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Navi Car Insurance Add-On Covers

The car insurance add-on covers are meant to expand the coverage of the policy with which policyholders can get extensive cover for their cars. In order to avail the add-on cover, policyholders will have to pay for an additional premium along with the premium of the standard car insurance policy. Navi General Insurance offers an extensive range of add-on covers at affordable rates, which can be chosen at the time of purchase or renewal of the policy.

Navi - 20 Important Add-on Covers for Your Car Insurance Policy

1. Zero Depreciation Cover – With this car insurance add-on cover, the insurance company will cover the amount of default depreciation deducted on replacement of any damaged part and paint under an own damage claim or comprehensive claim during the policy period. However, if no replacement of any part is done and no depreciation is deducted, in such a case, the claim request shall not be subjected to under this car insurance add-on cover.

2. Hospital Cash Cover – If policyholder, driver or paid driver, or any occupant suffer any accidental injury due to an accident while travelling in the insured car that leads to in-patient hospitalisation, then the insurance company shall cover the expenses per person for each day of hospitalisation for a maximum period of 5 days from the date of hospitalisation provided own damage claim is valid and duration of hospitalisation exceeds 3 days. The insurance company’s liability to pay for the coverage will be limited to individuals as per the registered seating capacity of the insured car.

3. Daily Conveyance Allowance – The insurance company will be liable to provide coverage per day to enable policyholders to meet the cost of a conveyance while his or her car is undergoing repair for damages caused by an accident or mishap. This add-on cover would be payable for a maximum period of 15 days during the policy period. The coverage under this cover will begin from the next day of your car reaching the garage for repair or the date you raise the claim before your insurer, whichever is later and shall end on the day the garage allows you to take your car back.

4. New Car for Old Car – In a situation where your car suffers total loss, constructive total loss (CTL) or theft, this add-on cover will provide you with the compensation for the difference between IDV (Insured Declared Value) and the Invoice value of the new car of the same make and model which will enable you to replace your car easily by purchasing a new one without going through any financial crunch. If the same make or model has been discontinued, then the insurer will cover the shortfall with respect to the last available invoice price of the insured car just before discontinuation.

5. NCB (No Claim Bonus) Secure – The add-on cover protects the NCB benefit earned by you, if the car is claim free at least for the preceding 2 consecutive years at the inception of the policy and just one car insurance claim is reported during the policy period provided claim is not for theft or total loss, or constructive total loss (CTL). However, the cover will provide coverage if the renewal of policy is done with the insurance company within 90 days of the expiry of the policy and even in case of theft of the car, protection will be available provided a new car is purchased and insured with the insurer within 90 days of settlement of the claim.

6. NCB Protector - Repair of Non-Metallic Parts – With this add-on cover, a car insurance claim for the repair of parts like glass, plastic, rubber, fibre, fibreglass or nylon rather than replacement, will not affect your No Claim Bonus eligibility at the time of renewal provided that the number of such car insurance claims does not exceed one claim and there is no other claim for damage to the car is made during the policy period. If painting work is done without any repair work associated with those parts, in such a case, you will not get any benefit under this cover.

7. Personal Belonging Protector – This add-on cover will compensate for the loss or damage to personal belongings belonging to you or other occupants while lying in the car due to an accident or mishap. Personal belongings include the items like clothes and other articles of personal nature like mobile, laptop, etc, but excludes jewellery, money, cheques, debit or credit cards, and items of similar nature. The coverage will be offered up to the sum insured subject to the limit of every item specified in the plan only after an FIR is lodged with the police by the complainants.

8. Emergency Transport and Hotel Stay – If the insured car has sustained damages in an accident due to which it becomes immobile, in such a case, this cover will reimburse the cost incurred by the insured person on an overnight stay in a hotel and/or travel expenses for you and occupants of the car for returning to the place of residence or the nearest city where you were going to. The payment will be made for actual expenses up to the limit of the sum insured after examining the proof of expenditure.

9. Key and Lock Replacement – If the keys of your car are lost or stolen or your car has been broken into, in such a case, this add-on cover will make the insurance company to reimburse the cost of the new lock and/or keys in addition to labour charges up to the maximum limit of the sum insured. To get the coverage under this cover, you should register a complaint with the police and intimate your insurance company within 48 hours of the occurrence of the event.

10. Engine Protector – This cover will provide you coverage for the expenses of repair and replacement required due to the damage sustained by the internal parts of the car’s engine, gearbox, transmission or differential assembly including lubricating oils or consumables used if the damage is due to ingress of water in the engine or due to leakage of lubricating oil and/or coolant from engine/respective assembly caused by accidental external impact. A claim under this add-on cover will be provided only if the car gets submerged or stopped in a water-logged area and is taken to the garage within 2 days of water receding from the water-logged area.

11. Consumable Expenses – This add-on cover provides you compensation for the cost of consumables required to be replaced or replenished arising from an accident or a mishap sustained by the insured car the claim for which is reported by policyholders to the insurance company. Consumables refer to nuts, bolts, oil, lubricants, coolant, fasteners, and items of similar nature apart from the fuel.

12. Accidental Hospitalisation – If you or your paid driver or any occupant of your car suffers any injury and requires in-patient or out-patient treatment in a nursing home or a hospital, then you can get coverage of up to Rs.5 Lakh. As per this cover, the insurance company will be liable to pay for medical costs that include the cost of an ambulance used for shifting from the site of the accident to the hospital or nursing home for the treatment of the bodily injury. To avail of this cover, you or someone claiming on your behalf must provide all valid documentation, medical records and information.

13. Enhanced Owner Personal Accident – The policyholders are covered with Rs.15 Lakhs under their car insurance policies already. But with the inclusion of this add-on cover in the policy, you can get additional coverage by opting for a sum insured in multiples of 1 Lakh up to 20 Lakhs. It will help you get compensation for specific bodily injuries sustained by you in direct connection with the insured car caused by accidental, external and visible means which result within six calendar months in the occurrence of death, permanent total disablement, etc.

14. Enhanced Occupant Personal Accident – Under the standard car insurance policy, the occupants of your car are covered up to Rs. 2 Lakhs. But, you can enhance this coverage by opting for this add-on cover in multiples of 1 Lakh up to 20 Lakhs per occupant up to the maximum seating capacity of your car. It will bring huge relief for car owners to extend the support towards the passengers.

15. EMI Protector – The accident or mishap can have a financial impact on you and you may not be able to release the necessary funds for some time. Hence, if your insured car has been financed by any financial institution, in such a case, with the help of this add-on cover, you can get coverage up to 3 EMI’s of your insured car, if due to any accidental injury involving the insured car you have to be hospitalised for more than 7 days.

16. Outstanding Loan Protector – The insurer with this add-on cover shall pay the outstanding loan amount to your financer if your insured car meets with an accident during the policy period that makes you suffer an injury which results within six calendar months of the occurrence in permanent total disablement, death, loss of two limbs or sight of two eyes or one limb and sight of one eye. However, to avail of this cover, the insured person should be the first owner of the car.

17. Enhanced Paid Driver Personal Accident – The add-on cover will pay you compensation for specific bodily injury sustained by your paid driver in direct connection with the car insured or whilst mounting and dismounting from or driving or travelling in the insured car which within six calendar months result in death, loss of two limbs or sight of two eyes or one limb and sight of one eye, loss of one limb or sight of one eye, and permanent total disablement from injuries.

18. Tyre Protector – In case of damage or loss to the tyre due to incidents like a road accident or any mishap, the insurance company will pay you the expense of replacement of tyres if you have opted for this add-on cover. This cover gives you the option to choose protection with or without reduction for depreciation of tyre.

19. Depreciation Cover - Specified Limit – This depreciation relieves policyholders from bearing the depreciation up to 50% on different car parts and paints in the case of any damage incurred by their insured car due to a road accident and helps them make a significant amount of savings in case of unfortunate damage sustained by their car up to the amount specified in the plan.

20. Roadside Assistance – With this add-on cover, the insurance company will be providing you with several emergency assistance services during the policy period through the service providers. The best services will be offered in an area where the network garages of the insurer are available. The service which is offered under this add-on cover comprises repair and towing assistance service for a flat tyre, jump start service, repair on the spot, spare key retrieval, emergency towing assistance, breakdown support over the phone, ambulance arrangement, hotel accommodation, etc.

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Insurance Products by Navi General Insurance

Navi Car Insurance Add-on Covers FAQs

  • How many add-on covers are offered under Navi car insurance plans?

    Navi car insurance offers 20 car insurance add-on covers, some of which are zero depreciation cover, daily conveyance allowance, roadside assistance, tyre protector, EMI protector, consumable expenses, engine protector, key and lock replacement, outstanding loan protector, NCB secure, new car for old car and so on.

  • Will I have to make additional premium payment to avail add-on covers?

    Yes, to avail car insurance add-on covers, you will be required to pay a little extra premium along with the original premium amount of your car insurance policy.

  • Is it mandatory to include an add-on cover in my car insurance cover?

    No, it is not compulsory to include add-on covers in your car insurance policy and it purely depends on your requirements and budget. These are optional benefits to enhance your policy coverage which you can opt for by paying additional premium.

  • When can I buy the add-on covers of Navi car insurance?

    You can buy the car insurance add-on covers during the time of purchasing the car insurance policy or at the time of the car insurance policy renewal.

  • How many car insurance add-on covers can I opt for in a policy year?

    There is no limit to include car insurance add-on covers that you can opt for during a policy year. It denotes that you can purchase and include as many car insurance add-on covers at a time in your policy as you want.

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