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Roadside Assistance in Two Wheeler Insurance

Roadside assistance is an add-on policy which you purchase with your standalone own damage or comprehensive insurance. It helps you in unfortunate moments when your bike breaks down on the road and you find yourself helpless. Roadside assistance comes to your location with assistance including help with flat-tyre, jump-starting your battery or towing your bike to the nearest garage.

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Have you ever seen people walking with their bikes on the road looking for a garage? It is a horrible situation when your bike breaks down in the middle of a highway and you find yourself helpless. For such scenarios, the Roadside Assistance policy is designed to act as a friend who is one call away when you are in trouble.

What is Roadside Assistance ?

Roadside assistance is a service offered by many insurance companies that can assist you in case your bike breaks down in an unexpected situation while you’re in the middle of a journey. It could be a flat tyre or your bike has been towed, the roadside assistance add-on cover offers complete coverage at all times. Roadside Assistance is an add-on you can purchase by paying an extra bike insurance premium. It can be added to your standalone own damage insurance or the comprehensive insurance policy.

Benefits of Buying Roadside Assistance ?

Some of the benefits of purchasing roadside assistance are:

  • Peace of Mind: In case of unfortunate events such as tyre puncture, empty fuel tank, or battery discharge, you don’t need to worry about how to get your vehicle repaired..
  • Convenience: You won’t need to travel to a garage or petrol station, the support team will arrive at your location at the earliest.
  • Cost Saving: In most cases, roadside assistance proves cheaper than getting the problem fixed at a garage.

Note: The InsuranceDekho advisors recommend customers to add a Roadside Assistance add-on to their insurance policy especially if the age of the two-wheeler is between 0-7 years.


Emergency Fuel Delivery: If you run out of fuel in the middle of the roadways, Roadside Assistance will provide you with fuel that is sufficient enough for you to reach the nearest petrol station.

Flat Tyre Assistance: A flat tyre is a frustrating situation, even more so when it happens during a journey. In such situations, the Roadside Assistance team arrives and fixes the tyre so you can continue with your journey.

Battery Jump-Start: In case the battery gets discharged, the assistance team will help jump-start your battery and start your vehicle.

Towing Services: In cases where onsite repair is not possible, Roadside Assistance ensures your two-wheeler is towed to the nearest network garage for further repairs and care.

Minor Repairs: Onsite repairs will be managed to get your bike up and running in case of minor issues.

Key Retrieval Services: In case you lose your key, insurance companies expand their help by reimbursing you for a new key bought by you.

Note: Get the quotes of at least the top 3 companies based on your requirement from InsuranceDekho and check the covers that are included in the policy before signing the agreement.


While Roadside Assistance is a helping hand, under the terms and conditions of the policy agreement, there are certain scenarios where the claim gets rejected. The most common reasons are listed below:

Accidents caused by Intoxication: Assistance is unlikely to be provided if the breakdown or accident is caused due to the rider’s intoxication or involvement in illegal activities.

Vandalism and Theft: Roadside Assistance usually does not cover damages or losses caused due to vandalism, theft, or attempted theft.

Natural Disasters: Roadside Assistance might not provide services in cases where the two-wheeler has been damaged due to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, or cyclones.

Service beyond Geographical Limits: Roadside Assistance services come with predefined geographical limits. Assistance might not be available if you are stranded outside these specified areas on the agreement.

Regular Maintenance or Electrical Failures: Roadside Assistance is not a substitute for regular maintenance. Failures due to lack of maintenance or persistent electrical issues might not be covered.

What to consider before purchasing Roadside Assistance?

You should always purchase insurance after detailed research on policies and comparisons of quotes. Below are some important points to look out for before purchasing :

Extent of Coverage: Go through the details of covers including emergency fuel, tyre repair, towing services etc. Make sure these covers are included in the policy.

Geographical Reach: Check the areas which are included and excluded in the policy, and ensure your regular routes are covered.

Service Provider Network: A strong network of assistance providers will provide quick services whereas a weak network will cause delays in the services.

Exclusion Criteria: Go through the documentation in detail and get familiar with the exclusions of the policy. This could include circumstances like intoxication, vandalism, or natural disasters.

Cost Effectiveness: Analyse if the cost added to the premium is value for money and if the premium does not feel like a burden.

Customer Service: Proper feedback from customers should be studied to analyse if the query response is fast. Smooth communication is a sign of an efficient system.

Claim Process: Consider the ease and transparency of the claim process. It should be straightforward, with minimal hassles, ensuring that you receive timely assistance.

You can compare and buy a policy through InsuranceDekho as per your requirements. You can also request a call back from our advisors who can clear any doubts that you may have related to the plans recommended to you.

How to Buy from InsuranceDekho?

You are already at the right place as “InsuranceDekho” is daily helping lakhs of people to select and purchase Insurance online. So far, we have insured over 50 lakh people with motor (car and bike) insurance.

Before you plan on purchasing a bike insurance policy, make sure to keep the following documents handy:

  • Your registered mobile number on which you will be receiving an OTP for verification
  • Your KYC details
  • In some cases a scanned copy of your passport size photograph or a physical passport size photograph

Once you have all the documents in place, follow these steps to buy your bike Insurance.

Online Process

Purchasing your bike insurance policy online is simple and easy through InsuranceDekho. Follow these steps and buy your policy today:

Step 1: Visit InsuranceDekho’s Website

Visit the homepage for Bike Insurance on InsuranceDekho. You will find a pop-up form on the page after the page opens.

Step 2: Enter your vehicle number e.g. DLXXAYXXXX

Fill out this form with your vehicle number, and go through the listed plans.

Step 3: Compare All bike Insurance Plans to Choose

Compare all the listed plans, and select the suitable bike Insurance from the menu..

Optional Step: Connect with An InsuranceDekho Advisor

If you have any doubts or require clarification regarding the process or details regarding insurance plans, InsuranceDekho provides an Advisor on request who can guide you throughout on a phone call. To avail of this service, simply choose the “Request a Call Back” option. An InsuranceDekho advisor will connect with you shortly to proceed further.

Step 5: Make Payment

Once you have selected a plan, you can continue with the payment to buy your bike insurance policy. After purchasing insurance, an agent from InsuranceDekho might connect with you to obtain feedback on your experience and clear any queries from your end.

Purchase via Insurer Website

If you wish to purchase directly from the company, you can directly connect with them through their website. The process will remain similar to what’s mentioned in the steps above.

Offline Process

In case you do not want to buy a bike insurance policy online, you can buy the policy offline by connecting to an InsuranceDekho advisor on call. In case you require a home visit, we can send our relationship manager to assist you in the process from the comfort of your home.

Why InsuranceDekho?

InsuranceDekho is a bridge between you and the insurance company. We provide the information you need before selecting a policy. This way it is easily accessible to you at the ease of your fingertips. We enhance your experience and make it completely hassle-free so you can make the best decision.

Serving you is our only priority and here is why we can ensure to provide the best insurance solutions to our customers:

  • Certified Broker: InsuranceDekho is certified by IRDAI and has been working in the industry for 8+ years.
  • Trusted Brand: We are a well-established company from the house of CarDekho Group that has marked its presence in the motor and auto tech industry for more than 15 years. We have helped over 50 lakh customers with vehicle insurance and our 24*7 customer assistance responds swiftly.
  • Comprehensive Offerings: We offer a wide variety of insurance including motor, health, life & term, travel, investment, shops, etc.
  • Quick Assistance: We ensure that your queries are being answered by the insurance company on time.
  • Dedicated Claim Support: Our Claim Support team is our company's USP. Our dedicated claim support team helps you in your entire claim settlement journey, and a dedicated team member will be assigned to you when you come on board.

Our journey with you does not end after you purchase your insurance, our assistance will be one call away always, especially when you are looking to make a claim, renew your policy, and select or choose another policy. Our dedicated customer support team will act as a medium of communication between the insurer and you until the policy is exhausted.

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Disclaimer: InsuranceDekho does not endorse, rate or recommend any particular insurance company or insurance plan.

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    Roadside assistance in Two Wheeler Insurance FAQ

    • Is roadside assistance add-on cover the same as the breakdown cover?

      Yes. The roadside assistance cover is the same as the breakdown cover.

    • What is included under roadside assistance add-on cover?

      Roadside assistance add-on cover protects you in case of a flat tyre, flat battery, spare keys, minor repairs, urgent message to the relatives, fuel assistance, medical coordination, cab service, emergency fuel delivery, route guidance, and puncture assistance.

    • Is there any limit on the number of times the add-on cover of roadside assistance can be used?

      Yes. The limit on the number of times the add-on cover of roadside assistance can be used differs may vary with different insurers, but is specified in the policy document. Usually, the limit is set for up to 2 times in a year.

    • How does roadside assistance add-on cover work?

      In times of trouble, all you need to do is call on the number provided to you by the insurer and wait till you receive help. Note that you will be required to keep your policy details handy as the insurer will ask you about the same.

    • Can the insurance company reject my claim made under roadside assistance add-on cover?

      Yes. If the claim is not made as per the terms and conditions of the policy, then the insurance company can reject it. Also, you will not be covered for any expenses if found driving drunk or without a valid driving license.

    • What is the flat tyre benefit under roadside assistance add-on cover?

      In case you are stranded with your bike due to a flat tyre and have nowhere to run for help, then your insurer will help you by arranging the right technicians who will fix the problem.

    • I want to purchase a roadside assistance cover. What are the factors that I should consider?

      The factors that you should consider when purchasing a roadside assistance add-on cover are-how easily you can reach out to your insurer, coverage benefits, service benefits, and if it comes with 24*7 support or not.

    • Will I be required to pay an extra premium to get roadside assistance add-on cover?

      Yes. You will be required to pay an extra premium to get roadside assistance add-on cover along with your standard bike insurance policy.

    • How much premium will I be required to pay to buy roadside assistance add-on cover?

      Roadside assistance add-on cover can be purchased at an affordable premium.

    • Is it mandatory to buy this add-on cover?

      No. It is not mandatory to purchase a roadside assistance add-on cover. You can purchase this voluntarily as per your requirement.

    • Is roadside assistance mandatory for my bike?

      No, roadside assistance (RSA) is not mandatory for your bike. It’s an optional add-on cover that you can choose to include in your two-wheeler insurance policy. Having RSA cover adds a layer of convenience and assurance, as it provides various services such as towing, minor repairs, fuel delivery, and more in case of a breakdown or an emergency while you're on the road.

    • Is the RSA cover worth it for a new bike?

      Even if your bike is new, having an RSA cover can still be beneficial. New bikes can also encounter unexpected issues like flat tyres, empty fuel tanks, or even minor accidents and breakdowns. Having RSA cover means that you’ll receive immediate assistance, regardless of the time or place, adding an extra layer of convenience and safety. It helps to enhance your riding experience by providing peace of mind, knowing that help is just a call away if any unforeseen incident occurs.

    • Does the RSA cover only apply on national highways?

      No, RSA cover is not limited to national highways. It usually covers a wide range of areas, including city roads, highways, and more remote locations. However, the specific coverage area may vary based on the insurance provider and the particular RSA plan that you choose. It’s essential to check the terms and conditions and clarify the geographical coverage of your RSA with your insurance provider to understand precisely where you can avail of the services.

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