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A third party insurance policy from ICICI Lombard safeguards you against any legal liabilities that may arise due to an accident. With having a third party car insurance, in case your car causes an injury to a third party, their vehicle or property, then the insurer will take care of those expenses. Third party car insurance is mandatory for all car owners. This page will cover details on how third party car insurance works, key features of ICICI Lombard Third Party Car Insurance, how to buy, documents required, claim and renewal processes, exclusions and inclusions.

How ICICI Lombard Third-Party Car Insurance Works?

In case your car accidentally injures a third party or damages their vehicle, then you are liable to pay for them. In this case, your insurer will financially provide assistance to pay for the repairs and related costs for the third party. Note that it is important to inform your insurer immediately so that you do not have an issue in making the claim. Once you file a claim, the insurer will appoint a surveyor who will access the damage and proximate cause of damage. This will help your insurer in identifying the cost of repairs and if you are liable to get financial assistance. Once the verification is over, the insurer will settle your claim.

Key Metrics of ICICI Lombard Third Party Car Insurance

Below are some of the key metrics of ICICI Lombard Third Party Car Insurance to look at:




Starting amount of INR 2,094

Policy Buying

Seamlessly buy insurance online

Injury to third party

Unlimited as per the Indian court orders

Property damage to third party

Up to INR 7.5 Lakh

Legal Support

Defence representation support in court

Key Features of Purchasing ICICI Lombard Third-Party Car Insurance

The key features of purchasing a third party car insurance from ICICI Lombard are as follows:

  • Third Party Damage Cover: Covers injuries to third party and their property and protects you from sudden financial liabilities.
  • Affordable and Standardised Pricing: Buying a third party car insurance is affordable as compared to a comprehensive policy and the cost is also standardised by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).
  • Protection Against Challans: Having a third party car insurance also protects you against any traffic challans since it shows that you are not violating a rule that is mandated by law.

How to Buy ICICI Lombard Third Party Car Insurance from InsuranceDekho?

Before you purchase a car insurance policy, make sure to keep the following documents in front of you:

  1. Your registered mobile number for receiving an OTP verification
  2. Your KYC details
  3. A scanned or physical copy of your passport size photograph

There are two ways to buy third party car insurance from InsuranceDekho - online and offline.


To buy your ICICI Lombard Third Party Car Insurance from InsuranceDekho online, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit InsuranceDekho’s Website

On InsuranceDekho, visit the homepage for Car Insurance. As soon as you land on the car insurance homepage, you will find a form on the page.

Step 2: Enter your vehicle number e.g. DLXXAKXXXX

Fill out the form on your screen with your vehicle number to check out all the plans that are listed.

Step 3: Compare All Car Insurance Plans to Choose

Compare all the plans, select ICICI Lombard Car Insurance from the menu or the best car insurance plan as per your requirement.

Optional Step: Connect with an InsuranceDekho Advisor

In case you have any query or you want to know more details about a car insurer, you can choose the “request a call back” option. Upon receiving your request, an InsuranceDekho advisor will contact you.

Step 5: Make Payment

You can do the payment after you have made the selection.


You can opt for buying your policy offline by connecting with an InsuranceDekho customer executive on call 7551196989 or by asking on call for home assistance.

Benefits of Buying Your Car Insurance from InsuranceDekho

At InsuranceDekho, our customers are our utmost priority and here’s why you should let us serve you:

  • Certified Broker: InsuranceDekho is an IRDAI certified broker with over 8 years of experience in the insurance domain.
  • Trusted Brand: A trusted brand from the house of CarDekho Group that has over 15 years experience in the motor and auto tech industry.
  • Comprehensive Offerings: Our insurance portfolio ranges from bike, car (motor), term, investment (life), health, travel, SME, POSP and more.
  • Vehicles Insured: We have insured over 50 lakh vehicles till now and have a 24*7 helpline to get you the required and prompt assistance.
  • Dedicated Claim Support: We have our dedicated claim support team to help you in your entire claim settlement journey.


The Insurance Regulatory and Authority of India (IRDAI) has standardised the premium price for third party insurance. Irrespective of the insurer you choose, these prices will remain the same.

For Petrol, Diesel, Hybrid and CNG Vehicles:

Vehicle Type

Insurance Premium (1 year policy)

1000 cc and below


Between 1000 cc to 1500 cc

Rs. 3,416

1500 cc and above

Rs. 7,897

For Electric Vehicles

Battery Capacity

Premium (1 year policy)

30 kW and below

Rs. 1,780

Between 30 KW to 65 KW

Rs. 2,904

65 kW and above

Rs. 6,712

Documents Required to Buy ICICI Lombard Third Party Car Insurance Policy

Here are the documents required to buy ICICI Lombard Third Party Car Insurance apart from your KYC, mobile number and photo details listed in the “how to buy ICICI Lombard third party insurance from InsuranceDekho” you need your driving licence and vehicle’s registration certificate.

ICICI Lombard Third Party Car Insurance Claim Process

Claiming insurance for a third party can be tedious and strenuous. Follow the detailed steps mentioned below to get your claim processed.

How to File a Claim (Step-by-Step Process)

Here is a step-by-step guide on filing a third-party car insurance claim in India:

Step 1 - Register Complaint or File an FIR

The first step in the event of an accident is to register a legal complaint or filing of an FIR (First Information Report) at your nearest police station. Note that it is pivotal to collect a copy of your FIR charge sheet since this will be required during claim filing.

Step 2 - Inform Your Insurer

Notify your insurer about the accident and provide them with all details required.

Step 3 - Proceed to the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT)

Whenever there is a case of road accident, the case is handled by the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal (MACT) and is transferred to them after the FIR is filed. MACT is a specialised court that handles and decides the compensation for a road accident.

Step 4 - Share Your Policy Document

To support your third party car insurance claim you need to provide a copy of your car insurance policy document to the MACT.

Step 5 - File a Case at the Tribunal

In order to receive the final claim, the third party has to file a case with the MACT. After a careful review by the MACT, the decision on the compensation will be made based on the nature of the accident and the extent of damage caused.

Step 6 - Document the Third-Party Damages

It is essential to gather all evidence such as photographs, inspection reports and surveyor’s report if the accident has caused any damage to a third party’s vehicle or property. These documents will help in evaluating the value of the claim based on the extent of damage caused. This should also be submitted with your insurer and with MACT.

Step 7 - Hospitalisation Expenses and Third-Party Demise

In case the accident results in hospitalisation or demise of the third party, you will have to claim compensation for hospitalisation and death benefits. The claim amount that can be filed by the dependents of the deceased will be based on the income of the deceased.

Step 8 - Claim Settlement

After careful review by the MACT and assessment of the damage caused, they will finalise the compensation amount. Note that in case of bodily injury and demise of a third party, the turnaround time for paying off compensation is three years.

Documents Required for 3rd Party Claim

To make sure your ICICI Lombard third party car insurance claim process is smooth, make sure you have the following documents in place:

  • Duly signed third party insurance claim form
  • Copy of FIR
  • Your insurance policy document
  • The vehicle's registration certificate copy
  • Photographs of the damage caused/ accident
  • Surveyor’s report

Claim Assistance for 3rd Party Claim

You can choose to get claim assistance from your insurer or through InsuranceDekho who will be able to guide in making sure all your documents are in place. You can connect with an InsuranceDekho advisor who will be available to assist you in everything from helping you with a checklist, collating all your documents and helping out in filling your forms. You can call 7551196989 or email at for more information.

ICICI Lombard Third Party Car Insurance Renewals and Cancellations

Renewal Process

In order to renew your ICICI Lombard third party car insurance, you should follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit InsuranceDekho

Visit InsuranceDekho’s car main page, and click on the “support” tab located in the header

Step 2: Select Renew Policy

From the dropdown options, select “Renew Policy”

Step 3: OTP Verification

Enter your registered mobile number and login after verifying OTP

Step 4: Select Your Policy

From the list of policies listed in your dashboard, select the policy you want to renew - in this case your third party car insurance.

Step 5: Make Changes and Updates if Any

In case you want to modify your policy, make those changes and do a final review.

Step 6: Make Payment

Once you have reviewed all the details, make payment for your policy and get confirmation on the same. You can now download the new policy once the renewal process is done.

Cancellations Process

In order to cancel your ICICI Lombard third party car insurance, inform the insurer of your decision in writing. Once informed, the process takes a period of 15 days within which your policy gets cancelled.

As soon as your policy is cancelled by your insurer, you will receive a letter confirming the cancellation. This letter will also include any pending dues or any amount to be given or to be received by you. You will also have to collect your certificate of insurance from the insurer. This certificate will be useful while you will be looking to purchase a new third party car insurance.

Covered Vs Not Covered Under ICICI Lombard Third Party Car Insurance

Here are the inclusions and exclusions under ICICI Lombard Third Party Car Insurance:


  • Third Party Property Damage: The third party will get compensation for any damage to their property due to an accident from your vehicle. The compensation amount is maximum of INR 1 Lakh.
  • Third Party Injury: In case there is an accident caused by your car, you will be liable to compensate the third party for the injury cause or death if any. The cost of injury covered in a third party insurance is unlimited, however, the exact amount is decided by the court on a case to case basis.


  • Own Damages: A third party car insurance doesn’t cover your car’s damage.
  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drug: In case you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and you meet with an accident where you hit another vehicle or third party, the insurance company will not cover the cost.
  • Theft of Vehicle: The coverage of third party insurance does not cover theft of third party or your vehicle and only covers financial and legal liabilities.
  • Learning to Drive: If you are learning to drive without a driving licence or with a learner’s licence, you must have an adult supervisor or guide with you who holds a valid driving licence. Otherwise, the third party insurance might not be covered.

Factors That Affect Your Third-Party Car Insurance Premium

The premium for third party car insurance depends entirely on the engine capacity which is measured in ‘cc’. It is standardised by law and does not change unless otherwise stated by IRDAI. Irrespective of the insurer you choose, the price of the premium remains the same as listed above in the “price” section of this page.

How To Calculate Third-party Car Insurance Premiums Online?

The premium price for getting third party car insurance remains as directed by IRDAI. Since this is a standardised rate, it does not change.

ICICI Lombard Third Party Car Insurance Support

To get support in buying, renewing, claim processing or porting your ICICI Lombard third party car insurance, connect with an InsuranceDekho customer care executive by:

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    With InsuranceDekho's cashless garages, disruptions to my daily life due to car repairs for my Chevrolet car are minimized. The ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Policy is a huge convenience.

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  • Financial Security

    Comprehensive coverage is a source of financial security. InsuranceDekho's ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Policy ensures that I won't face a significant financial burden in the event of an accident with my Honda car.

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    Accidents and unforeseen events can happen to anyone. The own damage coverage that I added to my ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Policy for my Hyundai car ensures that I am financially protected when the unexpected occurs.

    By Pooja Yadav
    On: November 15, 2023
  • Expert Repair Technicians

    The repair technicians at the cashless garages are experts in their field. They ensured that my Maruti car was back in its pre-accident condition, and I couldn't be more satisfied with their work. Happy to have secured the ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Policy.

    By Meera Gowdia
    On: November 9, 2023
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    I recently had to file a claim for my Ford car. InsuranceDekho's claims handling for the ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Policy is trustworthy and reliable. They live up to their promises and ensure that you're not left in the lurch after an accident.

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    I was delighted to discover budget-friendly comprehensive coverage options with the ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Policy on InsuranceDekho. They offer a variety of coverage that caters to different financial situations, making it easy to find the perfect fit for my budget for my Kia car.

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    When I took the ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Policy, InsuranceDekho's own damage coverage gave me peace of mind while driving. I know that my Maruti car is protected, no matter what.

    By Lakshmi Dutta
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  • Simple and Transparent Terms

    I felt that the terms and conditions of third-party coverage through InsuranceDekho were simple and transparent, ensuring that I understood my legal responsibilities. I am glad that I took the decision to secure my Honda car with the ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Policy .

    By Kajal Verma
    On: November 2, 2023
  • Convenient Online Renewal

    I appreciate the convenience of renewing my ICICI Lombard Car Insurance Policy for my MG car online through InsuranceDekho. It's efficient and hassle-free.

    By Gargi Banerjee
    On: October 31, 2023

431 Icici Lombard Cashless Garages in India

ICICI Lombard Third Party Car Insurance FAQs

  • What is covered under the third-party cover offered by ICICI Lombard?

    Third party policy covers the policyholder against injury/death of third-party and damages caused to third-party property.

  • Can I pay my third-party policy’s premium online?

    Yes, you can pay the premium for your third party policy online using a debit/credit card or net banking. For more details, call us at 075511-96989.

  • What if I lose my policy document?

    There is no need to worry if you have lost your policy document. You can call up ICICI Lombard and request them to email you the policy copy. You can take the printout of your policy.

  • What should I do after an accident?

    If the third-party has suffered from any fatal injury, seeking medical help must be the first priority. Immediately reach out to the nearest hospital for assistance and also inform ICICI Lombard in-between.

  • Do I need to register an FIR after an accident?

    Yes, lodging an FIR at the local police station is mandatory. You also need to submit a copy of the same to the insurer, along with other documents.

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