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SBI Health Insurance Benefits

SBI Health Insurance was founded in 2009 and is one of the top health insurance companies in India. SBI Health Insurance is associated with SBI (State Bank of India), one of the largest banks in the country, which is headquartered in Mumbai and maintains offices in over 110 cities nationwide. More than 7026 individuals who are committed to providing their clients with a brighter, healthier future are employed by the company. The trust that SBI health insurance has earned is certified by more than 10.91 crore customers. As evident by its 95.04% claim settlement ratio, SBI is a client-focused business.

Their health insurance plans contain modern treatments, pre and post-hospitalization care, alternative therapies like AYUSH, etc. They give customers a variety of plans to choose from, according to their specific medical needs, including individual, family-floater, senior citizen, critical illness plans, etc.

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Unique Features Offered By SBI Health Insurance

The following characteristics set SBI Health Insurance apart and benefit customers:-

  • Flexible and Cost-Effective:- SBI Health Insurance policies offers quite affordable health insurance options. Affordable plans that meet all of the consumers' medical needs are available. Because the consumer can add or remove riders based on their needs, this flexibility in the plans allows for customisation.
  • Quick Purchase:- Taking a health insurance policy from SBI is a straightforward process. With clear instructions, guiding through the options and selecting a suitable plan is efficient and hassle-free. From understanding coverage details to completing the necessary paperwork, each step is developed to be accessible and uncomplicated for individuals seeking insurance coverage for their health needs.
  • Instant and Hassle-Free Claim Settlement:- Customers can now easily and quickly settle their claims thanks to SBI Health Insurance. With SBI Health Insurance, customers don't have to endure a drawn-out procedure to obtain coverage for medical emergencies.
  • No Medical Check-Ups Required:- For those under 65, SBI Health Insurance has the advantage of not requiring pre-medical exams while purchasing or renewing a health insurance policy.
  • Wide Range of Network Hospitals:- The network of SBI Health Insurance includes many different healthcare providers. Customers will also benefit from receiving better medical care and having their claims settled more quickly. Network hospitals also provide their patients with the option of cashless claims.

Benefits of Buying SBI Health Insurance

Some of the benefits provided by SBI Health Insurance are as follows:-

  1. Hospitalisation Expenses Coverage: This indicates that, up to the amount stated in your policy, SBI health insurance will pay for hospital-related expenses like doctor visits, tests, and medications.
  2. Cashless Facility: At network hospitals, SBI health insurance allows you to receive care without using cash. This implies that you won't have to cover your medical bills upfront. Rather, the insurer handles the bill-settling directly with the hospital, saving you the trouble.
  3. Tax Benefits: Section 80D of the Income Tax Act offers tax incentives for paying health insurance premiums. Up to a specific amount, you can deduct the premiums you pay for your parents, children, spouse, and yourself from your taxable income.
  4. Preventive Care: Immunizations, screenings, and health examinations are examples of preventative healthcare treatments that may be included by certain SBI health insurance policies. These help in the early detection of health problems, enhancing general wellness and possibly reducing future medical costs.
  5. AYUSH Treatment: Treatments under AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) may be covered by SBI health insurance. This means that subject to the terms and circumstances of your insurance, you may receive traditional and alternative types of therapy in addition to standard medical care.


Ques 1. Which medical costs are covered by SBI Health Insurance?

Ans:- SBI Health Insurance plans cover medical costs such as pre-hospitalisation, post-hospitalisation, ICU charges, ambulance fees, doctors fees, etc

Ques 2. Are pre-existing diseases covered by SBI Health Insurance?

Ans:- Yes, SBI health insurance plans cover pre-existing diseases. However, the coverage is provided only after a certain waiting period.

Ques 3. Are cashless treatment facilities offered by SBI Health Insurance?

Ans:- Yes, SBI Health Insurance offers cashless treatment facilities through cashless claims benefits.

Ques 4. How can I use SBI Health Insurance to receive extra advantages like fitness initiatives or medical examinations?

Ans:- Yes, SBI Health Insurance offers benefits for physically fit people. They offer benefits like a bonus on premium during renewal, a second medical opinion, discounted health examinations, etc.

Ques 5. Does SBI Health Insurance cover complementary therapies or other forms of treatment?

Ans:- Yes, SBI Health Insurance covers treatments for AYUSH treatments. It is an alternative treatment provided to customers.

Ques 6. Does SBI Health Insurance cover mental health services?

Ans:- Yes, mental health therapies are covered by SBI Health Insurance for in-patient treatment.

Tax Save
Save Tax upto ₹75000*
Under Section 80D

*Tax benefits are subject to changes in Income Tax Act.

SBI Health Insurance Top Up List

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  • Individual (1)
  • Top-up (1)
Name of PlanSum Insured
Arogya Top up PolicyMin: 3 Months; Max: 65 Years1 Lakh Check Premium

Health Insurance News


  • Why should I invest in health insurance policy from SBI General Insurance?

    SBI General Insurance is a great option to buy a health insurance policy. The insurer not only ensures financial protection of an individual, but an entire family and provides them with the much-desired peace of mind. By investing in SBI General health insurance policy, you can benefit from wide health coverage, direct & hassle-free claim settlement, lifetime policy renewal and numerous other benefits. Overall, you won’t be disappointed with SBI General Health Insurance in any which way.


  • How can I buy and apply for SBI General health insurance policy?

    SBI General health insurance policy is easy to apply and buy online. You can either visit the official website of SBI General Insurance or InsuranceDekho to apply and purchase the SBI General's health insurance policy that suits your specific needs the best.


  • Which health insurance policies does SBI General Insurance provide?

    SBI General Insurance, under its health insurance category, offers Arogya Premier Policy, Arogya Plus Policy, Arogya Top Up Policy, Group Health Insurance Policy, Critical Illness Insurance Policy, and Hospital Daily Cash.  

  • How many network hospitals does SBI General Insurance cover?

    There are 6,000+ well-equipped network hospitals covered under SBI General Insurance. 

  • What is the toll-free customer care number of SBI General Insurance?

    The toll-free number of SBI General Insurance is 1800 221 111. 

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    Through InsuranceDekho, I was able to obtain SBI health insurance, and thus far, everything has gone well. The claims procedure is simple, and the coverage is comprehensive, covering a wide range of necessary health treatments. When I need support, the customer service staff is always there to help. I feel confident in my coverage and am overall extremely delighted with my purchase.

    By Ujjwal Arora
    On: Jun 18, 2024
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    InsuranceDekho made buying SBI Health Insurance a breeze. I had no trouble comparing plans, thanks to their user-friendly interface and detailed information. The assistance I received was top-notch, guiding me every step of the way to ensure I made an informed decision. Overall, it was a seamless and satisfying experience.

    By Anurag Shashwat
    On: Jun 18, 2024
  • Easy Claim Process

    I recently bought the SBI Health Insurance from InsuranceDekho and had an excellent experience with it. During challenging times, the straightforward and hassle-free claim submission process was a huge relief. Furthermore, their customer service representatives were always there to assist and direct me with any queries or issues I encountered.

    By Nikita Agarwal
    On: Jun 06, 2024
  • Comparing health insurance mad...

    Finding insurance was made simple by InsuranceDekho! After entering my information, I was presented with a list of possibilities. I got the finest deal when I purchased security for my family and myself because SBI health insurance covered us.

    By Ria Chauhan
    On: May 29, 2024
  • Informative Website

    Indeed, InsuranceDekho is the best! I bought the SBI Health Insurance Policy from the company’s official website. The information available on the website made it 100% easier for me to compare the plans myself. After comparing multiple plans listed on their website, I bought the SBI health insurance plan as it provided me with the best coverage. Happy to get the best health plan from the most trustworthy company.

    By Shubham Singla
    On: Mar 11, 2024

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