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Understanding Motorbike Insurance and Breakdown Cover in India

Updated On Sep 23, 2023

Two-Wheeler Insurance with Breakdown Cover

Being able to confidently and easily navigate our surroundings is essential in today's fast-paced environment. In India, motorcycles are not only a common option but also a crucial component of many people's everyday commutes. Because people are depending more and more on two-wheelers, it is critical to make sure your trip is safe. When combined with breakdown assistance, motorbike insurance is a ray of peace among the busy Indian roadways. We will explore the various aspects of motorbike insurance with breakdown cover in India in this detailed blog post. This insurance offers peace of mind along with protection for your motorcycle journeys.

In India, motorbike riders are gradually realising that having breakdown coverage is essential. It guarantees that you won't be left stranded on the road because of unplanned failures, in addition to protecting you against monetary losses in the event of accidents or damages. Let's take a closer look at each part of this extensive safety net for Indian motorcycle fans.

The Basics of Bike Insurance

Requirements for Law

It is legally required in India to get motorbike insurance, even if it is third-party. With this basic coverage, you are shielded from liability resulting from accidental injuries or property damage to third parties. In the long run, nevertheless, you may benefit from going above and beyond this minimal criterion and choosing a complete policy.

Full-Service Motorbike Insurance

Comprehensive insurance takes one step further by providing coverage for damages to your own car brought on by theft, accidents, and natural disasters in addition to third-party liabilities. To customise the coverage to your needs, these plans can be enhanced with a variety of add-ons.

Tailored Protection

Comprehensive insurance can be tailored with a wide range of add-ons, ranging from engine protection cover to zero depreciation, giving riders the freedom to create a policy that perfectly suits their needs and tastes.

Understanding Motorbike Insurance and Breakdown Cover in India

Understanding the Breakdown Cover

To put it simply, a breakdown cover is an add-on that provides assistance in the event that your motorcycle breaks down or experiences a technical malfunction while you are riding, making sure you are not left stranded and defenceless.

What is included in the Breakdown Cover?

Mechanical Breakdown

Roadside assistance, which offers assistance with small repairs to get your bike back on the road quickly, is a basic part of the breakdown policy.

Transport/ Towing Help

The towing service makes sure your motorbike is securely carried to the closest licenced service station in the event that the breakdown cannot be fixed on the spot.

Provision of Emergency Fuel

During a trip, running out of fuel can be an unexpected event. Emergency fuel delivery is typically covered by breakdown cover to keep these roadblocks from stopping your travel.

Service for Flat Tyres

An unexpected flat tyre can ruin your mood. By providing prompt help to replace or repair the tyre and continue your travel, this service makes sure that a flat tyre won't leave you stuck.

Battery Issues

In case of battery getting drained out, battery revival can be done with the help of this add-on cover so that you can continue with your journey

Accommodation / Transportation Benefits

The insurance company also makes arrangement for hotel accommodation / arranges for travel back home in case the bike repair is going to take more than 1 day

Key Replacement

In case you lose your key during travel, the insurance company will arrange for your replacement key at your doorstep

Medical Help

In case of medical emergency, the insurance company will also cover for any medical help needed

Mental Calm

The peace of mind that comes with having a breakdown cover is one of its main benefits. Driving can be made much less stressful when you know help is only a phone call away in the event of an emergency.

Benefits Combining Car Insurance and Breakdown Coverage

A Sophisticated Safety Net

When you combine breakdown coverage with your motorcycle insurance, you have a complete safety net that protects you from both technical and financial failures.

Coordination Ease

When your insurance policy and breakdown protection are combined, you have a single point of contact for all of your needs, which makes emergency planning simpler and response times faster.

Economy of Scale

Choosing breakdown protection as an add-on to your motorbike insurance is wise financially because it often ends up being less expensive than buying a separate standalone breakdown policy.

How to Buy an Appropriate Cover?

Examine What You Need

Do a needs and preference analysis before selecting a breakdown cover. Think about things like how old your motorbike is, how you use it, and the places you ride it a lot.

Compare and Contrast

After you've determined exactly what you need, look into and contrast the various breakdown covers on the market. Seek features that fit your needs and financial constraints.

Ask Professional Advice

Never be afraid to ask consultants or insurance specialists for advice if you're unsure. They can help you get the appropriate coverage for your needs.

Who should buy a bike breakdown cover?

Here’s who should get a bike breakdown cover:

  • Regular Riders: Individuals who ride their bikes regularly, whether for weekend excursions, long-distance rides, or commuting, have to think about purchasing breakdown coverage. Your chances of experiencing a breakdown increase with the amount of riding you undertake.
  • Riders Who Frequently Travel Great Distances: Travellers who frequently travel great distances or go on tours may find themselves in strange places. In situations like these, breakdown cover can be extremely helpful in giving the support you need when you're far from home.
  • Owners of Older Bikes: Due to aging-related wear and tear, older bikes are more prone to malfunctions than older autos. Having breakdown coverage could protect you against unforeseen problems if you drive an older vehicle.
  • Those Lacking Mechanical Knowledge: Not all motorbike riders are skilled at deciphering the complexities of their equipment. In the event that you lack the comfort level or expertise to handle small repairs, having a breakdown protection can prove advantageous.
  • Riders in rural places: Having breakdown protection helps guarantee you obtain the assistance you need if you live in or frequently travel through rural places where repair services might not be easily accessible.
  • Riders Without a Backup Vehicle: Any downtime brought on by a breakdown might be difficult for riders who don't have a backup vehicle and depend only on their bike for mobility. Breakdown cover might provide other options or speed up the repair process.
  • Riders on a tight budget: Unexpected repairs can result in unanticipated costs. Although a breakdown policy may cost more up front, it can save more expensive, unforeseen towing or repair costs down the road.
  • Seekers of Peace of Mind: Some riders merely cherish the assurance that comes with knowing they are protected in the event of unforeseen problems. This cover is ideal for those who don't want to worry about possible malfunctions.

Wrapping Up

All things considered, purchasing a motorbike insurance policy with breakdown coverage is a smart move because it provides both financial security and uninterrupted travel.

When motorcyclists have an insurance policy that includes breakdown cover, they are motivated to develop safe riding practices since they are assured of protection against a range of unanticipated events.

Having a companion like a comprehensive motorbike insurance policy with breakdown cover can be quite helpful when navigating the busy and colourful highways of India. It is a guarantee of trouble-free travel, a promise of support, and a light of safety.

Travel with confidence knowing that you have breakdown coverage and motorbike insurance keeping an eye on you to provide support, safety, and peace of mind while you navigate India's busy roads.


1: When it comes to motorbike insurance, what precisely is breakdown cover?

The answer is that you may add breakdown coverage as an extra service to your motorbike insurance policy. It helps you get back on the road as soon as possible if your motorbike breaks down while you're riding it. It offers services like flat tyre repair, emergency fuel delivery, roadside assistance and towing to the closest garage.

  1. Is it required for a motorbike insurance policy in India to have breakdown coverage?

No, breakdown assistance is not a requirement for motorbike insurance policy in India. To ensure that you get help quickly in the event of a breakdown, you may add an extra degree of security and convenience by linking it with your insurance policy.

  1. Can I upgrade my current motorbike insurance policy to include breakdown coverage?

Yes, you may add breakdown coverage to your current motorcycle insurance policy with many insurance carriers. This usually happens while the policy is being renewed. The easiest way to find out specifics about the process and the needed additional premium is to speak with your insurance provider.

  1. What kinds of services are usually covered by the breakdown cover?

Towing to the closest authorised service facility, emergency fuel delivery, flat tyre servicing and roadside assistance for basic repairs are just a few of the services that are typically included in breakdown coverage. Additionally, some insurance could include extra benefits like lodging help in the event that your bike cannot be fixed right away.

5: In the event of an emergency, how soon may I anticipate help?

The response time may fluctuate depending on the service provider. On the other hand, the majority of insurance firms strive to offer support as soon as possible; typically, this takes between thirty and sixty minutes, depending on your location and the availability of service teams.

  1. Does breakdown assistance help in the event of an accident?

Answer: A breakdown cover can help towing your bike to a garage after an accident, but its main function is to help in the event of mechanical problems or problems like a flat tyre or empty fuel tank. To find out the scope of coverage, it's best to review the policy's exact terms and conditions.

  1. Is there a cap on how many claims I may submit under the breakdown cover?

Yes, in order to prevent abuse, insurance companies frequently place a cap on the total number of claims you may make under the breakdown coverage within a policy year. For specific information, you should check your policy documentation or speak with your insurance provider as the exact amount may differ between policies.

8.  Where in India can I get breakdown cover services?

In India, breakdown cover services are generally offered over a large network that includes many different cities and towns. The degree of service accessibility, however, may differ throughout providers. It is advised that you inquire with your insurance company about the breakdown services' geographic coverage.

  1. What happens to my no-claim bonus if I utilise the breakdown cover?

Answer: Since breakdown cover is different from the process for filing a claim for an accident or damage to your motorbike, using it usually has no effect on your no-claim bonus. It is wise to check with your insurance company to be sure, though.

  1. How can I pick the most appropriate breakdown insurance for my needs?

In order to get the finest breakdown protection, you need to take into account various aspects, like the age of your motorbike, how you use it, and the places you visit regularly. To make an informed choice, it is advised to evaluate various policies and take into account the network of service providers, the range of services provided, and customer reviews. You can also ask consultants or insurance specialists for advice.


This article is issued in the general public interest and meant for general information purposes only. Readers are advised not to rely on the contents of the article as conclusive in nature and should research further or consult an expert in this regard.

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