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Roadside Assistance in Two Wheeler Insurance

Roadside Assistance add-on cover provides the policyholder with on the spot assistance in case their two-wheeler gets broken down in the middle of the path. This add-on cover offers the insured with services like tyre puncture, jump start, etc even if a small accident happens. A policyholder can avail this add on cover by paying a little extra premium over and above the premium paid towards your bike insurance plan.

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Malfunctioning of bikes is common and can put anyone in a situation where they require urgent help in order to be rescued. In such situations, visiting the regular garage may not always be possible. Therefore, getting a roadside assistance add-on cover is of prime importance. The bike insurance add-on cover offers much-needed protection to the insured when he/she is stuck on the road. One can avail of the benefit by simply calling the roadside assistance number provided by the insurer, and the designated person will reach out for help within the stipulated time. With a roadside assistance add-on cover, one can easily escape from all the hassles irrespective of the place the breakdown has happened, as far as the claim is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the two wheeler insurance policy.

What Is Roadside Assistance in Bike Insurance?

Roadside assistance in bike insurance is an add-on cover that anyone can purchase voluntarily along with a standard bike insurance policy by paying an extra bike insurance premium. Be it a flat tyre or if your bike has been towed, the roadside assistance add-on cover offers complete coverage at all times. Other facilities that the insured can enjoy with this add-on cover include repair on the spot, puncture assistance, emergency fuel delivery, vehicle key lock-out assistance, cab service, accommodation, shipment of spares, teleassistance, route guidance, and relay of the emergency message. The add-on cover offers additional coverage at an affordable premium so that the insured can experience a smooth and stress-free ride. Note that a roadside assistance add-on cover can only be purchased with a standalone own-damage bike insurance policy or a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

Benefits of Buying Roadside Assistance Add-On in Bike Insurance

Some of the benefits of purchasing a roadside assistance add-on cover are as follows:

  • Peace of Mind

Just the thought of knowing that your two-wheeler insurance company has got your back if the bike breaks down while on the journey is very much comforting. With a Roadside Assistance cover, you can easily ride your bike without having to worry much about what you are going to do in case your bike faces any problem while on the road.

  • Instant Help from Insurer

After you have intimated the insurance company regarding your location, they will instantly arrange for a mechanic. The mechanic will examine the bike at the breakdown spot, in case, it can’t get repaired on the spot, then it will be towed to a nearby workshop for repair purposes. With a Roadside Assistance Add-On cover you are not required to manage such incidents, the insurance company would do it in your place.

  • Cost-Effective

Roadside Assistance Add-On covers are not at all costly, instead, they add value to your hard-earned money. Although, including them in your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plan will result in a slight increase in payable premium yet by paying such a small cost can help you in accessing valuable service during the time of emergency.

Roadside Assistance Bike Insurance Add-On Cover should ideally be purchased by the following:

  1. Bike owners who travel often.
  2. Bike owners with a bike that is less than 5 years old.
  3. Someone who can not imagine having even minor repairs done to their bike.

What is Covered in an RSA Cover?

Roadside Assistance (RSA) is like a boon for bike owners, a trusty friend who’s got your back during unexpected breakdowns and troubles on the road. Having an RSA cover in your two-wheeler insurance ensures that help is just a call away when you find yourself stranded due to unforeseen issues like a flat tyre, an empty fuel tank, or a mechanical breakdown.

Let’s illuminate what precisely is enveloped within the warmth of an RSA cover:

1. Emergency Fuel Delivery:

Run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere? No worries! RSA will rush to your aid with enough fuel to get you to the nearest petrol station.

2. Flat Tyre Assistance:

A flat tyre can be quite a bummer! With RSA, you’ll get prompt assistance to fix the flat tyre, helping you resume your journey as swiftly as possible.

3. Battery Jump-Start:

A dead battery can be quite frustrating. But fret not, RSA includes services that will help jump-start your battery and get you back on the road.

4. Towing Services:

In cases where onsite repair is not possible, RSA ensures your two-wheeler is towed to the nearest network garage for further repairs and care.

5. Minor Repairs:

For minor hiccups and glitches, immediate onsite repairs will be managed to get your bike up and running.

6. Key Retrieval Services:

Lost your key or left it inside the bike? RSA services extend assistance in retrieving your key or arranging for a spare, helping you avoid lengthy waits and worries.

What is not Covered in an RSA Cover?

While RSA acts as your roadside saviour, there are boundaries to the rescue operations. Here’s what’s outside the realms of an RSA cover:

1. Accidents caused by the Intoxication:

Assistance might not be provided if the breakdown or accident is caused due to the rider’s intoxication or involvement in illegal activities.

2. Vandalism and Theft:

RSA usually does not cover damages or losses caused due to vandalism, theft, or attempted theft.

3. Natural Disasters:

RSA might not provide services in cases where the two-wheeler has been damaged due to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, or cyclones.

4. Service beyond Geographical Limits:

RSA services come with predefined geographical limits. Assistance might not be available if you are stranded outside these specified areas.

5. Regular Maintenance or Electrical Failures:

RSA is not a substitute for regular maintenance. Failures due to lack of maintenance or persistent electrical issues might not be covered.

6. Man-made Disasters:

Damages incurred due to riots, wars, or other man-made disasters usually fall outside the protective umbrella of RSA.

Having an RSA cover is undoubtedly a significant addition to your two-wheeler insurance, serving as a reliable companion during unexpected roadside troubles. Understanding what it envelopes and where its boundaries lie is essential to making the most of the benefits it offers.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Roadside Assistance Cover

Embarking on a journey on your beloved two-wheeler can be filled with joy and freedom. However, being prepared for unexpected turns, like mechanical glitches or minor accidents, is crucial to ensure that your journey remains smooth and unhampered. This is where Roadside Assistance (RSA) Cover steps in as your guardian angel on the roads. But before you dive into purchasing an RSA cover, here are some factors to mull over, to ensure that you make a well-informed and sagacious choice:

1. Extent of Coverage:

Look into the depth and breadth of the services covered. Ensure that essentials like emergency fuel delivery, flat tyre assistance, and towing services are included. Tailor the cover to align with your typical needs and possible scenarios where you might require assistance.

2. Geographical Reach:

Verify the geographical boundaries within which the RSA services are available. Ensure that it covers the routes you frequently traverse and the places you usually visit.

3. Service Provider Network:

Investigate the network of service providers affiliated with the RSA cover. A robust network implies quicker and more reliable assistance during unforeseen roadside troubles.

4. Exclusion Criteria:

Familiarise yourself with the situations and conditions where the RSA services might not be applicable. This could include circumstances like intoxication, vandalism, or natural disasters.

5. Cost Effectiveness:

Weigh the cost of the RSA cover against the benefits and services it offers. Ensure it provides value for money and doesn’t feel like an undue burden on your wallet.

6. Customer Service:

Opt for an RSA cover that promises responsive and efficient customer service. Quick and effective communication can make a significant difference in emergency situations.

7. Claim Process:

Consider the ease and transparency of the claim process. It should be straightforward, with minimal hassles, ensuring that you receive timely assistance.

8. Review and Ratings:

Take some time to peruse customer reviews and ratings. Learning from the experiences of fellow riders can provide practical insights and aid in making a well-rounded decision.

9. Renewal Process:

Explore the renewal process of the RSA cover. It should be uncomplicated, ensuring that your protection continues seamlessly without any lapses.

10. Customisation Options:

Look for RSA covers that allow some degree of customisation. This way, you can tailor the cover to better suit your specific needs and preferences.

An RSA cover stands as a pillar of support during unexpected roadside adversities. Taking these factors into account ensures that you choose an RSA cover that aligns harmoniously with your needs, providing reliable and efficient support when you need it the most.

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    Roadside assistance in Two Wheeler Insurance FAQ

    • Is roadside assistance add-on cover the same as the breakdown cover?

      Yes. The roadside assistance cover is the same as the breakdown cover.

    • What is included under roadside assistance add-on cover?

      Roadside assistance add-on cover protects you in case of a flat tyre, flat battery, spare keys, minor repairs, urgent message to the relatives, fuel assistance, medical coordination, cab service, emergency fuel delivery, route guidance, and puncture assistance.

    • Is there any limit on the number of times the add-on cover of roadside assistance can be used?

      Yes. The limit on the number of times the add-on cover of roadside assistance can be used differs may vary with different insurers, but is specified in the policy document. Usually, the limit is set for up to 2 times in a year.

    • How does roadside assistance add-on cover work?

      In times of trouble, all you need to do is call on the number provided to you by the insurer and wait till you receive help. Note that you will be required to keep your policy details handy as the insurer will ask you about the same.

    • Can the insurance company reject my claim made under roadside assistance add-on cover?

      Yes. If the claim is not made as per the terms and conditions of the policy, then the insurance company can reject it. Also, you will not be covered for any expenses if found driving drunk or without a valid driving license.

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