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Shriram Life Insurance Premium Calculator

InsuranceDekho offers you an online premium calculator facility to calculate the premiums of your selected Shriram Life Insurance Company plan. The calculator facilitates you with an easy to calculate your premiums before actually purchasing your preferred policy. You can customize your insurance plan by selecting the correct premium term and the maturity sum you expect. The premium calculator provides assistance in estimating as well as adjusting your final sum assured according to the size of your investment wallet.

How to Use Shriram Life Insurance Premium Calculator?

The Shriram Life Insurance Premium Calculator offered by InsuranceDekho is both hassle-free and straightforward to use. At InsuranceDekho you can calculate your premiums according to the following steps –

Step 1: Visit the InsuranceDekho website and navigate to the Shriram Life Premium Calculator in the insurance section.

Step 2: Fill in all the required details such as your policy/Benefit type, date of birth/age, policy term, the sum assured, etc. in the display screen of your premium calculator.

Step 3: After you have entered all the relevant details on your display screen, calculate your premium amount by clicking the ‘Calculate’ tab. The premium can be changed by making changes in the factors such as age, gender, plan, and term.

Benefits of the Shriram Life Insurance Calculator

The benefits of using the Shriram Life Insurance Premium Calculator are as follows:

1. Instant Comparison in the Comfort of Your Home: You do not need to visit the branch office of Shriram Life Insurance Company in person to get a brief overview of the different benefits offered under the insurance policies here. Instead, the premium calculator allows you to instantly calculate your premium term and sum assured according to your age and wallet. While there are different options available, you can easily compare those plans before finalizing your insurance policy purchase.

2. Correct Premium: Shriram’s Life Insurance’s Online Premium Calculator helps you accurately quantify your premium amounts for specific policy periods according to the sum assured you expect at the time of maturity. This makes it convenient for you to select the plan that best suits your wallet and requirements.

3. A Helping Hand For All: Shriram’s Life Insurance Company offers 24/7 digital assistance to all its customers to arrive at proper insurance finalization. The entire team works collaboratively to select the plan that best suits your wallet and gives you the liberty of enhancing your plan by adding optional riders according to your customization.

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Disclaimer :
1. Premium has been calculated for coverage till 60 years
2. Eligibility depends on income, occupation and educational qualification

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  • Satisfying Insurance Policy

    I am glad to purchase the Shriram Life Insurance Policy from InsuranceDekho. The customer care team was very experienced and friendly. They were hardworking and made my purchasing journey of the Shriram Insurance Policy quick and smooth. I would recommend InsuranceDekho’s online platform to everyone who is planning to secure their family with a life insurance policy.

    By Rajesh Sharma
    On: Feb 27, 2024
  • Dedicated Support Team

    The team of InsuranceDekho was so helpful when I was searching for a life insurance plan. When I finally decided to buy the Shriram Life Insurance plan, even then they guided me throughout the buying process. So, thank you, InsuranceDekho team!

    By Anurag Dogra
    On: Dec 26, 2023
  • Great customer service

    While buying the Shriram Life Insurance Policy from InsuranceDekho, I experienced great customer service and satisfaction. My queries and doubts were taken care of and were settled in a matter of no time.

    By Vinay Devgun
    On: Nov 21, 2023
  • Responsive Customer Support

    The customer support team at InsuranceDekho was quick to respond to my queries regarding my Shriram Life Insurance Policy. Their professionalism and willingness to assist made the overall experience positive.

    By Gautam Singh
    On: Nov 16, 2023
  • Flexibility and Convenience

    InsuranceDekho offers the flexibility that I need in my life insurance. The Shriram Life Insurance Policy accommodate various needs and budgets, ensuring that I can select a policy that aligns perfectly with my financial goals. It's fantastic to have options that make life insurance accessible and convenient.

    By Sunil Savokar
    On: Oct 26, 2023

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  • What is the age group to apply for Shriram Life Insurance Coverage and how is it useful in premium calculators?

    You can apply for the Shriram life insurance coverage at any time between the age group of 12 to 60 years. The age group varies in accordance with the type of insurance plans you select. By clicking the Shriram Premium Calculator, you may quantitate your exact premium amount and the policy term according to your age and expected maturity sum.

  • Where can I find the Shriram Life Insurance Company online premium calculator?

    You may find the online premium quote calculator under the Online Premium Quote Calculator section on the official website of Shriram Life Insurance Company.

  • Can I calculate my minimum life cover online using the Shriram Life Insurance Company premium calculator?

    Yes, you can calculate your Minimum Life Cover Online for Shriram Life Insurance, by visiting the Minimum Life Cover Calculator section. You need to enter your current age, your estimated retirement age, productive years, and annual living expense to get the details of your Minimum Life Cover.

  • Can I calculate human life value online using the Shriram Life Insurance Company premium calculator?

    Yes, you can calculate the Human Life Value online for yourself by visiting the Human Life Calculator section on the Shriram Life Insurance website. Before you begin with the process, you need to keep a few details handy with you – your current age, your estimated retirement age, productive years, and your annual income to calculate the Human Life Value for you.

  • What is the sum assured for the Shriram Life Family Protection Plan?

    The minimum sum assured for Shriram Life Family Protection Plan is 15,00,000. However, you can calculate the maximum sum assured according to your wallet by entering a few of your personal details under the Online Premium Calculator section.

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