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  • What is No Claim Bonus?

    No Claim Bonus (NCB) is basically a discount which is awarded to a policyholder by the insurer for making zero or no claims during the full policy term. NCB can also be accumulated over the years and the discount varies from 20% to 50% based on the damage premium.

  • Will Digit Car Insurance transfer my NCB when I shift from my previous car insurer?

    Yes, you can transfer No Claim Bonus (NCB) from your previous car insurer to Digit General Insurance.

  • Will I be able to select a garage of my choice for repairs?

    Digit car insurance policyholders are allowed to choose a garage as per their choice. In case you choose a workshop outside the Digit garage network, you will be provided with an advance to meet the repair expenses so that you need not raise a claim reimbursement.

  • At how many garages does Digit provide cashless claim settlement service?

    Digit General Insurance has more than 1,000 network garages at its disposal where you can enjoy the benefit of cashless claim settlement.

  • What all documents do I need at the time of policy purchase or renewal?

    You will not have to submit any documents as Digit has a zero paperwork policy during both the purchase as well as renewal of the policy. You just need to fill in the vehicle details such as the model, variant, registration number of the car etc. at the time of purchase and your previous policy details at the time of renewal. For these details you can refer to your car’s registration certificate (RC) and previous policy document.

Zero Depreciation

  • What is not covered by the Zero Depreciation Add-on?

    Under the Digit zero depreciation add-on, claims for car tyres, battery lubricants are covered at 50% and not at 100% like all the other car parts. Also, uninformed modifications to the vehicle are not covered by Zero Depreciation Add-on cover.

  • What factors should I consider before opting for a zero depreciation add-on cover?

    You should consider the following factors at the time of opting a zero depreciation add-on cover:

    • Age of the car
    • Model and variant of the vehicle
    • Frequency of selling or buying a new car
    • The value of the parts in your vehicle

  • Can I choose the claim in which I want to use the zero depreciation benefits?

    Yes, it is up to the policyholders to decide whether they want to pay for the cost of depreciation of the replaced/repaired parts or not for a particular claim.

  • Can I opt for Zero Depreciation add-on for a secondhand car?

    Yes, you can avail the zero depreciation add-on cover for your secondhand car provided its age does not exceed 5 years. To ensure the condition of the car, the company can even conduct an inspection to allow the inclusion of add-on cover to your policy.

  • Should I renew the zero depreciation cover every time I renew my comprehensive car insurance policy?

    Yes, you will have to renew your zero depreciation cover every time you renew your comprehensive car insurance policy provided it fulfils the conditions of zero depreciation add-on cover at the time of renewal.

Add On

  • What type of add-on covers are provided by Digit car insurance plans?

    Digit car insurance plans are available with different add-on covers which comprise consumable cover, zero depreciation cover, breakdown assistance cover, return to invoice cover, engine and gearbox protection, car tyre protection cover, and daily conveyance benefit.

  • When can I opt for the add-on covers to include in my car insurance policy?

    You can purchase an add-on cover either during the time of car insurance policy purchase or renewal of your car insurance policy.

  • Is it mandatory to buy the add-on covers for the car insurance policy?

    No, it is not compulsory to purchase an add-on cover and to include it in your car insurance policy. It is designed to increase the coverage of your insurance plan, hence, if you feel that your insurance plan’s coverage is less, then only you should choose an add-on cover.

  • Do I need to pay more to include an add-on cover in my insurance plan?

    Yes, you will have to pay for an additional premium cost, in addition to the premium for your base plan coverage, to buy and avail an add-on insurance cover.

  • Is there any limit to include add-on covers in the car insurance policy?

    No, there is no limit specified to add add-on covers in the car insurance policy and you can opt for as many add-on covers as you wish.


  • How can I locate a cashless garage associated with Digit?

    Navigate to the official website. You will be needed to scroll down the homepage and click on ‘Find Garages’ option located under the heading of ‘Services’. On the next page, select the city and give the Manufacturer name. Then Click on ‘Find Garage’, a list of the associated workshops will appear on your screen.

  • What additional things do I need to furnish to the company for claim settlement in case of theft of the insured vehicle?

    Apart from the necessary documents, you will be required to submit the entire set of vehicle keys, the Final Report – No Trace Report for the lost vehicle, Indemnity Bond as well as the NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the financer in case of theft of the vehicle.

  • How long will it take to process the final claim settlement?

    90.4% of the motor claims filed in Digit are settled are within 30 days. You can also check for the claim settlement turn around time, as that will help to give you an insight on how fast the claims are being processed and settled by the insurer.

  • Is the car insurance claim process time-bound?

    Yes, the claim process is time-bound. It is advisable to inform the insurer within 24 hours of the incident.

  • From where can I get the claim form of the Digit car insurance plan?

    You can download the claim form of Digit car insurance policy from its official website or reach out to the nearest branch and collect the hard copy of the claim form.


  • What factors should I consider before renewing my policy?

    You should consider the following factors at the time of renewing your car insurance policy:

    • claim settlement ratio
    • Customer assistance service
    • Cashless garage network
    • Insurance premium price

  • Will I be able to retain my NCB if I migrate from a different insurer to Digit General Insurance?

    Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of NCB (No Claim Bonus) while renewing your policy after migrating from a different insurance company. Digit offers NCB discounts based on your track record with past insurers.

  • In order to transfer my policy from my previous insurer, will I have to submit all my documents to Digit at the time of renewal?

    Digit General Insurance believes in zero to minimal paperwork policy. Therefore, no documents are required at the time of renewal. You just need to provide the required details and you are done.

  • How do I get the documents of the policy if I opt for the offline process?

    In case you opt for the offline process to renew the Digit car insurance policy, the documents will be sent to you via courier at the address given in your details within a few days.

  • Can I renew my insurance plan if I do not have the documents at the time of renewal?

    Yes, you can renew the Digit car insurance policy even if you don’t have the documents at the time of renewal. You just need to give the registration number of the car to renew your policy.

Third Party

  • What happens if I am involved in an accident in a different city or state?

    Digit General Insurance provides coverage to its policyholders irrespective of the city or state in which the incident takes place. However, the place of accident/mishap should not be outside the geographical coverage mentioned in the policy document.

  • How much compensation is provided if an accident results in permanent total disability of a third party?

    The final compensation amount is decided by a court of law and the indemnification cost is borne by the Insurer.

  • Does the insurer bear the expenses incurred during a court trial involving the insured car?

    Yes, the Digit third party liability cover offers indemnification for the expenses incurred during a court trial.

  • Do I get coverage for car theft under Digit third party car insurance policy?

    No, Digit third party car insurance policy provides the basic coverage only for the third party. The insured does not get compensated for the theft of the insured’s car under this policy.

  • Can I extend the coverage for the Digit third party car insurance policy?

    No, the coverage of the Digit third party car insurance policy can not be extended as it does not offer any add-on covers but provides only basic coverage. For extensive coverage, you can opt for the comprehensive car insurance policy.


  • How can I purchase the Digit comprehensive policy online?

    • Step-1 -Visit the official website of Digit. Then enter your vehicle details - make, model, variant along with the registration date and the city your vehicle is being driven in. Click on ‘Get Quote’.
    • Step-2 - Select ‘Standard Package’ (Comprehensive Insurance).
    • Step-3 - Furnish all the details about your previous insurance policy such as the expiration date, claims filed in the previous year, No Claim Bonus rewards (if any).
    • Step-4 - You will be given a quote for your premium. Digit comprehensive policy allows you to further customization your insurance plan with the help of various add-on covers. The final premium will be available on the next page where you can proceed with payment.

  • Are passengers covered under the comprehensive car insurance?

    Digit comprehensive car insurance policy covers only insured car and third party liabilities in case of an accident or any other mishap. To get an insurance cover for unnamed passengers, you can buy the Digit passenger cover add-on which provides a coverage of up to Rs. 2 lakh against a premium.

  • Is it mandatory to have a comprehensive car insurance policy?

    No, according to the Indian Motor Tariff 2002, every vehicle-owner should have their vehicles insured with at least a third party liability only insurance policy. Thus, a comprehensive cover is not mandatory although a recommended plan as it insures you against own-damages of your car besides the third party liabilities.

  • How can I get the quotes for Digit comprehensive car insurance?

    You can get the quotes for Digit through its official website. You can also opt to get the quote through InsuranceDekho just by entering the car registration number on its “Get a Quote” feature.

  • What are the factors that influence the premium amount of the Digit comprehensive car insurance policy?

    The factors that influence the premium amount of the Digit comprehensive car insurance policy are Deductibles, Add-On Covers, Tenure of the policy, Age of the insured’s car, Make and model of the car, and Insured Declared Value (IDV).


  • How does Digit cashless garage facility work?

    After the accident, once the policyholder informs the insurance company regarding the mishap, the company sends a surveyor to analyze the loss or damage incurred by the vehicle. Once the surveyor sends the report and the insurance company approves it, the whole repair process happens. The insurance company after the repair of the vehicle directly settles the bill with the owner of the workshop.

  • Is the Cashless garage facility offered by Digit helpful?

    Yes, the cashless garage facility offered by Digit is very helpful. Some of the benefits of the facility are mentioned below:

    • It is an easy, convenient and a hassle-free option.
    • Cashless garage facility does not include hefty paperwork for the policyholder.
    • This facility lessens the need for an individual to carry cash, thus, in a way reducing the financial burden on the policyholder.

  • How many network garages are there under Digit?

    There are mainly around 1551 cashless garages network list across the country under GoDigit insurance.

  • Is the car insurance plan offered by Digit cashless?

    The cashless garage service can be availed by the policyholder only when they send their damaged car to any of the listed garages for the purpose of repair. Moreover, owing to the amount of the deductibles, the entire claim is not cashless. These claims need to be borne by the policyholder themselves to take into consideration depreciation.

  • What is Digit Cashless Car insurance?

    A cashless car insurance plan with Digit, helps the policyholder in availing all the benefits of a car insurance plan such as getting the vehicle repaired after the accident without making any payment. As the bill for the repair would get directly settled by the insurance company with the garage owner.

Premium Calculator

  • Which are the factors that determine the amount of premium of Digit car insurance plans?

    Factors that influence the premium amount of a Digit car insurance policy are Insured Declared Value (IDV), Anti-theft Devices, No Claim Bonus (NCB), Engine Cubic Capacity, Age of the car, Year of Registration, Add-on options, etc.

  • How a premium calculator can assist me with my car insurance plan?

    The car insurance premium calculator can help you in finding the right premium cost for car insurance plans and IDV offered for the insured car, which is provided by different insurance companies in the market. With this type of information, you can easily opt for an affordable insurance policy and make wise decisions related to car insurance.

  • Can a premium calculator compute premium only for new cars?

    No, the premium calculator calculates and displays the amount of premium and IDV for new as well as old cars.

  • Which insurance details are to be entered on the car insurance premium calculator?

    You need to enter details like make, model and variant of the car, fuel type of the car, RTO location of the car, engine capacity of the car, registration year of the car, and so on, on the premium calculator to get the premium costs provided by different insurance companies.

  • Where can I use the premium calculator to calculate the premium for my policy?

    You can easily get the best premium calculator to reckon the premium amount and IDV for your insurance policy at the official website of InsuranceDekho, i.e.,

Own Damage

  • What are the various add-ons available with Digit Own Damage insurance?

    Some of the add-on covers available with Digit own damage insurance are as follows:

    • Engine and Gearbox Protection cover
    • Zero Depreciation Cover
    • Consumable Cover
    • Tyre Protect Cover
    • Passenger Cover
    • Return to invoice Cover
    • Breakdown Assistance

  • What all coverage does Digit Own Damage insurance offers to the policyholder?

    The own damage cover offers the following protection to the policyholder:

    • Theft, burglary and housebreaking
    • Accidental damages to the vehicle
    • Self ignition, implosions, lightning, fire, and explosions
    • Landslide, earthquakes and rockslides.
    • Riots, strikes, terrorism attacks, or malicious damage
    • Natural calamities such as typhoons, cyclones, floods, etc.
    • Vehicle transit by road, inland waterways, rail or air.

  • What all factors are responsible for Digit Own Damage Premium calculation?

    The premium is calculated based upon the following factors:

    • Insured declared value of the car
    • Cubic capacity of the engine
    • Geographical zone
    • Type, make and age of the insured car

  • Who is eligible to purchase Digit Own Damage insurance?

    Any individual who has an active and valid third party car insurance plan is allowed to purchase a standalone own damage insurance plan to ensure protection against damages or losses sustained by their own car due to any accident or mishap.

  • Is purchasing an Own Damage cover necessary?

    No, purchasing an own damage insurance cover for your car is not necessary. According to the Indian Motor Tariff Act, it is compulsory to purchase a valid third party insurance plan for all the vehicles driving on public roads in India.

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  • Theft Recovery

    My car was stolen from the office parking in the middle of the day. I instantly called the police and made my next call to Digit, whose car insurance I had purchased. They very calmly handled the conversation and guided me throughout the police complaint process. Unfortunately, police could not find my car and issued a non traceable certificate after which I got my claim from Digit. I'm thankful to InsuranceDekho for recommending Digit for its efficient working and sympathetic customer support.

    By Gulfisha Ahmed
    On: July 12, 2024
  • Convenient Process of Claim

    Switching to Digit is a decision that I'm very positive about. The whole experience of a digital platform is very impressive. Especially the document submission is very smooth. Thanks to InsurnaceDekho for recommending Digit insurance.

    By Maryam Warsi
    On: July 1, 2024
  • Excellent Grievance Redressal

    I was having some concerns over some details in the policy document. Upon contacting Digit customer service, they tried explaining it to me but I was not totally convinced and wanted a more detailed response. I further contacted the grievance redressal officer who addressed all my concerns in detail and gave considerable time to help me. InsuranceDekho had mentioned that Digit has a very nice customer query response which inclined me towards the insurer.

    By Jagteshwar Singh
    On: June 28, 2024
  • Benefits of Consumable covers

    My car had some mechanical issues and was taken by the insurer for repair. After repairing I had to pay nothing except the deductibles. Moreover, my consumable cover saved me the cost of the consumables required in repairing the car as well. Kudos to InsuanceDekho and their team for helping out in picking the best insurer. After claims with no issues, I'm sure I will keep buying policies from Digit Only.

    By Priyanshu Deshmukh
    On: June 28, 2024
  • Quality centric service

    I'm a critical thinker and I always scrutinise my decisions. In all honesty, I was very conscious about sending my car to a cashless garage. Somehow due to the very experienced and quality-centric customer service, I chose to get my car towed to a cashless garage. I must say I am very impressed with their work and I will be much more relaxed regarding that in future. Thanks to InsuranceDekho for finding Digit, a trustworthy quality quality-focused insurer.

    By Anshika Chawla
    On: June 27, 2024
  • Loss of Personal Belonging Cov...

    My laptop was stolen from my car and the window was broken while the car was in parking. I ran to the police and was weeping about my loss as I knew the chances of getting it back are very low. Thanks to Digit loss of personal belonging add-on with the comprehensive car insurance which covered my laptop and I recieved my claim along with the window getting replaced. Shout out to InsuranceDekho for suggesting Digit car insurance with the necessary add-on that made the experience less horrible.

    By Shrishti Damodar
    On: June 25, 2024
  • Broken window

    Some kids broke the window of my car while playing cricket. I intimated the claim and the process was very easy and did not take much time and my window was repaired in no time. I remember taking assistance from InsuranceDekho while choosing Digit for my car insurance.

    By Jaideep Singh
    On: June 24, 2024
  • Cashless Settlement

    I'm super happy with Digit car insurance, the claim settlement process is very smooth, especially the cashless approach. I didn’t have to pay anything at the garage and my car got repaired and they even washed it. Delighted, thanks to InsuranceDekho for the support in selecting the best policy

    By Azazil Haider
    On: June 20, 2024
  • Amazing user interface

    InsuranceDekho provided me with various options on insurance policies to choose my deal from. I chose GoDogit and I am thankful for it. One of the coolest thing about Digit is the mobile App UI which makes the operations very easy for the user to use. I had to make some changes to my policy document and I could do it without any guidance on how to use the app.

    By Madhav Shankar
    On: June 17, 2024
  • Easy NCB Transfer

    Switching to Digit car insurance is a good move. I did and I dont regret. My NCB was transferred easily and my premium sounds very justified. Thanks to InsuranceDekho for giving me a wider perspective.

    By Shreya Girotra
    On: June 13, 2024

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