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  • Why should I buy IFFCO Tokio bike insurance policy?

    An insurance policy acts as a safety cover for an individual. You never know what will happen the next moment you are on the road with your bike. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for the financial liabilities arising out of an unfortunate event.

  • What are some of the advantages of getting my policy from IFFCO Tokio?

    IFFCO Tokio has maintained its position at number one in many criteria that attracts the customers over it. It features a claim settlement ratio of 95.30%, it allows the customer to make unlimited zero depreciation claim and unlike other insurance companies, it covers the losses incurred due to electrical as well as non-electrical gadgets.

  • How long will it take to get a bike insurance policy from IFFCO Tokio?

    Getting an insurance policy from IFFCO Tokio is a hassle-free process. If you are ready with all the necessary documents you won’t take longer than 5 minutes to get your policy. It’s quicker than you would have ever imagined.

  • Can I take my two wheeler insurance policy online?

    Yes, IFFCO Tokio provides online insurance online by visiting their official website. You need to feed all the necessary information, review it and finally buy it.

  • Does IFFCO Tokio provide add-ons for a bike insurance policy?

    Definitely, add-on covers are available for bike insurance policy as well. IFFCO Tokio offers an ample number of add-ons such as Zero depreciation cover, Roadside Assistance cover, Personal accident cover etc.

Zero Depreciation

  • I have an old vehicle, should I take zero depreciation add-on cover?

    Life is uncertain, you can not imagine what is going to happen the next moment. If your vehicle is less than seven years old, you can definitely go for a zero depreciation cover. IFFCO Tokio provides this benefit to bikes that are up to 7 years old.

  • What is the biggest advantage of purchasing Zero-Depreciation add on the cover?

    One of the biggest advantages of zero depreciation add-on cover is that it allows the policyholder to claim the original value of their bike without any deduction for depreciation. The amount depends on the IDV that was finalised at the time of policy purchase or renewal.

  • How many times a customer can claim for the benefit?

    Generally all the insurance companies allow their customers to claim only twice. IFFCO Tokio allows its customers to make unlimited claims during the entire policy period.

  • How can I get Zero depreciation cover for my bike?

    Zero depreciation cover can be availed with a comprehensive or a standalone own-damage bike insurance policy from IFFCO Tokio.

  • How can I get Zero depreciation cover for my bike?

    Zero depreciation cover can be availed by taking a comprehensive bike insurance policy from IFFCO Tokio.

Third Party

  • Can I buy a third party two-wheeler insurance policy online?

    Yes, a third-party two-wheeler insurance policy can be brought online to save both time and money. You can check the benefits and best features available under the two-wheeler insurance policy. It will help you to select the best insurance plan yourself based on the needs and requirements.

  • What are the limitations of IFFCO Tokio third party bike insurance?

    There are numerous situations where the insurance company fails to provide protection. For example, in case of theft, intoxication, natural and man-made disasters, if the accident has occurred outside the geographically defined area etc.

  • What happens in case of death of the third party?

    In case of the death of the third party or partial or permanent damage, the insurance company will provide compensation to their nominee.

  • Does it provide coverage against natural or man-made disasters?

    No, third party insurance policy do not provide coverage in case of a natural or man-made disaster.

  • Can I bear unlimited liability without third party insurance policy?

    If you are not financially very well established, it is unimaginable to pay off all the liability associated with the third party. It is better to have a third party policy than paying a lot of money in one go.


  • Are add-ons available for two-wheeler policy owners?

    Yes, add-ons are available for two-wheeler as well as four-wheeler vehicles. IFFCO Tokio provides amazing add-on benefits for two-wheeler vehicles too. The policyholders can make can claim during the entire policy period and claim for the maximum amount for the vehicle.

  • What are the advantages of purchasing two-wheeler comprehensive insurance policy from IFFCO Tokio?

    IFFCO Tokio is one of the leading names in the insurance industry. It has been working from years towards providing the best insurance policy for the customers. It holds a great record of customer satisfaction. It provides a hassle-free service to its customers. The help desk provides 24x7 assistance all over the nation.

  • Which is a more expensive comprehensive or third party?

    A comprehensive insurance policy is more expensive in comparison to third party policy. The main reason behind it is that it provides a wider range of coverage and benefits to the policyholder. It covers most of the financial and legal liabilities of a person arising out of the vehicle.

  • What all is covered under the policy?

    It offers the damage caused to the third party as well as insured’s bike holder due accidents, natural calamities like earthquake, storm, flood, lightning, landslide etc. It also protects against man-made calamities such as theft, housebreaking, burglary, accidental by external damage etc.

  • Why should I take a comprehensive insurance policy for my two-wheeler?

    It is always advised to take a comprehensive insurance policy for your bike because you will be protected extensively. It will provide you with protection against all the possible incidents. So if your budget is not stopping you, it is advised that you get a comprehensive insurance policy.


  • How can I avail cashless service for my bike?

    You can get cashless repair and replacement service by taking your bike to more than 4300 network garage across India. The policyholders can take their bikes to these garages during the policy period.

  • Can I make online payment while purchasing two-wheeler insurance?

    Yes, the customers can make payment through the online mode while purchasing an IFFCO Tokio insurance. The payment can be made through a credit card, debit card or online banking.

  • What should I do in case of an accident?

    In case of an accident you should first seek first aid and then register the incident at the nearest police station. After that inform the insurance company about the incident to file a claim.

  • What should I do if my bike is stolen?

    In case of theft, the policyholder first needs to file an FIR at the nearest police station and inform the insurance company afterwards. The police will try to trace the vehicle for the next 90 days. In case they fail to spot the vehicle they will issue a Non-Traceable report the case will move to the court of law. The court will then issue a Non Objection Certificate after which the insurance company will start the investigation from their side. If the insurance company fails to get the bike, the claim settlement procedure will begin.

  • How should I register my claim at IFFCO Tokio?

    You can contact IFFCO Tokio customer care at their toll-free number 1800-103-5499 or get online claim assistance. If you have a branch nearby, you can visit during office hours.


  • I want to discontinue one of my add-on covers, is it possible?

    It is possible to make modifications in your insurance policy at the time of renewal. Before paying your renewal fee you can make alterations on add-covers. You can either add more covers or subtract one from your policy.

  • I do not know how to start the renewal process, what should I do?

    With IFFCO Tokio General Insurance you get 24 hours customer assistant. In case of any confusion or if you need any information you can dial up the toll-free number 1800-103-5499. The customer support executive will guide you about everything.

  • Will the renewal affect my IDV?

    IDV is also determined at the time of renewal of the policy. It depends on several factors such as the value of your bike, add-on covers, age of the bike etc. therefore, IDV will be revised based on these factors.

  • Can I renew another insurer’s two-wheeler insurance policy with IFFCO Tokio?

    IFFCO Tokio provides the facility to renew a policy by another insurer as well. You can do it through their official website. The steps to renew your policy are as follows: Step 1- Visit the official website of IFFCO Tokio and go to the ‘Two-Wheeler Policy’ tab under the Motor insurance option. Step 2- Select the ‘Renew Non-IFFCO Tokio Policy’ Step 3- Fill in the necessary details and finish the process.

  • Why should I renew my policy?

    Every policy comes with a limited period of coverage. At the end of the policy period, the policyholder needs to renew their insurance policy to continue enjoying the services and the benefits.

Premium Calculator

  • Why should I use the bike insurance premium calculator?

    With the bike insurance premium calculator, you can easily get the premium amount and IDV offered by different insurance companies. It will help you select a better bike insurance plan.

  • How can I use the premium calculator to get the right premium amount?

    You can find the best premium calculator to compute the premium and Insured Declared Value (IDV) for your insurance policy at the website of InsuranceDekho, i.e.,

  • Can I avail the premium calculator to compute the policy premium for my old bike?

    Yes, you can avail premium calculator to compute the premium amount for your old bike.

  • What factors affect the premium of a bike insurance plan?

    Factors that affect the insurance premium of a bike insurance cover are Insured Declared Value (IDV), Engine’s Cubic Capacity, No Claim Bonus (NCB), Anti-Theft Devices, Age of the Owner and so on.

  • What details should I enter to calculate the premium on the premium calculator?

    You will have to enter details like make, model and variant of your bike, fuel type of your bike, RTO location of your bike, engine capacity of your bike, registration year of your bike, etc., to get the premium amounts offered by different insurers through the premium calculator.

Add On

  • How many add-on covers are offered by IFFCO Tokio for bike insurance covers?

    The IFFCO Tokio General Insurance offers various types of add-on covers such as Zero Depreciation Cover, No Claim Bonus Protection and Return to Invoice Cover.

  • How many add-on covers can I include in my bike insurance plan?

    You can include as many add-on covers as you want in your bike insurance plan based on your budget and requirements.

  • Is it compulsory to opt for an add-on cover?

    No, it is not mandatory to opt for an add-on cover. To include an add-on cover in your bike insurance cover is an option.

  • How can I avail the IFFCO Tokio bike insurance add-on covers?

    You can add and avail the bike insurance add-on covers offered by the IFFCO Tokio General Insurance by paying a little extra premium amount in addition to your regular premium amount for the base insurance policy.

  • Can I purchase the bike insurance add-on cover online?

    Yes, you can buy the bike insurance add-on cover online by visiting the website of IFFCO Tokio General Insurance.

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