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Newborn Baby Health Insurance

Newborn baby health insurance offers complete financial safety by covering the insured for healthcare needs related to hospitalisation and other expenses including pre-hospitalisation, post-hospitalisation, modern daycare procedures, ambulance charges, etc.

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Rs. 5 Lakh cover for a newborn baby starting at Rs. 276/month* only
Rs. 5 Lakh cover for a newborn baby starting at Rs. 276/month* only
  • Tax Benefit
    Tax Benefit
    Up to 75000**
  • Claim Support
    Claim Support
    Everyday 10AM-7PM
  • 45 Lacs+
    45 Lacs+
    Happy Customers

*Standard Terms and Conditions Apply.

**Tax benefits are subject to changes in Income Tax Act.

Parenthood is unarguably one of the most beautiful phases of one’s life, right? The arrival of a new member of the family brings with it great joy and excitement. However, there is no denying that at the same time, a great sense of responsibility is also endowed on the newbie parents. Right from making the environment friendly for the baby to ensuring that they have the best health care, there are indeed a lot of things that a parent needs to take care of. However, with new policies coming every day, the new responsibilities added onto the shoulders of the parents can be reduced to a significant extent by buying a health insurance plan for their kids.

A newborn baby's health insurance cover takes care of the medical expenses incurred for the hospitalisation of the newborn baby in case of unforeseen circumstances. Since purchasing individual health insurance coverage for a newborn baby is not possible, the baby can be included with the parents in a family floater health insurance plan or under a group health insurance plan once he/she is at least 90 days old.

Need For Health Insurance For Newborn

Newborns require extra care and attention, especially in the initial few months, for sound health. This extra care includes getting their regular medical check-ups, medical treatments, and regular vaccinations done.

Medical emergencies can knock on your door anytime, moreover, the immune system of a newborn baby is weak and they are thus prone to fall sick. Thus, it is wise to have health insurance cover for a newborn baby to get the required medical treatment in times of need. In addition to ensuring timely medical treatment, a newborn baby health insurance plan also keeps the parents financially strong in difficult times.

Benefits of a Health insurance Plan with a Newborn Baby Cover

Some of the key reasons that make a health insurance policy with newborn baby cover beneficial are stated below:

  • Buying a health insurance plan with newborn baby cover ensures complete financial safety by offering comprehensive cover for healthcare needs related to hospitalisation and several other healthcare expenses like pre-hospitalisation, post-hospitalisation, modern daycare procedures, and ambulance charges, amongst others.
  • Having a health insurance policy gives you peace of mind both financially and emotionally, as you know your newborn is protected in case of an emergency with the health insurance policies.
  • By securing your baby under a good health insurance plan, you can welcome your new bundle of joy, without needing to worry regarding finances and security.
  • The premium payable towards the health insurance plan with a newborn baby cover is significantly much lesser in cost.
  • By buying a health insurance plan with a newborn baby cover, you can look ahead to increase your savings by claiming tax deductions under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • As an added advantage, many health insurance companies even provide a yearly health check-up benefit that helps you take care of your newborn baby.
  • The health insurance policy with a newborn baby cover offers you a reward in the form of a No Claim Bonus for staying healthy and not raising a claim during the policy duration.

Documents Needed for Health Insurance for Newborn Baby Cover

There are certain documents essential in case you wish to add your newborn baby to your Health insurance policy, some of which are listed below:

  • A birth certificate
  • A maternity discharge card
  • A photograph for a cashless health card
  • Health reports stating the medical condition of the newborn (if any)
  • Any other documents as requested by your respective health insurance company

What are the Risks associated with not having Newborn Coverage Post the First 90 Days of Birth?

After the arrival of your newborn baby, you will be confronted with many new joys and responsibilities, and having health insurance that covers newborns is a great relief, however, if you do not have it, then you might face financial stress due to the following reasons.

  • A financial burden is created due to the postnatal expenses, and in case they do not get covered under the health plan, it gets a bit hard for the mother and newborn baby to avail of quality health care.
  • Complications can arise during delivery, requiring immediate hospitalisation. It may become necessary for you to arrange money on an urgent basis if you do not have proper health coverage for your newborn.
  • Without having proper health insurance coverage, the newborn would not get the supervision of the doctor, which is crucial to have a faster recovery post the delivery complications.
  • Without getting your newborn insured under health insurance coverage, you could end up meeting the hefty medical bills that can pose a financial strain on your growing family.

How Many Members Can Be Covered Under A Newborn Baby Health Insurance?

Newborn babies can be covered on a family floater basis along with their parent(s). Other members of the family can also be included in the family health insurance plan. It is advisable to select an insurance company that allows the parents to include the newborn at the earliest under the plan.

Some health insurance companies in India allow policyholders to avail of the plan immediately after the birth of a child upon informing the company of the birth, so the policy buyer can include several members of the family in the plan.

Factors to Consider When Buying Health Insurance Plans for Newborn

With many health insurance companies in the market offering newborn baby health insurance coverage, it might be a tedious task to choose the most relevant one. To simplify the process, here are the important points that must be considered when purchasing a health insurance plan for a newborn baby.

1. Upgrading Feature: Most health insurance plans for newborn babies allow the parents to upgrade the plan coverage once the newborn completes 90 days. So, before buying a plan, one must make opt for the one that allows upgrading.

2. Premium: It is important to check the premium when buying a health insurance policy for a newborn to ensure that it falls within the budget. Also, some health insurance plans ask for an extra premium to cover the newborn baby while others do not. So, one should check the same before zeroing down any policy.

3. Plan Coverage: Newborn health insurance plans differ in their coverage features. Vaccination, prenatal, and postnatal expenses are covered by some insurers, whereas others do not. To ensure that the newborn is always protected, choose a policy with maximum coverage features.

4. Co-Payment Clause: Some health insurance plans for newborn babies come with a co-payment clause wherein the parents are required to pay some amount from their pocket at the time of claim. However, health insurance plans with co-payment features come at a lesser premium comparatively. So, one should check the clause, if any, before buying the policy.

5. Exclusions: Purchasing a policy requires a thorough reading of both the inclusions and the exclusions, so make sure the plan you decide to purchase meets all your requirements before purchasing it.

How to Buy Health Insurance Plans For Newborn Online At InsuranceDekho?

With InsuranceDekho you can now buy a health insurance policy for your baby in an easy, transparent, and paperless way. All you have to do is follow the easy steps given below and you can own the policy without any hassle:

1. Visit Click on the ‘health’ tab.
2. Select Gender and enter your Name. Then enter your Mobile number. You will receive an OTP on the given number. Please enter that.
3. Tell us when you can purchase the health insurance policy, and click on the ‘View Instant Quotes’ button to proceed.
4. If you want to add family members as well under the policy, then select them and their age and click on ‘Continue’.
5. Enter your Email ID and your city. Then click on the ‘Submit and View Quotes’ button.
6. You will see many health insurance quotes for individuals on your screen. Choose the most suitable one out of them as per your budget and other requirements.
7. Select the policy term. Then enter the required details. Pay the premium online via any flexible mode of payment offered through a secured gateway.

At InsuranceDekho, health insurance plans for newborns can also be purchased offline. For this, the customer care executives need to be contacted.

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Save Tax upto ₹75000*
Under Section 80D

*Tax benefits are subject to changes in Income Tax Act.

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FAQ About Newborn Baby Health Insurance

  • Why is it important to get health insurance with a newborn baby cover?

    Many families today undergo financial pressure due to the continuous rise in the healthcare treatment cost. Therefore, it is significant to keep oneself safe with a family health insurance cover as health related emergencies can happen anytime. Moreover, newborns require the same level of health protection as other family members. Therefore, buying a health insurance plan on family floater basis with a newborn cover is very important to get the entire family covered under a single plan and it also ensures an affordable premium amount.

  • What all documents are required to purchase a health insurance plan with newborn baby cover?

    The following set of documents are required while including your newborn baby to a health insurance plan:

    • A birth certificate
    • A maternity discharge card
    • A photograph for cashless health card
    • Health reports stating the medical condition of newborn (if any)
    • Any other documents as asked by your respective health insurance provider
  • What is covered under newborn baby health insurance?

    Newborn baby health insurance plans offer several coverage benefits including vaccination expenses, coverage against hospitalisation expenses.

  • What is the waiting period for newborn baby health insurance?

    Health insurance plans for new born babies come with a waiting period during which no claims are admissible. The waiting period varies from plan to plan. In case you wish to cover the newborn baby against any unforeseen event, then you must add the child in your existing health insurance policy as it will cover the basic immunisation expenses.  

  • What is the eligibility criteria for a newborn baby health cover?

    There are some health insurance providers that offer coverage for newborn babies starting from the 1st day of their birth, which may vary from one insurance company to another insurance company. Generally, newborn babies are offered coverage under health insurance plans 90 days after their birth.

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