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Claim is the amount you receive from the insurer in situations where the insurer is obliged to cover your expenses. The claim is processed based on the terms and conditions listed in the policy. Acko is a digital-first insurance provider that offers comprehensive, third-party, and standalone own-damage car insurance policies to protect vehicle owners from financial and legal liabilities.

Claim settlement Ratio of Acko Car insurance

Being a modern-era insurance provider, Acko has impressed with its smooth functioning and paperless process. However, it has delivered customer satisfaction as well which is evident with its 96.27% claim settlement ratio recorded in FY 2021-22. Claim settlement ratio determines the efficiency of an insurer in regard to settling claims.

Types of Acko Claim Settlement Process

There are two types of claim settlement processes mentioned below. It is important to understand that the claim provided by the insurer is the remaining cost of the invoice after subtracting the deductibles which are paid by the customer. Deductible is a pre-agreed amount which is the maximum amount a customer would pay voluntarily from his pocket before the insurer covers the remaining cost.

For example, if your car repair cost is 50,000 Rs and you had agreed to a 20,000 Rs deductible. In this case, you will have to pay 20,000 Rs from your pocket and the remaining 30,000 Rs will be paid by the insurer.

1. Cashless Claim Settlement Process

Acko has a wide network of cashless garages all over India. In a cashless claim settlement process you need to initiate the claim from your Acko mobile app and your car will be picked up and will be taken to the garage for repair. Further, you will just be asked to pay the deductible (if any) and your car will be delivered to you after repair.

2. Reimbursement Claim Settlement Process

In the reimbursement process of claim settlement, you take your car to any garage that might not have ties with Acko and get it repaired by paying from your pocket. Further, submit all the repair invoice(s) and you will be paid the amount after subtracting deductibles from Acko.

Acko claim Initiation

Acko has a very simple process of claim initiation. Just tap on the submitted claim on your Acko mobile app or website and your car will be picked up for repair in 60 minutes. You can also register a claim by:

  • Calling Acko customer care at 1800-266-2256.
  • Write an email to

How to File an Acko Car Insurance Claim?

There are different steps to be followed depending on the circumstances. The most common claim settlement processes are mentioned below.

If your car is damaged

Follow the simple process of claim settlement if your car is damaged:

  1. Register a claim using the mobile app.
  2. Your car will be picked up in 60 minutes.
  3. You can track the repair with live updates on your mobile app.
  4. Your car will be delivered back to you in a maximum of 3 days depending on how much time it takes to repair.

If another vehicle damages your car in an Accident

If another vehicle damages your car in an accident, follow the given steps:

  1. Take details of insurance of third-party.
  1. Inform the insurer of the third party and file an FIR at the nearest police station to the site of the accident.
  1. Inform Acko and present all the details. Take photographs of damages caused to your vehicle.
  1. If you receive any notice from the Motor Accident Claim Tribunal (MACT), inform Acko immediately about it as they will handle communication on your behalf.
  1. The MACT will decide how much compensation should be paid. Once the decision is announced, the insurer of the third party shall pay you the amount.

Cases of Theft

If your car is stolen, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. File an FIR and inform Acko immediately.
  2. Upload the car's RC, copy of FIR, and driving licence on the app using the ‘car theft claim’ option.
  3. If the police are unable to find your car they will issue a non-traceable certificate. Upload this document on the app.
  4. The claim will be settled as per the terms and conditions.

Third-Party Claims

If another person or property is damaged by your vehicle, follow the given process:

  1. Inform Acko and describe the incident in detail.
  2. The third party will have to file an FIR at the nearest police station. Share details of your policy with the third party
  3. If you receive a notice from the Motor Accident Claim Tribunal (MACT), inform Acko as they will communicate with them on your behalf
  4. MACT will decide and announce compensation and then Acko will settle the claim accordingly.

In case of injury or death, some cases are settled out-of-court by mutual agreement. There are no issues of legality in it, but it is recommended to involve authorities in such cases.

In case of property damage, compensation is decided or rejected after hearing from both parties involved. The maximum limit of compensation for property damage is 7.5 Lakh Rupees.

Claim Process of Acko Car Insurance

Below is the complete process on how to claim Acko car insurance via online and offline mode.


Process of cashless claim settlement:

  1. Intimation: Notify Acko immediately after observing damage to your car.
  1. Complete Survey: An independent survey inspector will be hired to asses the condition and present unbiased report of the damage. Once approved you can send or take your car for repair to the garage.
  1. Track Repair: Get live updates of repair on your Acko mobile App.
  1. Claim Settlement: Once the car is repaired, the claim will be settled by Acko either by paying directly to the cashless garage or by reimbursing the customer.


An offline approach just differs in the intimation step. You can call Acko customer care or write an email to them.

Documents Required for Acko Claim Process

The following documents are required in the process of settling a claim:

  • Claim form filled in and signed
  • A copy of your Vehicles R.C.
  • A copy of the Driving License of the person driving at the time of the accident
  • Copy of policy documents
  • Images of damages
  • Copy of FIR ( if applicable)
  • Certificate of non traceable ( in case of theft)
  • Original invoice ( in case of reimbursement)
  • Original payment receipt (in case of reimbursement)

You should always discuss with the Insurer regarding the required documents in your claim process.

Acko No Claim Bonus

No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a discount that rewards you for not filing any claims during your policy. No claim bonus applies to the premium when you renew your policy. No claim bonus is applied to the own damage portion of your premium.


  • NCB is rewarded to you, not your car. So it stays with you even if you purchase a new car.
  • No claim bonus can be easily transferred in case you plan to change your insurer.


  • In case you change your car, NCB is transferable provided the new car belongs to the same class (as per the tariff) as the old car.
  • In case you don't renew your policy in 90 days after expiry, you will lose your NCB.
  • No claim bonus is calculated on your own damage premium only.
  • After the first year of insurance without filing a claim, you get a 20% discount.
  • The maximum NCB you can get is 50% of your Own Damage premium, which you get after 5 years of insurance without taking any claim.

Acko Car Insurance Claim Assistance & Support

InsuranceDekho provides customer assistance to help you purchase a policy and answer your queries. You can connect with InsuranceDekho on 7551196989 or mail them on

Acko customer care services can be accessed by given channels:

Toll-free Number: Call on toll free number 1800 266 2256 to talk to the customer support team.

Email support: Write an email to to get response to your queries.

The Grievance Redressal Cell: If you receive an unsatisfactory response from the customer assistance,you can reach out to Ackos grievance redressal cell at

Chief Grievance Officer: If Grievance Redressal fails to provide a satisfactory response, reach out to Ackos CGO, Ms Reena Evans by calling on 1800 266 2256 (Toll-Free) or 1860 266 2256 or mailing at

ACKO Car Insurance Claim Rejection Reasons

Incorrect information

If you provided wrong information when acquiring your car insurance policy, the company may reject your claim.

Careless driving

You will not be entitled to get the claim if the accident is happened due to your carelessness, which includes rough driving, absence of a valid driving license, driving in the state of intoxication or road-rashing.

Repairing the car without informing the insurer

If you have repaired your car without informing the insurance company about the accident, you will not be entitled to get any claim.

Illegal use

No claim will be initiated if your car is being used for illegal activities.

Expired policy

In the case of non-renewal, your car insurance policy becomes void and this will wipe out the benefits of insurance coverage.

Service Centers

Reach the company’s nearest service centre for claim settlement process or any related queries.

Acko No Claim Bonus

With a car insurance policy either you make a claim or you do not make it. But, the best part is that the car insurance benefits you in both ways. If you own car insurance and drive safely for a year and make no claims in a policy period, then you become liable to be awarded a No Claim Bonus (NCB).It is a reward given by an insurance company to policyholders for not raising a claim in a policy year. This benefit is offered in terms of discount while renewing the car insurance policy and accumulates with every consecutive claim-free year from 20% to a maximum of 50%.

The No Claim Bonus allows you to pay a discounted car insurance premium, which makes the policy more economical.Since the NCB is associated with the car owner rather than the car, you can keep it even if you plan to buy a new car after selling your old one or if you switch car health insurers. Only the own-damage part of your car insurance policy, which covers damage to the insured car, is eligible for a No Claim Bonus.To retain your NCB, you can also choose an NCB Protection Add-on Cover, which protects your bonus even if you make a claim.

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  • Flood Damage Repair

    My car was damaged due to the floods last month in my state. Fortunately, I had Acko car insurance and it helped me financially to get my car repaired. My claim was approved after a smooth process and my car was repaired at a cashless garage. I have no complaints with the services provided by Acko. Although the condition of my car before repairing was really bad, Acko claim settlement process returned my car in 4 days and it looks brand new now. Thanks to InsuranceDekho for suggesting Acko for their reliable services.

    By Nilutpal Das
    On: July 12, 2024
  • Perfect mobile app

    I recently switched my car insurer to Acko and I have to say that their digital approach is highly convenient for users. The mobile app is filled with so much functions that I don't even feel the need to reach out to customer support. Thanks to InsuranceDekho for completely changing my customer experience by recommending Acko car insurance.

    By Rochisha Girotra
    On: July 1, 2024
  • Smooth Claim Process

    My new car got a dent due to a small accident with a scooter on the streets. Thanks to Acko car insurance my claim process was very smooth and I got my car repaired in a very short time period. InsuranceDekho guided me in regards to selecting a suitable insurer.

    By Umar Waris
    On: June 28, 2024
  • Live Repair updates

    My car was taken to a garage by Acko within an hour of filing a claim. The speed of work was very impressive and the best thing was that I was receiving regular updates on my WhatsApp. Within a few hours my car was delivered, completely washed and sanitised it looked like a new car. Thanks to InsuranceDekho for understanding my requirements and suggesting a perfect insurer for car insurance.

    By Sriram Subramaniam
    On: June 27, 2024
  • Smooth Renewal Process

    It was near the end of the financial year and I was caught up with so much work that I almost forgot to renew my Acko car insurance. Only after renewing I realised how easy it was to renew insurance with Acko with their app. I tied up with Acko after spending time analysing best insurance plans from InsuranceDekho so got to appreciate them for that.

    By Mayank Gupta
    On: June 26, 2024
  • Customer support

    I had many doubts regarding my policy documents and Acko customer support was very helpful. Suresh from the customer support team was very kind and patient. InsuranceDekho helped me pick Acko and I'm more than satisfied with it.

    By Anshika Thakur
    On: June 24, 2024
  • Hassle-free experience

    InsuranceDekho helped me a lot in selecting the best plan. I had never purchased insurance, so I was very picky with my choices and the quotes provided by InsuranceDekho. I chose to go with Acko comprehensive motor insurance and had a smooth and easygoing experience with the process.

    By Faisal Rizvi
    On: June 19, 2024
  • Excellent cashless claim

    My car was damaged by a small accident. I came home and intimated the claim using the mobile app and within 60mins the pick up was arranged. It took a day for them to repair and I could track details of repair on whatsapp. InsuranceDekho helped me make a wise decision.

    By Manjeet Singh
    On: June 17, 2024
  • Great deals

    I realised very late that the premium of my last car insurance was really expensive so i decided to renew my car insurance through InsuranceDekho. They provided all the policies of all mainstream insurance providers and it was very easy to figure out which was the most reasonably priced. I got my car insurance from Acko and their services are worth applauding especially due to the ease of communicating through the app.

    By Aastha Thakur
    On: June 11, 2024
  • Quick claims settlement proces...

    I used InsuranceDekho to compare comprehensive car insurance policies. It gave me some metrics to consider while choosing an insurer. I decided to buy it from Acko and I have not regretted it. The Acko mobile app is very convenient and is a hub of all activities. I made a claim a week ago due to a small accident. Acko customer support was very clear and dedicated to settling my claim ASAP!

    By Daaniyah Khan
    On: June 10, 2024

ACKO Car Insurance Claim FAQs

  • How to initiate a claim settlement process?

    You need to intimate insurer after the accident and furnish them with necessary details. After this, you will receive a confirmation about the same. Contact Acko by calling the toll-free number 1-860-266-2256.
  • Cashless claim and Reimbursement claim: Is there a difference in the process?

    There is slight difference in the overall process. In a cashless claim, you need to pay only your part of liability. Whereas in reimbursement claim, you need to pay the entire sum which will be reimbursed later by the company.
  • What should I do if my car is stolen?

    You need to lodge an FIR at the local police station, after which the cops will start tracing your car. If it is not found within a certain time period, a non-traceable certificate will be issued. This allows the insurer to proceed with claim settlement.
  • What amount would I get in case of theft?

    The insurer will pay you the current market value of a car. However, if you have purchased a Invoice Cover add-on, the claim amount will be decided basis car’s purchase value.
  • What if the company fails to repair and deliver my car within three days?

    If Acko anyhow fails to return the repaired car within a stipulated time period, then the policyholder will get free cab vouchers in order to cope-up with the expenses of daily commutation* *Please refer company’s terms & conditions before purchasing your policy.
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