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  • What are the advantages of getting a two-wheeler insurance plan?

    It is essential to get an insurance policy in order to ride your bike safely on the road. People purchase two-wheelers in order to go more easily. It often results in multiple accidents, leading to financial liabilities for the owner. As a result, the insurance policy protects the owner both legally and financially by providing coverage against such risks.

  • What happens if I do not file a claim during the entire policy period?

    If a policyholder does not make claims during the policy period, they will receive a special discount in the form of a No Claim Bonus. The NCB is earned in the Own Damage section of the policy.

  • What are the important characteristics of Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance?

    Tata AIG has certain unique benefits that make it more attractive than the competition. Once the claim is authorised and all necessary documents are submitted, it settles the claim in just 15 days. The policyholder can file a claim using any manner, including calling a toll-free number or sending emails. Anywhere in the country, they can receive cashless repair and replacement services. Finally, the insurer will pay all third-party liabilities directly on behalf of the policyholder.

  • What are the add-on covers available under Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance?

    Return to invoice, Cost of Consumables, Depreciation allowance, Loss of Accessories, and other add-ons are available with Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance. Personal accident coverage for both the owner and the driver.

  • How do I receive Tata AIG two-wheeler insurance discounts?

    Policyholders can save money by choosing from a range of discounts, including no-claim incentives, automobile association membership, anti-theft alarm installation, and voluntary deductibles.

Third Party

  • Does the third party bike insurance policy provide coverage outside the geographical arena?

    Each policy has a pre-decided geographical limitation for the policyholders. The Tata AIG third party bike insurance policy will not provide for any damage or injury to the third party that occurred outside the pre-decided geographical area.

  • How can I get the Tata AIG third party bike insurance policy?

    You can get the Tata AIG third party bike insurance in the following three ways-

    • Go to the official website
    • Visit the nearest branch
    • Call the toll-free number 1800 266 7780

  • What should I do in case of third party damage to avail the cov

    It is necessary to inform the insurer immediately after an accident or mishap. You can call their toll-free number and register your request. You can also visit the nearest branch and inform the insurer.

  • Does the Tata AIG third party bike insurance cover the occupants carried in the third party vehicle?

    The Tata AIG third party bike insurance policy provides coverage for any occupants carried in the third party vehicle. However, this will only be applicable if the occupants are not for hire or reward.

  • Does the Tata AIG third party bike insurance policy provide coverage for any damage to the insured bike?

    The Tata AIG third party bike insurance provides coverage against the third party only. Any damage caused to the insured bike is excluded from the coverage of this policy. It will cover the damage or loss of third party and third party property.


  • How can I check the status of the policy after I have made the purchase?

    After the purchase of the Tata AIG comprehensive, you get a registered username. You can check the policy status by logging in using the username and password on their official website.

  • How do I get in touch with Tata AIG immediately after an accident?

    You can get in touch with Tata AIG immediately after an accident in the following ways.

    • By dialling their official number: 1800 266 7780
    • By visiting the nearest branch

  • What is the maximum tenure for Tata AIG comprehensive bike insurance policy?

    The maximum tenure for Tata AIG comprehensive bike insurance policy is of 3 years.

  • Can Add-ons be added in the middle of the policy period?

    Yes, you can opt for add-ons in the middle of the policy period. However, the insurance company may conduct an inspection before including the add-on cover.

  • Will the change in my location affect my Tata AIG comprehensive bike insurance policy?

    Every policy has its predetermined geographical extent. A change of your location would not affect your Tata AIG comprehensive bike insurance policy if it is not beyond the designated geographical boundary.

Zero Depreciation

  • Can I get Zero Depreciation along with the third party insurance policy?

    You can avail the Zero Depreciation cover only with the Tata AIG comprehensive and standalone own-damage bike insurance policies. The third party bike insurance policy does not offer Zero Depreciation or any other add-ons.

  • I do not live in an accident-prone area, do I still need to get the Zero Depreciation add-on cover?

    Not living in the accident-prone zone reduces the chances of getting into accidents, however, it doesn’t get rid of the factor completely. Therefore, Zero Depreciation cover benefits people living in the accident-prone zone as well as people not living in the accident-prone zone.

  • Who should opt for the Zero Depreciation Cover?

    Any bike owner can opt for the Zero Depreciation for availing the maximum coverage. However, this add-on is best suited for

    • New bikes
    • New/inexperienced drivers
    • Owners with luxury bikes

  • Can I add the Zero Depreciation cover to my policy online?

    Yes, you can add the Zero Depreciation cover to your policy online, by visiting the official website of Tata AIG bike insurance. You can add the Zero Depreciation cover to a new policy or to an existing policy. The cover can be added during the renewal as well.

  • Does Zero Depreciation add-on cover replacement of tyres?

    Zero Depreciation add-on does not provide for repairing or replacing tyres. The depreciation charge for tyres with or without Zero Depreciation add on is 50%.


  • Q1.

    You can check the status of your claim on the official website of TATA AIG. 1.Open the official website 2.Click on “Claim” option 3.Fill in the claim registration number and the policy number. 4.Click on “ Proceed” 5.The status of your claim will be shown.

  • Is it necessary to submit a copy of an F.I.R. when filing a claim?

    Yes, in the case of bodily injury or theft, you must present a copy of your F.I.R. in order to collect your insurance.

  • In the claim process, what role does the surveyor play?

    When you file a claim, the insurance company sends a surveyor to conduct an inspection in order to determine the extent of damage to your bike and other vehicles (if applicable). The surveyor's report is submitted to the insurance provider for further processing.

  • Do I need to bring my driving licence with me when I apply for Tata AIG bike insurance?

    Yes, you must have your driving licence with you while applying for Tata AIG bike insurance. You should make sure of the validity of the driving licence.

  • In the case of an accident, when should I contact Tata AIG?

    Directly after the accident, you should contact Tata AIG. Within 24 hours after the accident, you must inform your insurance company.


  • Can I modify the coverage of my Tata AIG bike insurance at the time of renewal?

    Yes, you can modify the coverage of your Tata AIG bike insurance by including or excluding add-on covers at the time of renewal.

  • Can I transfer No Claim Bonus of the previous insurer to Tata AIG bike insurance?

    Yes, the No Claim Bonus of the previous insurer can be transferred to Tata AIG to avail some discounts on the premium of the renewed policy.

  • What are the details that I need to provide to renew the policy?

    The details required at the time of renewal of the policy are as follows.

    • Name
    • Policy Number
    • Mobile Number
    • Email id
    • Telephone Number
    • Product Name
    • Expiry Date

  • Can I change my short term policy to long term policy at the time of renewal?

    Yes, the tenure of the bike insurance policy can be modified at the time of renewal. You can switch from short term (1 year) plan to long term plan (3 years).

  • How do I receive the documents of the renewed policy if I opt for the offline process?

    In case of the offline process, you receive the hard copy of your bike insurance at your residence address via courier within a few days after the purchase.

Premium Calculator

  • What factors can affect the premium of a bike insurance policy?

    There are various factors that can affect the amount of premium of a bike insurance policy such as Anti-theft Devices, Insured Declared Value (IDV), Year of Registration, No Claim Bonus (NCB), Add-on Options and so on.

  • How can a bike insurance premium calculator help me?

    The bike insurance premium calculator can assist you in getting the accurate premium amount for bike insurance plans and IDV of your bike which are offered by different insurers in the market. With this information, you can select an affordable plan and make prudent decisions in relation to bike insurance.

  • What details are required to be filled on the bike insurance premium calculator?

    You need to enter details like make, model and variant of the bike, fuel type of the bike, RTO location of the bike, engine capacity of the bike, registration year of the bike, and so on, on the premium calculator to get the premium amounts offered by different insurance companies.

  • Can premium calculators be used for calculating premium for new bikes only?

    No, the premium calculator can be used for computing the amount of premium for new as well as old bikes.

  • Where can I use the premium calculator to calculate the premium for my policy?

    You can get the best premium calculator to compute the premium and IDV for your plan at the official website of InsuranceDekho, i.e.,

Add On

  • How many add-on covers are available with the Tata AIG bike insurance plans?

    The Tata AIG bike insurance policies are available with 7 bike insurance add-on covers which comprise Emergency Medical Expenses, Additional Personal Accident Cover to Owner Driver, Additional Personal Accident Cover to Unnamed Persons, Consumable Expenses, Depreciation Allowance, Return to Invoice Cover, and Additional Third Party Property Damage Cover.

  • Will I have to pay for an extra premium cost to avail add-on covers?

    Yes, you can opt for add-on covers only by paying an additional premium amount in addition to the regular amount of premium for the base insurance policy.

  • Is it mandatory to add an add-on cover in my bike insurance policy?

    No, it is not compulsory to include an add-on cover in your bike insurance plan. The add-on covers are available as an option to increase the coverage of your insurance policy by offering extended benefits.

  • When can I purchase add-on covers in my Tata AIG bike insurance plan?

    You can opt for the add-on covers in your bike insurance policy either at the time of policy purchase or during the policy renewal time.

  • How many add-on covers I can include in my policy at a time?

    There is no limit to buy add-on covers. You can include as many add-on covers as you want in your bike insurance policy on the basis of your needs and budget.

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