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How to Transfer a Bike RC from One State to Another?


Written by Sharad Bajaj

Updated Jan 09, 2024

Process of Transferring a Two Wheeler RC from One State to an Other State

Imagine you've comfortably settled in a city when a sudden work commitment necessitates a move to a different Indian city. The idea might seem overwhelming, considering the various tasks associated with relocating. Among these, transferring your bike's Registration Certificate (RC) takes significant priority. Ensuring your bike's RC aligns with your new state of residence is crucial to avoid penalties. This blog will delve into the essence of RCs and guide you through smoothly transferring your bike's RC from one state to another.

How to Transfer a Bike RC from One State to Another?

What Is RC?

An RC, or Registration Certificate, is a legal document that records your bike's details and ownership. Just like bike insurance, it's crucial when you buy a new bike. If you move to another Indian state, you must obtain a re-registration certificate due to varying state laws and taxes. Situations requiring bike RC transfer include personal relocation between states and job transfers lasting over a year. This ensures compliance with the new state's regulations. Remember, your bike's RC is as vital as insurance, so handle it carefully for smooth ownership and legal standing.

 Following are some of the major events during which you need to transfer your bike RC:

  • You are settling from one state to another for personal reasons.
  • If you are transferred from one state to another for performing work commitments. In this case, you need a new RC if the transfer is permanent or is for more than one year.

Now, let us discuss some easy steps for transferring your bike from one state to another.

How to Transfer RC from One State to Another?

You must be wondering if transferring bike RC from one state to another is easy. Our answer to this will be that it is straightforward if you follow the steps that are mentioned below:

Step 1: Get NOC

Getting a NOC or No Objection Certificate from your previous RTO is a mandatory step to transferring your RC. NOC will indicate that there are no pending dues that you need to clear and thus will make it smoother to get your bike RC moved to another state. However, please remember to check that your NOC clearly states the bike's chassis number. Also, if you have taken a loan from any bank to buy your bike, you need a No Objection Certificate from the bank.

Step 2: Transfer Your Bike To Another State

After you have obtained NOC from both parties, now, you can take your bike from one state to another. If you think this was all about the steps of getting cycle RC transferred, then you need to be corrected, as there are several other steps, as listed below.

Step 3: Visit The Nearest RTO In The City You Are Transferred To

Once your bike arrives in the city, you must visit the nearest RTO. At the respective RTO, you need to submit NOC as well as all the other documents that will be required, such as road tax payment receipts, driving license, copy of the previous RC, etc. Carefully verify the documents and ensure all the information is correct before you submit them.

Step 4: Pay Road Tax Challan

As the road tax varies from one state to another, you will have to pay the tax applicable to ride your vehicle on the roads of the new state. For this, the new state RTO will issue you a road tax challan, and you can pay the required fees as per the challan.

Step 5: Get Your Bike Inspected

Next, inspect your bike by the concerned officer, who will also take the imprint of the bike chassis number.

Step 6: Collect the Registration Certificate

Finally, the registration certificate will be issued to you after the verification. You would be given a date to visit the RTO and collect the certificate. So, order the new RC of your bike as allotted. 

Process of Transferring RC Online

For an online RC transfer, utilise the 'Parivahan' portal to update bike registration after moving states. Send necessary documents to the new state's RTO, request a NOC, and confirm that both states endorse online transfers. Vital documents are a must. The process depends on state collaboration.

Documents Needed to Transfer an RC from one state to another

The following are the documents that must be filed to transfer the RC from one state to another:

  1. To obtain a NOC from the RTO
  • Form 28 CMV
  • The chassis impression
  • PUC, tax documents, insurance policy, and registration certificate already in place
  • 27 and 28 Forms
  1. To Re-registration under the new RTO
  • A duplicate of the RC
  • Vehicle insurance coverage
  • NOC from the previous RTO
  • PUC authorisation
  • Form 29 and Form 30
  • Identity verification Address verification
  • A self-attested envelope worth Rs.30
  1. For a Road Tax Refund
  • Form of application
  • New RC edition
  • Insurance coverage
  • Address verification
  • Identity verification
  • RC copy from the past
  • Form 16 of the RTO that has been self-attested


Transferring your bike's RC between states is a crucial yet straightforward process. Carefully follow each step to ensure a smooth transition. When moving your bike to a new state, adhering to the correct procedures for accurate registration is essential. Doing so ensures your bike is correctly registered in the new state and compliant with legal requirements. This straightforward process guarantees a hassle-free transfer of your bike's RC, giving you peace of mind during relocation.



  1. Why is transferring my bike's RC necessary when moving states?

Transferring your bike's RC is essential to comply with your new state's laws. The RC must reflect your current state of residence to avoid penalties and legal issues.


  1. What documents are required for bike RC transfer?

You'll typically need your original RC, bike insurance, address proof, NOC from the current RTO, and a form for RC transfer. Check with the new state's RTO for any specific requirements.


  1. Can I transfer RC online?

Yes, some states allow online RC transfers through the 'Parivahan' portal. Both origin and destination states need to support this digital process.


  1. Is NOC mandatory for RC transfer?

Yes, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the current RTO is necessary for bike RC transfer across states. It verifies there are no dues or legal issues tied to your bike.


  1. What if I need to transfer my bike's RC?

Failing to transfer your bike's RC could lead to fines or legal complications, as your bike's registration would not align with your new state of residence. It's advisable to complete the transfer promptly to avoid such issues.

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Written by Sharad Bajaj

Sharad is an insurance industry veteran who has managed motor insurance products for over a decade. Read More


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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