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Pramerica Life Insurance FAQs

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Claim Settlement Ratio98.61%
Customer Care1800 102 7070
Death Benefit Paid For560 Policies
Presence138 Offices Pan India
Total Death Benefit Paid22.44 Crore

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Disclaimer :
1. Premium has been calculated for coverage till 60 years
2. Eligibility depends on income, occupation and educational qualification


  • What is the minimum entry age to purchase Pramerica life insurance plans?

    Anyone who is 18 or above is eligible for purchasing Pramerica life insurance plans. It is also advised to purchase life insurance plans at a young age.

  • What are the benefits of purchasing a Pramerica Life Insurance policy at a young age?

    There are many benefits of purchasing a Pramerica Life Insurance Policy at a very young age. The premium is very low at a young age. You can opt for the maximum term of the policy, which would eventually increase your life cover along with the endowment benefits.

  • What are the benefits of Pramerica Life Insurance when compared to the savings account?

    When we compare the savings account to the life insurance, the life insurance has features like life cover, tax benefits, usage as guarantor for loans. These benefits show that life insurance is much better than a savings account.

  • What is the benefit of assignment in the Pramerica Life Insurance?

    The assignment feature in the Pramerica Life Insurance allows you to transfer all the transferable assets in the Pramerica policy to another person or institution, and it can be effectively used for repayment of loans.

  • Is the option to change the nominee provided in the Pramerica Life Insurance?

    Yes, the nomination of the Pramerica Life Insurance can be changed till the policy matures.

Claim Settlement

  • How can I check the status of the claim on my Pramerica Life Insurance policy?

    To check the status on the claim of your policy, you can call the claim desk of the company on the number: 0124-4697072. The Operational Hours include timings between 9 AM to 6 PM. Claim stats can also be checked by mailing us at

  • Who can be made a nominee in a Pramerica Life Insurance policy?

    Any person can be named as a nominee by the policyholder of a Pramerica Life Insurance. However, in practice, the nominee is generally a close relative and preferable someone next of kin.

  • What are the documents required for Pramerica Life Insurance accidental death claims?

    Following is the list of documents required for Pramerica Life Insurance accidental death claims:

    • All documents required for natural death claims
    • FIR Report
    • Post-Mortem Report
    • Police Inquest Report / Panchnama
    • Final Report of the Police Investigation

  • How long is the claim settlement process for Pramerica Life Insurance?

    Pramerica Life Insurance honours a claim within 30 days of the last document submitted. If there is a requirement of any more time, then the new timeline is conveyed to you.

  • Can a Pramerica Life Insurance claim be rejected?

    Pramerica Life Insurance can reject any claim if they suspect fraud or any non-disclosure of important information. The claim can also be rejected; all the correct documents are not provided.


  • How is the high claim settlement ratio of the Pramerica Life Insurance significant? 

    Pramerica Life Insurance had a claim settlement ratio of 98.42% for the FY 2019-20. High claim settlement ratio signifies that the company has the best interest of its clients in mind and the claims raised in this company are honoured by the company.

  • Does  Pramerica Life Insurance have any special service to the Armed Forces?

    Pramerica Life Insurance offers an entirely separate Prahari Initiative to the armed forces where the sales representatives are the Ex-Servicemen. The initiative has policies which cover the needs of the army personnel.

  • What are the categories of plans offered by Pramerica Life Insurance?

    Pramerica offers life insurance plans in categories of protection plans, ULIP, saving plans, child progress plans, health plans, and also group insurance plans to cater to its customer base.

  • Does Pramerica Life Insurance offer any term plans?

    Pramerica Life Insurance offers 3 distinct term plans, and they are under the protection plans section on the official website of the company.

  • What are the various premium payment options given to customers by Pramerica Life Insurance?

    Pramerica Life Insurance offers an option of online payment of premium. Apart from that, there is Auto-Debit, Money Order, Bank Guarantee, Neft, Cheque Pick-up, submission through Cash, Cheque, or DD at branch offices or SBI and Axis Bank branches.


  • What is the Prahari Initiative of the Pramerica Life Insurance Company?

    The Pramerica Life insurance Company has a Prahari Initiative where the company provides policies which are according to the needs of the army personnel.

  • Are multiple nominees possible under the Pramerica Life Insurance policy?

    No, multiple nominees are not possible, but if the nominee is minor, then an appointee is assigned to the policy who collects the amount and keeps it safe till the nominee becomes a major (adult by law).

  • What is the difference between the Group Term Care and the Group Term Plan at   Pramerica Life Insurance?

    The only major difference is that the group term care is a plan which covers you for 2 years in a single premium, and the group term plan provides coverage for one year.

  • Why should I choose Pramerica Life Insurance?

    Parmerica Life Insurance offers a wide range of life insurance products such as term insurance, savings, health, child progress, ULIP and group plan. The plans are designed to cater to the requirements of every individual. The insurance company is customer-centric and has a high claim settlement ratio.

  • What is the special feature in the Pramerica Life Insurance term plan?

    Pramerica Life Insurance has two-term plans which are the TruShield Term Plan and the U-Protect Term Plan. The special feature is offered in TruShield Term Plan where at maturity the premium is returned if the policyholder is alive at the time of maturity.

Premium Calculator

  • How is your age significant in the Pramerica Life Insurance premium calculation?

    If you are young and you opt to buy a Pramerica Life Insurance Policy, the premium that you would have to pay is low.

  • What are the premium payment frequencies available for the Pramerica Life Insurance policy?

    The options available for the Pramerica Life Insurance Policy are Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Yearly. Whatever you choose is up to you.

  • What happens to the Pramerica Life Insurance premium amount when the policy elapses?

    The premium amount after a Pramerica life insurance policy has lapsed, increases. To revive the policy, the policyholder has to pay all the outstanding premiums which are unpaid along with a predefined interest rate.

  • What are the details required in the Pramerica Life Insurance premium calculator?

    Your date of birth, gender, policy term, and sum assured are the primary details that are required in the Pramerica Life Insurance premium calculator. The secondary details include smoking habits, occupation type, annual salary, and educational background.

  • Are the details required different for the different Pramerica Life Insurance products?

    The information required to be entered is the same. There can be small changes made in the selection of the plan type and the term of policy, which may depend upon the plan selected by you.

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Claim Process at Pramerica Life Insurance

  • 1

    Claim Intimation

    In the event of the death of the life assured, the insurance company should be intimated as early as possible.
  • 2

    Submission of Documents

    For easy claim settlement, claim form, original policy document, death certificate and others documents should be submitted on time.
  • 3

    Claim Evaluation

    After successful submission of documents, the insurance company will thoroughly evaluate the claim filed.
  • 4

    Claim Settlement

    If claim request is approved, claim is settled within 30 days. In case of additional investigation, claim process may take 120 days.

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