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Starting From 2094
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About Cholamandalam Car Insurance Claim

A car insurance policy entitles a policyholder to file a compensation claim for the damages caused and/or incurred by the insured vehicle with the insurer depending upon the nature of the car insurance policy purchased.

Cholamandalam offers an easy claim initiation process and guides its customers through the entire process until the final disbursal of the claim amount to ensure that its customers experience a hassle-free process. Cholamandalam features a wide network of more than 6,900 authorised garages where its customers can get their entire claim process in a cashless manner.

Documents Required For Cholamandalam Car Insurance Claim Settlement

  • Duly Signed Claim Form
  • Copy Of Driving License
  • Copy Of RC
  • Copy Of Insurance Policy
  • FIR (in case of death and bodily injury)
  • Original Repair Estimate Slip/Repair Invoice
  • Hospital Bills (in case of hospitalization)

How To Make A Cashless Car Insurance Claim With Cholamandalam?

Step 1: Request For Claim Initiation

Immediately inform Cholamandalam about the accident/mishap. You can inform the insurer by calling 1800-208-5544. You can also inform the insurer by visiting its general insurance website, clicking on the ‘Claims’ tab and selecting the ‘Motor Claims’ option. Login with your credentials, provide your policy details and click on the ‘Make a Claim’ button to request a claim initiation.

Step 2: Inspection By A Surveyor

Cholamandalam will send a surveyor to examine the extent of damage suffered by the car. If you had opted for the ‘On-site Minor Repair’ add-on at the time of policy purchase, then you can request for an on-site repair service in case of minor damages.

Step 3: Request For Towing Service

Ask the insurer to arrange a towing service for the damaged vehicle. The company provides a towing service within 50 km range of the accident spot. The towing service is free of charge up to Rs. 3,000 with the ‘Transfer Cost Reimbursement’ add-on and up to Rs 1,500 with the ‘Transfer of the covered vehicle’ add-on cover. Get the car towed to the nearest Cholamandalam authorised garage.

Step 4: Car Repairs

Your car will be repaired at the workshop and the insurer will pay the entire repair cost directly to the garage after completion of all formalities and documentation. The documentation can be done online also by uploading all the necessary documents on the ‘Motor Claims’ page.

Step 5: Payment of Deductibles

Pay the compulsory deductible amount along with the voluntary deductible amount (if opted for) to the insurer and take your car home!

How To Make A Reimbursement Car Insurance Claim With Cholamandalam

Step 1: Inform Cholamandalam

Call Cholamandalam at 1800-208-5544 and inform them about the accident/theft/mishap involving the insured car. Ask the representative on the call to initiate the claim. Alternatively, you can request a claim initiation on the company’s general insurance website. Click on the ‘Claims’ tab, select the ‘Motor Claims’ option. Proceed by logging in with your credentials. You will be redirected to a new page asking for your policy details and click on the ‘Submit’ button. You will receive a claim initiation confirmation email from the insurer.

Step 2: Survey Of Damaged Vehicle

The company will arrange a surveyor for inspection of the extent of damage incurred by the insured vehicle. However, if the damage is minor and you had opted for the ‘On-site Minor Repair service’ add-on at the time of purchasing the policy you can get the car repaired by the insurer on the accident spot.

Step 3: Tow Vehicle To The Nearest Garage

Take your vehicle to the nearest garage after inspection. You can arrange a towing service by yourself or raise a request for the same with the insurer. The towing cost is reimbursable up to Rs 1,500 or Rs 3,000, depending on the type of add-on purchased.

Step 4: Repair Of Damaged Vehicle

Get your car repaired at a nearby garage/workshop. Make sure you collect all the original bills from the garage before taking your car home.

Step 5: Claim Settlement

Submit all the original repair bills along with the required documents to Cholamandalam to initiate a reimbursement of the claim amount. You can submit either by post or online by uploading them on the Cholamandalam general insurance website’s ‘Motor Claims’ page.

Post completion of all formalities, Cholamandalam will reimburse the claim amount to you after factoring in the applicable deductibles (compulsory and voluntary, if opted for). The reimbursement may take up to 7 working days from the completion of formalities.

Common Claim Rejection Reasons

  • Car being driven by a driver under the influence of intoxicants at the time of accident/mishap.
  • Occurrence of accident due to the negligence of traffic rules or careless/rash driving.
  • Delay in informing the company about the accident.
  • Initiation of car repairs without required intimation of the claim/accident/mishap to the company.
  • Absence of valid documents with the driver at the time of accident.
  • Expired/invalid car insurance policy.

Cholamandalam MS No Claim Bonus

No Claim Bonus or NCB is a reward offered by the Cholamandalam MS to its policyholders for not raising any claim request during a policy year. The NCB is provided in terms of discount which ranges from 20% to 50% and is delivered to the insured person at the time of policy renewal with which the car insurance premium for the next year reduces by the percentage of the NCB. This benefit is applicable only on the own-damage section of a car insurance policy when the insured vehicle has been insured continuously for a period of twelve (12) months without any type of break.

As the No Claim Bonus is given during the time of policy renewal, which means it is quite necessary for policyholders to renew their policies on time to continue to hold and avail this benefit, otherwise, it will be terminated. Also, this discount is transferable in case the policyholder buys a new vehicle or another car insurance policy due to the fact that it belongs to policyholders and not to the insured car as it is given for making no claim which is possible with safe driving. To continue to hold this benefit, it is suggested to try not making any small claims and bear them on your own.

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  • Sensible Choice for Legal Prot...

    Third-party car insurance from InsuranceDekho is a sensible choice for legal protection. The Chola MS Car Insurance Policy ensures that I comply with the law while keeping my expenses in check for my Skoda car.

    By Samisha Boudh
    On: November 8, 2023
  • Economical Premiums

    I found that the premiums for the zero-depreciation Chola MS Car Insurance Policy from InsuranceDekho are economical, making it a valuable investment for my MG car.

    By Dheraj Mangla
    On: November 7, 2023
  • Ease of Use

    The premium calculator from InsuranceDekho is incredibly easy to use. It's designed with the customer in mind, making it accessible to all. With its help, I could purchase the Chola MS Car Insurance Policy for my Renault car.

    By Neel Pawani
    On: October 18, 2023
  • Comprehensive Protection

    Opting for zero-depreciation claim for the Chola MS Car Insurance Policy with InsuranceDekho provides me with comprehensive protection, ensuring that my investment in my Maruti car is safeguarded.

    By Sakshi Chand
    On: October 16, 2023
  • Responsive Customer Support fo...

    I recently bought the Chola MS Car Insurance Policy for my Maruti car. And I must say that the customer support team at InsuranceDekho is responsive and ready to assist with any issues related to cashless garage repairs.

    By Kenisha Saraf
    On: October 11, 2023
  • A Trustworthy Partner

    In summary, InsuranceDekho has proven to be a trustworthy partner when it comes to claim the Chola MS Car Insurance Policy for my Honda car. Their efficient and transparent claims process ensures that you're well taken care of during stressful times.

    By Nikita Sethi
    On: October 3, 2023
  • Customized Premiums

    I appreciated InsuranceDekho's premium calculator for allowing me to customize my coverage for the Chola MS Car Insurance Policy to match my needs and budget for my Mercedes-Benz. It's a flexible tool that caters to individual preferences.

    By Vikram Thakur
    On: September 27, 2023
  • Peace of Mind with Zero Dep In...

    I opted for a Zero Dep Chola MS Car Insurance Policy through InsuranceDekho, and it's been a game-changer. With this policy, I don't have to worry about the depreciation of car parts during a claim. It's like having a safety net for my Ford car. Highly recommended for car owners who want complete peace of mind.

    By Priyal Randhawa
    On: September 25, 2023
  • Prompt Settlement at Cashless ...

    I recently had my Audi car repaired at one of InsuranceDekho's cashless garages, and the settlement process of the Chola MS Car Insurance Policy was incredibly prompt. I was back on the road in no time.

    By Pihu Balani
    On: September 20, 2023
  • Comprehensive Coverage for a W...

    InsuranceDekho's comprehensive coverage protects my Nissan car against a wide range of risks, from accidents to natural disasters. The Chola MS Car Insurance Policy is a reliable safety net.

    By Mili Dhingra
    On: September 15, 2023

Cholamandalam Car Insurance Claim FAQs

  • What should I do after an accident?

    Immediately seek medical aid after an accident if it has resulted in a serious injury/death of any person. Post seeking medical help, inform Cholamandalam about the accident by calling at 1800-208-5544 and initiate the claim process.
  • Can I withdraw a registered claim?

    Yes, you can withdraw a registered claim. For this, visit Cholamandalam’s general insurance website, click on the ‘Claims’ tab and select the ‘Motor Claims’ option. Login with your credentials. Click on the ‘Withdraw My Claim’ tab and enter the policy number/claim number/vehicle number/contract number.
  • From where can I download a copy of the claim documents?

    You can download a copy of the filed claim documents such as the claim form and liability computation, etc. by selecting selecting the ‘Motor Claims’ option and clicking on the ‘Download Claim Documents’ option on the Cholamandalam’s general insurance website.
  • Is there any difference in the claim amount of cashless and reimbursement settlement method?

    No, there is no difference in the claim amount. The difference is only in the reimbursement method.
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