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Claim settlement is the process where the insurer fulfils its obligation to provide financial cover for damages that happened to your car under pre-agreed circumstances. There are different types of claim settlement processes and the required documents also differ in different scenarios.

Claim settlement Ratio of HDFC Car insurance

The claim settlement ratio determines how efficient an insurer is in providing claims. HDFC Ergo currently maintains a Claim Settlement Ratio of 99% in motor. However, it is important to be mindful of the claim settlement process to ensure proper documents are maintained to file a claim.

Types of HDFC Ergo Claim Settlement Process

HDFC Ergo provides 2 types of claim settlement processes:

  1. Cashless claim settlement
  2. Reimbursement

Cashless Claim Settlement Process

HDFC Ergo has 8000+ cashless garages across India. Cashless garages provide repair services without any upfront payment by you. These garages have ties with HDFC and are paid directly by them for their services to customers.

Reimbursement Claim Settlement Process

The reimbursement process is where you get your car repaired at any garage and pay for it, and later the insurer pays the repair cost to you.

To get reimbursement for the cost of repair, you need to ensure that you initiate the claim as soon as you observe the damage. After the inspection survey get your car repaired and send the invoice to HDFC Ergo for reimbursement.

HDFC Ergo claim Initiation

Claim Initiation is the first step of filing a claim. Initiation means informing the insurer about the damage that happened to your car. It is important to initiate the claim as soon as you observe damage to ensure that the process moves smoothly.

To initiate a claim with HDFC Ergo, you can choose any of the given channels:

  • Call HDFC Ergo customer care on the toll-free number 022 6234 6234.
  • Write an e-mail to
  • Text to official WhatsApp number 7070022222.

How to File a HDFC Ergo Car Insurance Claim?

Under different circumstances, the claim process can differ slightly. Given below are claim processes for accidents and third-party claims

Accidental Claims

The process to file an accidental claim is given below:

  1. Initiate the Claim: Inform your insurer about the accident. Give a brief description of how it happened and what damages you and your car suffered. A person should be completely honest with the insurer to maintain trust which will ensure a smooth process.
  1. File an FIR: Report the accident to the nearest police station around the location of the accident. A copy of the FIR will be submitted to the insurer along with other necessary documents.
  1. Take Pictures: Take photographs that clearly show the damages done to the car due to the accident. These pictures will be used to examine the extent of damage which will produce an estimated cost of repair.
  1. Submit Required Documents: Documents such as FIR copy, RC, Driving License, and Insurance papers are required to file a claim. HDFC Ergo offers online and digital methods of submitting documents as well.
  1. Get Your Car Repaired: Take your car to a network cashless garage or any other garage to get it repaired. Once the car is repaired, HDFC will directly pay to the garage or reimburse the customer.

Third-Party Claims

Third-party claims are filed when damage is caused by our car to a third party (person or property). The process for filing a third-party claim is given below:

  1. Report the incident to the nearest police station and keep a copy of the FIR.
  2. Take one copy of the chargesheet filed by the police.
  3. Next, you will have to hire a lawyer who will file a compensation claim case in the Motor Accidental Claims Tribunal. Note that the case has to be made at the local tribunal court of the area where the accident occurred.

In case of injury or death, most cases are settled out-of-court by mutual agreement. Although there are no legal issues with this, in such cases it is recommended to involve authorities.

In case of property damage, compensation is decided or rejected only after a hearing is completed from both parties involved. 7.5 Lakh Rupees is the maximum limit of compensation for property damage.

Claim Process of HDFC Ergo Car Insurance

In the claim settlement process, you can choose among the online and offline methods of claim settlement.


  1. Intimation: Inform the insurer about the damages that happened to your car as soon as you observe them. You can initiate by visiting the official website of the insurer or texting on the official WhatsApp number 8169 500 500.
  2. Complete Survey: Depending on the damages HDFC would suggest an AI-based survey through your smartphone or shall send an inspecting surveyor.
  3. Approval and Repairs: Once the claim is approved, HDFC Ergo will authorise the garage to proceed with the repairs on a cashless basis.
  4. Authorised Garage: Once the survey is completed and approved, you can visit the garage to get your car repaired. To have a cashless experience, you will have to go to the nearest network garage which has ties with HDFC Ergo.
  5. Direct Settlement: Post repair, the cost of repair will either be paid directly to the network garage or will be reimbursed to the customer.


To follow an offline approach to claim settlement, initiate the claim by calling the HDFC Ergo toll-free number 022 6234 6234 or visit the nearest branch. Your initiation will be followed by a visiting surveyor. Once the cost of repair is approved you can proceed to the garage to get your car repaired.

Documents Required for HDFC Ergo Claim Process

The following documents are required in the process of settling a claim:

  • Claim form filled in and signed
  • A copy of your Vehicles R.C.
  • A copy of the Driving License of the person driving at the time of the accident

Below are the Additional documents required in case of theft

  • R.T.O. Paper duly signed from the local R.T.O. Office
  • N.O.C. from Finance Company in case the car is hypothecated
  • Letter of Indemnity & Subrogation from a Notary located near a Local Court

These are the common documents required in the claim process but it is suggested to check with the insurer as you might need other documents as well.

HDFC Ergo No Claim Bonus

No Claim Bonus (NCB) works as a reward for keeping your car well protected during the policy. If you make no claims in a year, you are rewarded with NCB ranging from 20% to 50%. NCB is applied to the premium of your renewal of car insurance.

The longer you don’t file any claims, the more reward you get.

Claim Free years

NCB discount











Details, Benefits, and Limitations

Some key points about NCB to keep in mind are:

  • No claim bonus is applied to your own damage portion of the premium only.
  • NCB expires if you do not renew your policy within 90 days of expiry.
  • The maximum NCB you can get is 50% which you get after 5 claim-free years.
  • NCB is tied with the owner and not the car, which means it can be applied to a new car that you get (the new car must match the class of the older car according to the tariff).

HDFC Ergo Car Insurance Claim Assistance & Support

To help with their claim process, HDFC Ergo has certain channels open for its customers to seek assistance or get answers to their queries. These channels are discussed below:

Toll-Free Number: Reach out to HDFC Ergo customer support by calling on 022 6234 6234 / 0120 6234 6234

Live Chat Support: Visit the website and click on the ‘Help’ icon located on the top right corner of the screen. From the drop-down menu, click on ‘Chat With Us’. A chatbox will appear where you can seek support.

Email Support: You can write an E-mail to the customer assistance team at

WhatsApp Updates: You can send a WhatsApp text on their official mobile number 8169 500 500.

The Grievance Redressal Cell: If you are not satisfied with the response of the customer assistant team, you can reach out to the grievance redressal cell by mailing or calling on 18002677444 (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM).
HDFC Ergo has special channels for senior citizens and women:

Senior Citizens: Call on 022- 6242-6226 or write at .

Women: 022-6242-6255.

Insurance Ombudsman: In case the grievance redressal can not provide a satisfactory response, you can approach to an Insurance Ombudsman through the Council for Insurance Ombudsmen.

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  • Accident Claim Settlement

    I was involved in a minor accident where the front bumper of my car was damaged. HDFC ERGO's claim process was smooth and efficient. My claim was approved within 24 hours and car was repaired at one of their network garages. I'm grateful to InsuranceDekho for recommending HDFC ERGO for their hassle-free claim settlement.

    By Arundhati Raj Gupta
    On: July 2, 2024
  • Quick repair service

    My car's bumper was hanging after it was hit by a car. I gave my car for repair at one of the cashless garages by HDFC Ergo and it was delivered back within the same day. I am very happy with the efficient services provided by HDFC Ergo. Kudos to InsuranceDekho for helping me choose the right fit insurance plan.

    By Kabir Monga
    On: July 1, 2024
  • Roadside assistance

    I was travelling back to Delhi from Moradabad early morning when my car stopped working and smoke was coming out from the engine. I was in a panic situation and called the HDFC Ergo claim team and a towing vehicle arrived in justified time with a mechanic who assessed the car and identified the problem. The car was then towed to a garage and I came back to my home with a cab. In a couple of days, my car was delivered back and all the costs were handled by HDFC Ergo. The whole experience was more helpful than I wished for and I would encourage everyone to take insurance using InsuranceDekho to protect themselves from getting stuck in such situations.

    By Zeeshan Kamil
    On: June 27, 2024
  • Smooth claim process

    Couple of days before my car was damaged by a branch of a tree falling on it during a heavy storm. I could not imagine how much cost it would have taken to repair if I didn't have insurance. HDFC Ergo car insurance claim process was very simple and easygoing. Thanks to InsuranceDekho for helping in selecting the best insurance provider.

    By Aman Malhotra
    On: June 25, 2024
  • Reimbursement claim

    A small accident a few days back caused minor damage to my car. I was very annoyed with the incident as it prevented me from making to my job interview. I took my car to my trusted garage and got it repaired and got the claim reimbursed through HDFC. I was already tensed and thought that the insurer would trouble me with a long process but instead, they were very understanding and quickly completed the inspection process. Have to give it to InsuranceDekho for their expertise, their assistance team mentioned that HDFC is one of the best when it comes to claim settlement.

    By Ranbir Chatterjee
    On: June 24, 2024
  • Customised Plan

    Thanks to InsuranceDekho for helping me find the perfect insurer. HDFC Ergo's comprehensive plan fits all my needs. This plan is perfect for every season's needs and makes me secure on the roads. The add-ons are like a cherry on the cake. Kudos to the whole team.

    By Agathiyan
    On: June 19, 2024
  • Overnight repair

    I got some minor dents on my car 2 days ago and the feature of HDFC Ergo overnight repair amazed me. They picked up my car in the evening and the next morning i had a call notifying that the car was repaired. I was so amused! Thanks to InsuranceDekho for the help during this processs.

    By Nihal Siddiqui
    On: June 13, 2024
  • Best Services

    InsuranceDekho is awesome at its job. The cool interface is so much interesting with its features to compare quotes and apply filters. It was a great decision to purchase my HDFC Ergo car insurance through them.

    By Parth Sharma
    On: June 11, 2024
  • Quality customer care

    I have a HDFC Ergo own damage car insurance and I have been very satisfied with the services and customer care. They respond on time and the car picks up service is fast as well. InsuranceDekho was key in finding the best policy to match my requirements.

    By Prem Tripathi
    On: May 30, 2024
  • Easy and smooth process

    HDFC Ergo's car insurance plan for my Hyundai i20 eased my worries. I visited them again and bought the same plan for my wife’s car. The online process was straightforward, and their customer service team provided great assistance whenever needed.

    By Rohan Patel
    On: May 29, 2024

545 Hdfc Ergo Cashless Garages in India

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Claim FAQs

  • How should I make a claim for my stolen car?

    • Lodge an FIR
    • Inform your insurer about the theft
    • Wait for the policy to issue a final “Non-Traceable Report”
    • Transfer the registration certificate of your lost car to the insurer along with a letter of subrogation

  • Under what circumstances does your insurer make a partial claim settlement?

    The insurer may not realize the full value of your claim. This is because your assessment of the car damage may be different from what the insurer has evaluated. Also, the claim settlement is subject to the terms and conditions of each insurer. This results in the insurer not rejecting the claim proposal in full but honoring only a part of the claim you had sought from the company.

  • What are the important considerations to be followed to ensure a hassle-free claim settlement process?

    Keeping in mind the following conditions ensures a seamless claim settlement process:

    • Always keep a copy of your insurance documents in your car
    • Do not drink and drive
    • Do not flout traffic rules
    • Know your policy’s inclusions and exclusions

  • What are the documents that must be kept in the vehicle while going to public places?

    While plying public spaces, always keep the following documents with you:

    • Copy of your insurance policy
    • Copy of the registration certificate of your vehicle
    • Copy of your driving license
    • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate
  • What you must not do while filing your car insurance claim?

    Accidental damage can mar the fun of driving. However, you must be aware of the “Don’ts” while filing a car insurance claim. These include:

    • Do not move your car from the accident spot
    • Do not hide any details about the accident
    • Do not settle with the third party without informing the insurer
    • Do not sign final claim settlement papers without reviewing your policy
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