settled by the insurance company. On the other hand, in a reimbursement claim, you first need to spend money from your pocket which will be later reimbursed by the insurance company.

Cashless Claim

  • Visit a nearby cashless hospital that has tie-ups with Care
  • Fill out the proposal form and submit all the required details such as policy details, claim form, and more
  • Then, the TPA will verify all the documents and it will then be verified
  • Once everything has been verified, your claim request will be settled by Care Health Insurance

Reimbursement Claim

  • For reimbursement claims, you can seek treatment at any hospital which is convenient for you
  • Next, raise a claim request on the official website of Care Health
  • Submit all the required documents such as medical reports, hospital expenses, and more
  • Later, when all the documents are verified, you will receive reimbursement for all the medical expenses


1. What is the maximum entry age for buying the Care Health Insurance Plan?

A. There is no maximum entry age for buying the Care Health Insurance plan.

2. Does the Care Health Insurance plan offer lifetime renewability?

A. Yes, the Care health insurance plan offers lifetime renewability.

3. What is the maximum limit of the sum insured when buying the Care Health plan?

A. When buying the Care health plan, the maximum limit on the sum insured is Rs. 75 lakhs.

4. Will I get unlimited restoration benefits with the Care Health Insurance plan?

A. Yes, the Care Health Insurance plan offers unlimited restoration benefits.

5. Which riders can I include in the Care Health Insurance plan?

A. The different riders you can include in the Care Health plan are NCB Protect Cover, Reduction in PED waiting period, Personal Accident Cover, Care Shield, etc.

Health Insurance Calculator

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Key Inclusions and Exclusions of the Plan

What's Included

  • In-patient hospitalisation expenses
  • Pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation expenses for up to a certain number of days
  • Daycare expenses
  • Road ambulance expenses
  • Domiciliary expenses

What's Not Included

  • Refractive error correction
  • Expenses arising due to cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, infertility, etc.
  • Hospitalisation for investigation or evaluation
  • Expenses due to war, terrorism, etc
  • Substance abuse or self-inflicted diseases

Care Plan Details

Features/PlanCare 3 (4 Lakh)Care 4 (5, 7, 10 Lakh)
Restoration Benefit
100% of SI
100% of SI
No Claim Bonus
50% of SI
Up to 50% of SI
Room Rent
1% of SI per day
Single private room
ICU Charges
2% of SI per day
No limit
Pre and Post Hospitalization
30 & 60 days
30 & 60 days
Day Care Procedure
Free Health Checkup
Yes, all members
Yes, all members
Organ Donor
Rs. 50000
Rs. 100000
Up to Rs. 15000
Up to Rs. 20000
OPD Benefit
Domiciliary Hospitalization
Up to 10% of SI
Upto 10% of SI
Ambulance Cover
Rs. 1500 per hospitalization
Rs. 2000 per hospitalization
Second Opinion
Available on critical illness
Available on critical illness
Worldwide Emergency Cover
20% of claim amount if entry age is more than 60 years
20% of claim amount if entry age is more than 60 yrs
Initial Waiting Period
30 days
30 days
Specific Illness Waiting Period
2 years
2 years
Waiting Period of PED
4 years
4 years
Additional Features
Unlimited recharge
Unlimited recharge
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1716 Care Cashless Network Hospitals in India

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Add-ons to Enhance Benefits

  • Air Ambulance Cover

    This add-on covers you for air ambulance expenses incurred when you are recommended for a treatment that is not in your city of stay. You can buy this add-on at the time of policy purchase by paying a little extra premium.

  • Co-Payment Waiver

    This add-on cover waives off 20% co-payment under your health insurance policy, in case of a claim. It is not mandatory to buy this add-on but is recommended for enhanced coverage.

  • Daily Allowance

    Daily allowance add-on offers coverage for several non-medical expenses, for instance, food, transportation, etc.

  • Everyday Care

    This add-on covers you for 2% of the sum insured for doctor’s consultation as well as diagnostic tests. Kindly note that the benefit is above the in-built coverage offered under the policy.

  • Global Coverage

    This add-on cover allows you to avail cashless treatment at network hospitals that are located outside the geographical boundaries of India. This provides greater options to the insured to avail the required treatment.

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Care Expert Review

  • Expert Review

    Religare Care is one of the most popular and comprehensive health insurance plans offered by Religare Health Insurance Company Limited. The plan boasts of some of the most inclusive coverage benefits, both inbuilt as well as optional, which aim to provide the best in class health insurance coverage to individuals. So, if you are looking for a good, all-inclusive health insurance plan, Religare’s Care can be one which you can look into.

    The plan offers wide suitability in terms of entry age from 91 days with no maximum entry age limit. Thus, the plan is ideal for all ages. Also, the plan is available as both an individual and family floater option. The benefits of the plan start with the plan variants itself, which includes Care 3, Care 4, Care 5, Care 6 and Care 7. Each variant has a different sum insured level as well as benefit structure. Given the multiple variants, the plan becomes suitable for every individual as the coverage ranges from basic to extensive. Even the sum insured levels start at Rs. 4 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 6 Crore.

  • Major Attractions

    As far as the inbuilt coverage benefits are concerned, the plan offers almost every feature. You would find coverage for pre hospitalisation, post hospitalisation, inpatient hospitalisation, domiciliary treatments, organ donor expenses, AYUSH coverage as well as coverage for a medical second opinion, free health check-ups for all members, etc. Along with these, you would also find coverage for the following benefits -

    • The sum insured is restored if it gets exhausted in any policy year. This restoration is available up to the full basic sum insured.
    • For higher coverage variants where the sum insured levels are also high, there is coverage for worldwide hospitalisation, maternity-related expenses, vaccination, etc.
    • An international second opinion which gives you a second opinion from an international medical practitioner is also available under higher plan variants
    • Global coverage which covers hospitalisation anywhere across the world is available under Global Plus plan variant
    • No claim bonus increases the sum insured by 10% every year when there is no claim in the previous policy year
    • Optional coverage benefit for everyday care which covers outpatient expenses
    • Unlimited auto recharge which reinstates the sum insured unlimited times during a policy year is available as an add-on benefit
    • Air ambulance cover and personal accident cover is also offered as an optional coverage benefit
    • Along with no-claim bonus, there is an optional benefit of no claim bonus super which allows a 150% additional increase in the sum insured
  • What’s More?

    Besides the coverage benefits, other aspects of the plan are great too. These include the following - 

    • The plan is renewable lifelong
    • Family discount of 5% if 2 or 3 family members are covered and 10% if 4 to 6 members are covered under the plan
    • Premium discount of 7.5% for buying a 2-year policy and 10% discount for buying a 3-year cover
    • 10% discount if you are an existing customer having a policy of the company for the last 6 months or more
    • Tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act
  • Conclusion

    So, with so many benefits, the plan is a great buy and can be bought as per your coverage requirements. Needless to say from coverage to optional benefits, each feature of the plan meets the medical emergency of an individual.

    If you want to buy the plan it is conveniently available online on InsuranceDekho website wherein you can buy the plan easily and after a complete need analysis which helps you buy the most suitable cover for your needs.

Care Care Brochure

  • 3.67 MB
  • PDF Document

Claim Process at Care Health Insurance

  • Network Hospital
  • Non-Network Hospital
  • 1

    Claim Assistance

    For any assistance or query, call InsuranceDekho at the toll-free number 755 1196 989.
  • 2

    Claim Intimation

    Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 24 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate within 48 hours prior to admission.
  • 3

    Claim Processing

    Fill in the pre-authorisation form and hand it over to hospital's insurance/TPA desk to initiate claim request.
  • 4

    Claim Settlement

    Once your request is approved, claim is settled. If not approved, claim for reimbursement after discharge.
  • 1

    Claim Assistance

    For any assistance or query, call InsuranceDekho at the toll-free number 755 1196 989.
  • 2

    Claim Intimation

    Emergency hospitalisation needs intimation within 24 hours and for planned hospitalisation intimate within 48 hours prior to admission.
  • 3

    Claim Processing

    Submit claim form with original documents such as doctor’s reports, hospital bills, diagnostic tests, etc.
  • 4

    Claim Settlement

    Once your request for reimbursement of expenses is approved, the claim will be settled.

FAQs on Care Health Insurance Plan

  • Why should I buy the Care plan?

    With the Care plan, you get the following USPs - (i) Annual Health Check-up for all members covered under the policy. (ii) Up to 150% No Claim Bonus with NCB Super. (iii) Unique Unlimited Automatic recharge. (iv) Care anywhere – Global Cover for 12 Critical Illnesses. (v) Care is available with different riders, hence the ability to fit your needs.

  • What are the features of Religare Health Care Plan?

    Key features of Religare Health Care Plan are listed below: (i) No upper-limit for entry age (ii) No premium increase due to any claim made (iii) Get annual health check-up for all insured members - regardless of claims history (iv) Feature to reduce PED wait period (v) Get automatic policy recharge if claim amount exhausts your coverage, at no extra cost (vi) Avail treatment anywhere in the world (vii) Daily allowance to meet incidental expenses (viii) Ease of cashless treatment and settlement of claims directly by the company (ix) Options of sum insured ranges from Rs. 2 Lakh - Rs. 60 Lakh

  • What is the minimum entry age for Religare’s Care Plan?

    The minimum age of entry for Religare’s Care Plan is 91 days.

  • What is the maximum entry age for Care Plan of Religare?

    There is no age bar for entry in Religare’s Care Plan. 

  • What is the waiting period for pre-existing illnesses in Religare’s Care Plan?

    Pre-existing illnesses are covered after 4 years of continuous coverage in Religare’s Care Plan.

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