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Everything About Two Wheeler Number Plate

Updated On Oct 20, 2022

A number plate, also known as a registration plate or a license plate, is simply a metal board representation of that unique registration ID. It is attached to the motorbike and has the official registration ID embossed on it. Number plates are placed at the front and the back of a motorbike and helps to identify it.

Can you imagine a place where we would not have been assigned names? What would be our identity? What would people have called us? Thus, just like humans, vehicles are also given unique identities in the form of number plates. 

According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it is compulsory for each and every person in India to get their bike registered at an authorised Regional Transport Office. After the successful registration of your vehicle, you’ll be assigned an official number plate. Let us know more about the number plate. Continue reading! 

Meaning Of MotorBike Number Plate

It is mandatory by law to register your vehicle with the Regional Transport Office (RTO). It is a government body which is responsible for maintaining a record of all the drivers and vehicles in different states of India. 

Therefore, a number plate is a metal board that has a unique registration ID issued by the RTO on it. It is also known as a registration plate or a licence plate. These are placed at the front and rear of a motorcycle. This number plate will help you differentiate and identify your vehicle.

Understanding The Format Of The MotorBike Number Plate

Do you also wonder about the background of registration numbers provided to your vehicle? The unique set of numbers and alphabets on the number plate is divided into four parts. Each part signifies a different meaning. Let us understand the format of a motorbike with the example of Mahesh. 

Mahesh is a 30-year-old working professional living with his family in Maharashtra. He bought the bike and after registering with RTO he got the number plate for it. The registration number written on the number plate was MH01CA6789. 

In the first part, MH represents the state or the union territory where the motorbike has been registered. Just like Maharashtra, each state has been given their own unique 2 letter acronyms. For example- GJ for Gujarat, whereas DL for Delhi, etc.

01, the numeral part of the number plate refers to the district’s sequential number. Each state has its own district, and they are solely responsible for the registration of the new bikes. Moreover, each district has its own RTO that is in charge of the related operations. 

The third part CA6789 is a combination of numbers and letters. Therefore, it is a unique identification code given to Mahesh’s motorbike. 

The end part includes the logo with the name of the country. In simple terms, Indian registered vehicles will have an acronym ‘IND’ on their number plates. The 'CHAKRA' on the top is considered a high-security registration plate. In 2005, they were introduced with the purpose of whittling down motorbike thefts. The process has been introduced in certain states only. However, the launch of HSRP in other states is in motion. 

Number Plate Colors With Their Meanings 

Have you ever seen a motorbike which a yellow or black colour number plate? There are different types of number plates and all of them denote a certain purpose which is defined in the below section. 

  • White: A license plate of white colour with black text signifies a private vehicle. Thus, you can not use these white colour plated vehicles for commercial purposes. 
  • Yellow: A number plate in yellow with black letters identifies a vehicle as a business one, such as a taxi or cab. To use these cars on public roads, a formal permit is required.
  • Blue: Vehicles driven by foreign representatives or diplomats have blue number plates. The text on these vehicles is white rather than black. Their plates hold the code of the diplomat's country instead of the code of the state of India.
  • Black: Commercial vehicles with a black colour number plate and yellow writing are those that have a private owner but are rented out for business use. However, in such cases, a commercial driving permit is not compulsory to hold.
  • Red: Vehicles carrying the President of India and State Governors have red licence plates. The gold-embossed Indian Emblem is used on these cars in place of the licence plate number.
  • Upward Arrow: A military vehicle employs a special method where the number is prefixed with a broad arrow. Additionally, it contains a few digits that indicate the year the vehicle was purchased and is registered with the Ministry of Defence in New Delhi.


In India, it is unethical to drive without a valid license plate on public roadways. It not only assists in identifying the vehicle but also tracks your vehicle easily in case of any mishappenings. After purchasing a motor vehicle you should register it with the nearest Regional Transport Office (RTO) in order to avoid paying the penalties. You can either visit physically the office or apply through the online portal of the government. 

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